Just A Dreamer
05:48:34 Chip
-WP Click-

This will forever be my favorite albino
Queen of War
05:48:07 Queen
Yup, I sure hope( maybe) an important wolf dies soon so they can Rest In Peace ( i don’t really)
Forgotten Memories
05:47:17 Don't Judge, Accept
Queen, and Bear's Useless kids!
Black Swan
05:47:14 Swan Swannity Swan
My favorites are these two special girls <3 The albino has a black undercoat, and the mela has a white undercoat
-WP Click-
-WP Click-
Blood Demons
05:46:53 Blood
Thanks I am defo gonna have to order a piece of art from you of her when I have mush as I spent my mush getting apples to make her. Good luck I won my first FMC hunting and spirit a few months ago it was amazing I didn't really care about the apples as much as I did about the trophies XD
Queen of War
05:46:47 Queen
You were really mean with Cole Jr!
Forgotten Memories
05:46:36 Don't Judge, Accept
this? -WP Click-
05:46:30 anti-social soul

Oh my
That's a lotta froges
Firren's Destiny
05:46:26 Fool,Fire,Ren
Omg Froge Mane died!?!
Just A Dreamer
05:46:20 Chip
That's what happened to me wayyy to many times
Forgotten Memories
05:46:15 Don't Judge, Accept
dang my links keep breaking, try this?
-WP Click-
Forgotten Memories
05:45:53 Don't Judge, Accept
-WP Click-
Just A Dreamer
05:45:53 Chip
-WP Click-

I wanna customize this viti girl but I dunno. I have another im hoping to get soon so it's like a very hard debate here
05:45:32 anti-social soul

Melas scare me
I always forget to check what their actual coats are and then am shooketh when I end up with flax pups out of a black wolf >>
Forgotten Memories
05:45:32 Don't Judge, Accept
Im mean with some of my emorials. -WP Click-
Black Swan
05:45:13 Swan Swannity Swan
R.I.P. Froge Man. Froge Man II will take up your mantle. Don't mind the long loading speed, you'll see why when it finishes
-WP Click-
Queen of War
05:44:38 Queen
Now I’m really worried about spending my last apple.
05:44:24 anti-social soul

Oo she's gorgeous, and has a boost! I'm jelly

I don't really know what I'm doing yet. I've been breeding and exploring, so I guess both
I'm really gonna focus on BE training my team this game year, and hopefully place good in the FMC
Just A Dreamer
05:43:29 Chip
I feel that I'm trying to be nice but this one mela pup just looks at me the wrong way
Forgotten Memories
05:43:22 Don't Judge, Accept
can he get some paws?


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The Eight RoleplayThread July 30, 2020 05:35 PM

Broken Halos
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This is the Roleplay thread for The Eight.
As of right now the only posters should be
1. Broken Halos-260100
2. Pinky and the brain-261527
3. Votum-242319
4. Traitor's Requiem-203945
5. Shadow-Masters-231276
6. Overthink101-261971
7. Schatten Waechter-227432
8. ThisIsAPackName-171911
The Eight RoleplayThread July 31, 2020 12:17 PM

Broken Halos
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Elliot Kingsman|Female|19|Bisexual|Shifter, Animal Communicator|
The sky was dark. It wasn't late in the day, in fact it was early. Around 9:45 A.M. to be exact. But the sky was still a gloomy shade of gray. The air almost burned to breath in. A girl lay on the couch of her fathers home. They lived in the smaller more sketchy part of this city. The house was small. Two bedrooms, two bathroom, and a family room/kitchen. She didn't seem to be awake. Her body didn't move, her chest barely rose and fell at her breathing.
A dog ran into the room she was in. It jumped on the couch and licked her face over and over. For a moment the girl didn't move, but then her body convulsed and she opened her eyes, the white in her eyes was a light shade of red. They were filled with fear and pain. Rolling over she reached out her arm and grabbed a trash can that was near by. Immediately she hurled. Sitting there with her head over the trash can she swayed slightly. After a moment her stomach seemed to settle and she slowly stood up.
"Elliot!" A voice rang out behind her. Turning the girl saw a small child with the same strawberry blonde hair that she had. The boy ran and koala beared her body. The older girl, Elliot, staggered and hugged the boy back.
"Hey buddy" Her tone was unsure, her brother never acted like this when she woke up in the mornings. She looked down at him and he seemed to be more careful with her than he had ever been.
"You're awake!" Another voice came from the door frame. She looked at the man who stood there with love and hope in his eyes. He walked to her and gave her a hug.
"Dad whats going on?" She was slightly scared now, her father had never been an affectionate man.
"sweetheart you've been asleep for four days, you've thrown up countless times," He pulled her left arm to him and rolled up her sleeve. "And you got this...mark" He said unsure. Elliot looked at her arm. He was right there was a mark. For a moment she couldn't figure out what it was. A claw slash? With a blob over it? No. Not a blob, a cloud, a claw mark with a cloud over it. It was a red color, almost like it was a scar she had gotten years ago. Running her fingers over it, it felt like a scar.
"I-The last thing I remember before going to sleep was the news. There was a man that said something about a blast of radiation, and humans getting stronger? He seemed nerdy and weird so I turned it off...then I heard a boom, the house shook and, and.. that's all i remember" Her voice shook slightly as she looked at her father.
Without warning the dog jumped up happily and put it's paws on the girls belly. Instantly her father yelled at it and popped it in the mouth. Elliot grabbed her mouth in pain. It felt like her father had just slapped her over the mouth . With a frown she rubbed the corner of her mouth then let her hand fall, shaking it off she knelt down to the dog.
When she pet the dogs ears the feeling of pain left her and the feeling of content and happiness filled her instead. With a smile she continued to pet the golden coated dog.
The Eight RoleplayThread July 31, 2020 02:35 PM

