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And yep, I still have I think 4 waiting to be made
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I did not just sit here staring at the background of Devil's Gambits palette, no sir-
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687 paws. Almost there, I guess? :,)
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Anyone want to join me for a Digimon pm rp? Pm me if you do please...
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09:12:29 You will never know
Palette Addict,
I like the palette. ^^
Good luck getting all of the orders done. :,)
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Hello Moonlight
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Ah okay, thats reasonable.
yes well iM doing gReAT thanks for asking- (im joking im joking please don't get mad eoe)
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I'm extremely happy with the wolf linked here -WP Click- her pelt is so amazing.
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Artists of WP please help!

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Anyone else superstitious on WP?
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Is it an order?


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Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 20, 2020 10:30 PM

Forum Moderator
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Bel// lieutenant mare// 4// M: Soudeh

The grey painted mare lazily flicked her dark, soaked tail as she grazed on the sodden grass. The ground underneath her hooves was damp, and she didn't like how each step made the grass squish ever so slightly. Her dark violet eyes darted up, and she lifted her head, looking through the rain to try to find her daughter. She whinnied for her filly, wondering if she was nearby.

Bel felt the relentless drops of rain hitting her pelt, and she looked up into the sky, blinking as her eyes were hit with drop after drop. She took a step forward, calling to her filly again. She lowered her head to nibble at her knee, scratching at an itch. She still wanted Sou close to her, as she wasn't yet completely comfortable with the other horses.

Whisper// herd stallion// 4// M: Niabi, Adder (ind)

Whip woke up and shook out his soaked mane, snorting as he realized that it was drizzling. He looked around to see many of the herd already up and about, but he didn't take much interest in interacting with any of them. He couldn't see Adder anywhere, so he assumed she was either sleeping or off doing her own thing. Never mind, it wasn't his business to constantly know her whereabouts, anyway. The spotted stallion pulled himself up with a soft grunt, shaking out his sodden pelt in an attempt to dry of a bit, but the rain still falling easily soaked his fur once more.

Looking around for somebody to talk to, he noticed the beautiful mare, Niabi was nearby, looking slightly off balance due to her large abdomen. He trotted up to the dark paint mare with a friendly expression on his muzzle. "Hey, Niabi!" he called to her as he drew closer, "I would say how lovely the weather is, except, well." He gestured his muzzle towards the sky, looking at the dark clouds above the island.

"How goes it with the little one?" he asked her, glancing towards her round form. He shook out his mane again, once more attempting to throw off the heavy and uncomfortable water that weighed him down.

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Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 20, 2020 11:15 PM

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Niabi | Herd Mare | 3 | Mentions: Whisper

Having gotten a bit lost in thought, almost lulled by the gentle sounds of rain on the leaves of trees overhead, she jumped slightly when she heard a familiar voice nearby. Raising her head and looking over at the noise, she smiled as she recognized Whisper. Though she was soaked to the skin, she somehow managed to look absolutely thrilled that someone had come to talk to her, even though it wasn't someone she felt that she knew very well.

"Good morning, Whisper," she greeted with a bright smile, her pale blue eyes glimmering in the dim light of the stormy grey sky. "Ah, yeah, it's not the best weather is it?" Her fur was thin enough, with a slight oily sheen, that most of the water slid right off of her, but that didn't mean she wasn't miserable. Her mane and tail were soaked, her forelock clinging pitifully to her forehead and falling into her eyes ridiculously often.

"I think everything's good," she said, her smile faltering ever so slightly as those plaguing doubts returned. "I felt a kick this morning, so I'm taking that as a good sign." She was visibly nervous, as any first time mother would be.
Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 21, 2020 10:55 AM

Mafia Queen
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Adder || 3 || Herd Mare || M: Aureli (ind), Niabi, Whisper

As much as Adder liked storms, she hated being soaked for long periods of time. She'd spent most of the night curled up in a thicket not too far from the rest of the herd; it hadn't provided much protection, but she was considerably drier than many of the others appeared to be. Now, the tobiano mare was taking refuge beneath one of the heavier oaks. Her eyes found Niabi and she was immediately a little jealous of the mare; Aureli had set his sights on her rather early and now she bore his foal. With a scowl, she forced her mind from that train of thought.

