06:09:41 anti-social soul
I just realized I accidentally bred a wolf I had up for sale :/
06:09:03 Z, Chai
luc- im good ^^ you?
Lunar eyes
06:08:50 Lunar, moon
Esme of pack Peaceful Vengeance gossips with Melatisim, Dh sire.
What? How?
Lucid Insanity
06:08:05 Luc
good evening folks. How goes it?
Bloody hell I haven't been online in a while lol
Queen of War
06:03:25 Queen
I actually went through one stage where I bid on all the no bid wolves in the sanctuary.
06:03:10 Evo
Thought I'd gotten rid of a wolf I really wanted gone in an auction but instead the high bid came from someone whos den was full :)
06:02:41 Friday/Fridge
Your wolves played: Shattered Crystal accidentally knocks over a pup with its tail.

I...what the Chunky Monkey?
06:02:40 Amoux
Queen of War
06:01:37 Queen
he has a bid now
Dusk Till Dawn
06:01:15 Dawn
Your wolves played: Pup 78 sees a human's house and backs away carefully.

what are you doing?
06:00:44 Amoux
I feel bad for subaru he's been in the sanctuary for 2 days now with no bids :c
06:00:41 Z, Chai
hey how is everyone ^^
05:58:44 mulberry ~ verzuwu
i just remembered that one time when chat froze for a solid 15 minutes
Rebel's rein
05:57:53 Bagel ghost thing

Ya that would be helpful
And thank you <3


Very true
05:55:11 anti-social soul

Get you an autosave feature man q-q

It looks good though!
05:54:50 mulberry ~ verzuwu
bagel ghost

at least you can eyedropper from the screenshot!
Just A Dreamer
05:54:20 Chip
I feel lucky I wanna try WP but don't wanna face heartbreak again
Rebel's rein
05:54:06 Bagel ghost thing
Great so I just finished this peice and took a screenshot real quick but then when I went to leave I forgot to save so now I have to recolor it all again

Leopard Lover
05:53:36 Leopard, LL
If you have only one alpha then you can't breed the wolf. Other than that nothing really happens.


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zombie ! o&a August 15, 2020 10:46 PM

Posts: 149
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just your typical zombie survival roleplay. perhaps

it was the water, or the air, or the worms in the s
soil but something caused this - the dead roaming t
he earth. starting just a few days after everything
hit the fan, you've been instructed to stay indoors
until further notice. your water is still running,
electricity is still flowing, and you still have yo
ur wifi -- so that's good at least. however food is
running short no matter where you are, and it is ab
out time to take desperate measures.. and it's when
your television finally loses power and your fan sh
uts off that you find it an optimal time to explore
the new - and dangerous - dead world beyond.
i hope you make it out alright.. |


001. 200+ words a reply (approx. 15 sentences!)
002. no powerplaying, god modding, etc. you get
the gist! if you have any questions, pm me! xxx
003. humans only! no superpowers, just humans!x
004. ages 18-40 allowed! feel free to get funky
with it and include some diversity in there <3x
005. please try and post at least once a week!x
006. you may have as many characters as you can
handle and keep active! while groups will not b
e settled at the very beginning, you're free to
have your characters already associated w/ othe
rs and/ or form groups as the roleplay goes on!


Edited at August 15, 2020 11:51 PM by Grimalkin
zombie ! o&a August 15, 2020 11:02 PM

Posts: 149
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this will be set within the grand ol' fictional city of t
owsly colorado. with a population of around 400,000, it j
ust hits the acknowledgement mark to even be called a cit
y. streets are broad, resembling a town, though, with ta
ller buildings to house more people and most of the iconi
c grub stops available such as mcd, dairy queen, and, yes
7-11. feel free to make the layout up as you go since i h
ave little idea as well lma o just have fun with it dudes
martial law has now been in act for maybe a week and a ha
lf. slowly, more and more force has been used on citizens
as the fear of what is happening is coming to light. even
tually, all military an d authority figures had withdrawn
themselves, leaving everybody -- young and old -- to fend
for themselves. the county of towsly had been cleared fo
r the deadbefore authority figures had left. though, tha
t does not mean any will turn up. at the moment, your be
st chance at food is to raid from some of the grocery st
ores or super markets. but, considering everybody and th
eir mothers currently have that idea, i'd feel it's best
to stay low for a while.

✱ " [22] days into the End. [1] days since military retreat. i
t's currently noon, august xth 20xx. stay safe, signing out. "
✱ super markets are currently 89% stocked in towsly, colorado.
✱ high of 74F, low of 42F. leaves beginning to change color. x
✱ electricity still working smoothly. water is running slowly.
✱ highways had been blocked off before military evacuation ...
✱ most offices have closed for business for the time being ...
no work nor office will be expecting you as of: ever, we hope.



Edited at August 15, 2020 11:50 PM by Grimalkin

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