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Daemon “Surge” Mertin | M | Homosexual | Mentions: N/A

Surge awoke at 6 AM sharp, an alarm clock buzzing in his ear. God, did he hate that sound. Growling lowly to himself, he smacked the top of the alarm to stop it, sitting up in his bed and rubbing sleep from his eyes. Running his hands through his hair, he shuffled to the edge of the bed, standing up and grabbing a leash from his bedstand as he went over to check on Ebony and the stray cat he’d found the other day.

It had been exactly four days since Surge had gotten a deathly illness that faded after an hour. It was an extremely strange incident, one that was accompanied with two strangely shaped scars appearing on his abdomen. He entirely ignored them both, though, going on with the rest of his life, though he found that in the next few days, his body and movements were excessively strange.

Surge put his fingers to his mouth in order to give a sharp whistle. Ebony came running, almost tackling him as she did so ans panting happily. Surge gave a grin, kneeling down in order to scritch at her head and side. “Easy, girl,” He said to her, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead as he snapped the leash around her neck. “C’mon,” He ordered as he stood, walking over to the next room of his home.

Surge found the stray black cat sitting on a tabletop. He had to take the cat outside to the animal shelter but he didn’t really want to startle her, so he approached it relatively slowly, slowly extending a hand to her and saying, softly (despite the fact he knew she couldn’t understand him), “C’mon, you need to come with me so I can take you somewhere safe.”

The cat responded by bristling her fur and scratching his hand.

Surge hissed, his hand quickly recoiling away. He glanced down at his hand in order to examine the damage and found that the cut was shallow and -


That’s not right.

The claw marks mended right in front of his eyes, the cut skin forming a scar. The process was somewhat slow, but not really - it’d probably finish healing in two minutes, tops. His mouth pressed into a thin line and he squinted.

That sickness got to him more than he’d thought, huh?

Surge came into the animal shelter, a strange feeling in his gut as he placed down the bag he’d managed to get the cat into, covered in several new completely mended cuts. He then explained to his boss that he couldn’t work today and went back home, soon finding himself sitting with Ebony in his lap (she was large, but he could take it), petting her gently with one hand as he looked at the other’s new scars.

There was something extremely wrong with him.

The Eight RoleplayThread July 31, 2020 03:12 PM

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Revon Rannel Retroganu | M | 17 | Demi-Homo | Enhance Invent, Data Absorb, Visualize | Mentions; N/A.