Instead, deciding to be civil, she approached the pregnant mare and Whisper, who had stationed himself beside the blue-eyed horse. Wow; was every stallion in this herd going after Niabi? Adder shook out her mane as the rain immediately accosted her and snorted a greeting to the two.

"Niabi, there's a thicket not too far from here that'll keep you out of the rain," she offered, now feeling a little guilty that she'd simply taken it for herself during the entire duration of the night. "Or the denser patch of oaks."

She turned to Whisper and offered him a small smile. "The whole herd could probably fit under that copse, but I don't think Astarte would approve, since it would be so hard to keep track of the foals."

Foals meaning Cairo and Soudeh, the world's most accident-prone creatures.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 21, 2020 04:47 PM

Killer Secrets
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Buckwheat | 2 | Herd Mares | M: Astarte, Stryder(ind.)

Buckwheat flicked her ears forward, hearing Stryder say her name. She snorted softly, and started walking over slowly.

She was a bit nervous, but she would get over it soon enough. Astarte was kind of a idol to her, and she smiled as she walked over, her head lowered in a bit of pride and happiness.

Buckwheat looked to her brother for a moment, and snorted, flicking her ears.


Harlow | 4 Years | Herd Stallions | M: Broken(ind.), open.

Harlow snorted as he saw Buckwheat going closer to Astarte and Stryder.

He knew she'd be fine.

Harlow looked over to see Broken, whom he wasnt worried abut. The buckskin stallion kept his ground as the rain splattered against his soaked fur and skin, his mane and tail flicking a bit. His shoulder twitched and he snorted.

He was just glad there was absoloutly no flies.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 21, 2020 06:00 PM

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Broken/4 Years/Lone Mare/Mentions: Stryder (Ind) Harlow (Ind) Herd (ind)

Broken watched the herd with keen eyes, she watched as both Harlow and Stryder saw her. She had a feeling that the 2 stallions, or most of the herd, were to worried about her presence, but she found that gave her an element of surprise. If she played her cards right, she might even be able to cause some trouble before being even considered as a suspect. Broken shrunk further back into the forest and out of sight. She circled around till she was in a part of the forest that was closer to the herd.

Broken found a particularly rocky spot, covered in small peddles with a few large boulders. She smiled and moved to a large tree, turning her back to it. Suddenly, she bucked her hind legs, kicking a higher branch, it snapped off its truck and fell, bringing down coiple others down with it. Slowly, one by one, she took them in her mouth and leaned them against particularly large rock, farther from the edge of the tree line than the rest. Once she was satisfied with the about of branches, sticks, and twigs, she stepped back to admire her work.

She had leaned them on the backside of the rock, so when one looked at it from a distance, it looked like a rather threatening figure. Broken squinted at it for a moment, something was missing. "Ah!" She exclaimed quietly, grabbing 2 yellow dandelions, carefully wedging them inbetween the sticks, eye distance apart, now it looked like a wolf. She knew the creatures were rather rare, but maybe it wasn't completely impossible that one traveled over to hunt the herd.

Smirking, Broken moved closer to the edge, just out of site, she kicked some pebbles just out side of the darkness, close to the herd before moving behind the blouder, hidden by the fake wolf.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 22, 2020 03:22 PM

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Whisper// lieutenant stallion// 4// M: Niabi, Adder, Aureli (ind)

Noticing how nervous Niabi was after he'd mentioned the foal, Whisper said, "I'm sure it's fine, Nia. You and Aureli are both healthy horses, and you're a very capable mother." He didn't know what else to say, as comforting others wasn't much of his thing. He offered her an unsure smile, feeling a little embarassed to be trying to comfort her.

Seeing Adder approach, Whip offered her a charming smile. Whenever he could, he always tried to make an impression on the beautiful and sweet mare. "That's very thoughtful of you to, Adder," he complimented her. He shook out his mane once more, angry at his forelock for blinding him with the water that kept dripping into his eyes. "I actually rather enjoy this rain," he said with a teasing smile.

Edited at September 2, 2020 11:47 AM by Meian
Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 22, 2020 09:39 PM

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Astarte | Lead Mare | Six | Mentions: Cairo [ind.], Stryder

"Yes," the mare responded looking towards the sky. Her stormy optics matched the sky's coloration, " it does seem to get worse. Oh, our sun likes to jump in puddles all night does he? Hm, I'll go talk to him now."