Revon had been working when... Something... Had hit at, he wasn't sure what. He'd been working in his office for two days and hadn't seen the news, wasn't sure if it would've been on the news. It had happened around... 9-10 AMish? He wasn't sure about that either.
He woke with a start, when had he fallen asleep? And immediately gagged, bile coming up, lucky his mouth had been closed so it didn't land on the desk he was at. He grabbed the nearest can, one that was under his desk, and threw up...
What'd happened? Did something happen? Or had he just been working for too long, passed out, and gotten a stomach bug? Either way, it was a big concern. He was sure. He rubbed at his eyes, and grabbed his frameless glasses that had fallen off, at some point while he was passed out, he guessed, and put them back on.
He grabbed his phone, wanting to be able to make an estimate on how long he'd been out for. He knew for a fact that it had been early morning when something had happened, he knew he had been in his private office on two days no end before it too... He knew what day he had gone into his private office first...
He almost dropped his phone. If any of the calculations were right, he'd been out for four days... He made a groan about how much work he must've missed and then felt nauseous again, throwing up in the can.
He looked over his messages to see if anyone had sent him something, and stars behold, there was absolutely... Nothing. Nada. Zero. Non. Nothing. Not a thing at all. It didn't surprise him, no one really checked in on him much anyways. Unless if there was a meeting he was required to go to. Or if they needed something. Because it wasn't unusual for him to stay locked up in his office working for days, even weeks, straight.
He decided to check his mail though, and saw similar results, other than the average scam mail, which he deleted. He decided to finally check the news on it, to see something from four days ago, which he skimmed through quickly. He caught words of superhuman, radiation, different times, and the city he was in. As well as it being in lock down apparently...
He sighed, and put his phone down. Stars, now was not the time to give him new stuff to deal with. At all. So he wouldn't deal with it. He'd push past it like with everything else. Because that was what he was good at. Pushing through, and pretending.
He looked over his desk to try and figure out what he'd been working on, and grabbed one of the blueprints... That didn't look right, there were mistakes here and there. Things could be improved... He would need to use a computer and 3D tech to get a better look though and-
What was he doing? He had thought it'd look good four days ago... But now it seemed so... Old? Vintage? Antique? Simple. It looked too simple, like a baby could put it together and take it apart with ease. He'd make it better though. He'd just need to see it and be able to move things around-
He fell out of his chair, what the invention would've looked like had it been made floating in the air and all of its parts separating... He stared at it, and stood up slowly, the... Holographs, maybe? Moving with him... He put his hand out towards it, and poked one of the simpler parts and it moved away from it...
He felt lightheaded, what was happening? He threw up again, though not from a sickness this time, just shock and surprise. The holographic looking thing disappearing... Thankfully... He sighed and wiped at his mouth... What was going on with him...?
He ran a hand through his hair and stood up, deciding to just do some paperwork, because that way he wouldn't have to think about it. At all. Because, stars above, he was not enjoying this, not one bit. He sat down at his desk and begun going over the paperwork, carefully going through it all. Not wanting to miss a single thing, or think about what had happened. Like what he usually did if something happened.
The Eight RoleplayThread July 31, 2020 03:21 PM

Spooky Shadows
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Sam Seeker|Male|19|Bisexual|Wings, Needles| Mentions: N/A

Sam usually didn’t have big headaches. Sure, he got them just like other people, but never had they hurt this much. It’d started just after whatever the boom and earthquake he had heard four days earlier, and he was starting think about going to a doctor for it.

Sitting up from where he’d slept on the couch, he mentally wished his skull would stop hurting so much. It had been four days since he had gotten this stupid headache, and the medicine had finally started working the night before last. The medicine made the pain more bearable, but couldn’t stop it completely, so there was still a dull throb in the back of his head. And with the headache came a weird mark on his right shoulder; it looked like a plumbob(he had taken a picture and googled it when it appeared) with wings coming from it. He had no idea why, but mostly ignored it. It didn’t do anything to him, so he didn’t feel the need for it to be removed or looked at.

Reaching over to the coffee table where the remote lay, he turned onto the news channel out of boredom. Some scientist was on, babbling about some radiation that they’d set off in- wait; it said they set it off where he lived. That couldn’t be right. He started paying the Tv more attention, hoping that his ears were lying.

The scientist stated that they’d set off the radiation four days ago, but had yet for anyone to show the results they wanted(Superpowers? Really? The government was out of its mind). Nope, his ears weren’t lying, the scientist said they set it off in his city- and they had put the city in lock down as a result. Just great. Well, at least now he knew what the boom and earthquake was. The scientist went on to explain what would hopefully happen to people's genes to make them have superpowers, speaking with words that were way above Sam’s vocabulary; he was immediately lost, and had no clue what the scientist was saying. Deciding he should stop watching the news because he couldn’t understand a word the scientist said, he cut off the Tv and went into the kitchen, where he found Zadolt sleeping near his food bowl. Walking quietly to not wake him up, he went over to his fridge.

Opening the fridge and seeing that he barely had anything left(he hadn’t gone to a grocery store in two weeks), he sighed and made a mental note to go get food later. For now, he grabbed his phone from where he had conveniently placed on the counter last night and sat back down on the couch to check his emails, headache almost forgotten.

Edited at July 31, 2020 03:23 PM by Shadow-Masters
The Eight RoleplayThread July 31, 2020 03:41 PM