"CAIRO, get your butt here young foal." the female shouted quite loudly to display that he was in trouble. Hmph, screw his ego, he kept his father up knowing Stryder protected them.

She then looked at Buckweat for a second, and gave a small smile. It was one motherly and warm. She looked to Stryder, " Get some rest love, if you don't I'll disown you"

"I think you've trained Harlow well enough, and Aureli most definatly has your back. That brute would make a grown stallion whizz himself." the mare said chuckling

Looking to Buckwheat she spoke, " Did you need something dear?"

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 22, 2020 09:45 PM

Killer Secrets
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Buckwheat | 2 | Herd Mares | M: Astarte, Stryder(ind.)

Buckwheat smiled, and nodded slightly.

`` Yeah, uhm. ``

Sh cleared her throat, lifting her head slightly. The smaller dark flaxen mare was a bit nervous, but she mentally shook it away.

`` I need advice. ``

She smiled, and flicked her tail. She flicked her dripping forelock from her face. She came closer to Astarte, and waited patiently. She knew Astarte was good at advice, or at leats she hoped she was.


Harlow | 4 Years | Herd Stallions | M: Broken(ind.), open.

Harlow looked over as the rocks came over, and he stood frozen still, spooked slighty. He trained his eyes on the "wolfs" eyes, and he snorted.

He thought about something, but shook his head. He went to grazing, on high alert. He was getting a bit protective, but until something big happened, he wouldnt do anything.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 23, 2020 02:00 AM

Mafia Queen
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Cairo || Foal || 5 Months || Male || M : Astarte, Broken's Creature

The black colt froze mid-leap as his mother's harsh tone directed itself at him. He fell into the center of the puddle he'd been intending to jump over and quickly scrambled to his little hooves, knobbly knees and discombobulated actions causing him to fall a second time. His normally fluffy fur hung onto his skinny frame in clumps, giving him the appearance of a dishrag. Water ran down his eyelashes and into his gray eyes, but he didn't blink them away.

"What'd I do?" he whined, pinning his ears. Seeing his mother's face, he guessed he wouldn't be able to even touch a puddle ever again in his whole life. Cairo slunk over to the dappled mare, head low, and scowled at the ground.

Averting his gaze, his wet frame bunched into the most compressed ball of horse there ever could be as his eyes landed on what appeared to be two golden orbs staring him down from the woods. With an obnoxiously loud shriek, the colt bolted behind his mother's legs and wailed, "Monster!"

Stryder || Lead Stallion || 6 || Male || M: Astarte, Cairo, Broken's Creature, Others

The stallion had finally been nearing sleep when the sharp squeal of his son jerked him back into the present moment. Immediately alert, knowing -- hoping, really -- that Cairo would never raise a false alarm, the stallion galloped forward to Astarte, Cairo, and Buckwheat. Following his son's wide eyes, his own darker ones landed on Broken's makeshift animal.

Without a thought as to what might be attacking them, Stryder powered forward and barreled into the thing, not having time to slow his gait. Snarling, the horse stared down hatefully at the pile of muck that now covered both him and the ground, he called, "Whoever made that, I will kill you!"

And he was only half kidding about it, too.

Adder || Herd Member || 3 || Mare || M : Niabi, Monster Commotion, Whisper

Adder hunched her shoulders in an effort to protect herself from the falling rain, obviously to no avail. Her eyes met Whisper's for a moment as he made a comment. With a soft snort of laughter, she responded, "Enjoy? Whisper, you look like you've been half drowned and frozen! Most of us do."

To prove her point, she pushed her drier body between Whisper's and Niabi's, aiming for a penguin huddle in which each horse's body heat would ward off the chill. She raised her head as Cairo screamed and followed Stryder with her gaze as he attacked someone's cruel prank. The already sleep-deprived lead had just gotten a lot crankier.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 23, 2020 07:32 PM

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Broken/4 Years/Lone Mare/Mentions: Stryder, Cairo

Broken winced at the foal's wail, she truly didn't mean to frighten the poor colt, but she knew that she couldn't exactly pick who saw her makeshift pranks, and it wasn't like she was going to stop doing them. However, she couldn't help but burst out laughing when Stryder came barreling into the fake wolf, sliding right past her. "Well lucky for you, you wont have to look to far" She said with a smirk as she took the few steps it took before she was infront of the now rather dirty lead stallion, her herself being perfectly clean only helped her smirk.

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