Broken Halos
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Elliot Kingston|F|19|Shifter, Animal communicator|Mentions: N/A|
Elliot shook her head and patted her sweat pants pockets. looking down she saw her phone on the couch. Grabbing it she looked to see the date and day. "It's Friday! I Work in thirty minutes!" She pushed past her father and hurried to the bathroom. Her dad said something to her but she ignored it. when she made it to the bathroom she closed the door and quickly stripped her sweatshirt.
Staring in the mirror she studdied the rest of her body. Nothing else seemed to be different other than the marking on her arm. Pushing all thoughts out of her mind she stripped the rest of her clothes and got in the shower.
Ten minutes had passed and she was out by now. She wore black skinny jeans with small rips in them and a red shirt that had the name of the grocery store she worked at on the top left. She was bent over gathering her hair to pull up into a messy bun. Once she was satisfied with her hair she grabbed her glasses and slipped them on.
"Do you really think you should be going to work Ell?" It was her fathers worried voice that stopped her for half of a heartbeat.
"One of us has to" She wasnt sure why she had felt teh need to snap at her father but she did. "Riley has to go to school, Jess needs dog food, you need money for alcohol, someone has to go to work dad, lord knows mom isnt going to do it"
Storming out of the bathroom she clenched her fists. Elliot was never one to get mad, infact she was one of the most easy going people. It frustrated her that she didn't know why she was mad. Grabbing the car keys she opened the front door. "I close tonight, I think," She said the last bit to herself "I'll be home late" She closed the door and ran to the car.
It didn't take long to get to the place she called work. When she was there she jumped out of the car and ran to the front. The same stray cat that was there every day looked up at her with big green eyes. A sudden pang of hunger made Elliot put a hand on her stomach. She shook her head once more and hurried in, she was already ten minutes late.
The Eight RoleplayThread August 1, 2020 11:34 AM

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Lizzy || F || 17 years || Invisibility, animal telepathy || M: Open


Lizzy glanced up from the book she was reading in the reading nook in her mother's house to see her twin, Lucas, quite obviously waiting for her. "Yes, Luc?" Lizzy examined his face, looking for signs of what he was going to say. His green eyes betrayed nothing along with his face. His blonde hair was still messy from sleep. It had been about about four day since she started vomiting and having the worst headacks imaginable. She thought it had been something she ate, but she knew it wasn't that, so was her brothers who kept pestering her.

"When did you get a scar?" He gestured to a heart looking blob with two lines running parallel around it, some parts of the heart looked fadded or even missing. Lizzy shrugged, wiggling herself out of the nook, making a beeline for her bag/purse and then the door. "Gotta let Ginger out on a walk." Lizzy called over her shoulder, clearly wanting to avoid the question..

At the sound of her name and the word 'walk', Ginger came speeding over and sat, waiting for the leash to be clipped to her collar. Lizzy grabbed a pink leash off the coat rack and clipped it onto Ginger's collar before opening the front door and leaving.

Lizzy sighed, a relieved note hidden in it. She glanced at Ginger. You better not go after Whiskers again. Lizzy thought. As Lizzy just started walking, Ginger barked. Lizzy whipped around, hearing 'I will chase that black cat whether you like it or not!' in a different voice in her head that wasn't her own. "What the..." Lizzy crouched down in front of Ginger. What was that... Lizzy thought, staring at Ginger.

What was what?! Replied the voice in her head along with Ginger whipping her head to and fro. Lizzy stood up quickly, making her slightly dizzy in the process. Looking away from Ginger, Lizzy blinked a few times. This is just me. Lizzy thought. Lizzy expected a voice reply, but none came. She glanced back at Ginger. Why did you not reply that time? She asked.

Reply to what? You didn't talk! Came the voice along with Ginger looking some what confused yet annoyed. Lets just gooooo. Ginger then started walking on wards, pulling Lizzy along.

Lizzy started connecting the dots as they walked. Im going to test it on Whiskers when we see her. Lizzy thought, walking along the side walk. She walked beside the road, going along Lizzy's usual route. Whiskers, Fern's (the mother of Lizzy) cat, usually liked to hang around one of Fern's friends houses at this hour, awaiting an extra breakfast.

Lizzy stopped in front of the house and there she was. A black cat sat in front of a window, gazing inside. At the sound, or maybe smell, of Lizzy and Ginger, Whiskers turned her head and meowed a greeting. Lizzy stared at the cat and thought, Hi Whiskers, no food yet? Lizzy thought.

Actually, the human went inside, saying 'I'll get you some food, give me a minute Whiskers'. So, yes and no. Kinda. Came a new voice inside Lizzy's head, along with Whiskers continuing to look into the window.

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The Eight RoleplayThread August 1, 2020 01:15 PM

The Great Pumpkin
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Citra Faraday, 22, telepath, telekinisis, M:None
Citra woke up and for a moment had no idea where she was. She looked up and saw Rowan her half brother. He never showed up unless something important happened. Citra looked around and didn't see her other family mebers. "Rowan where is everyone, did anyone get hurt?". "No sis everyone else is fine. Are you feeling alright?" *Cause you had the full hulk treatment*. Citra was confused "What do you mean the full hulk treatment Rowan? What happened?". Rowan looked at Citra confused "No way sis". *Can you hear me?*. Citra laughed "Rowan of course I can hear you stop playing games with me. What happened?". Rowan shook his head and responded "There was a radiation explosion and you were knocked out. By the way why didn't you tell me you got a tattoo I would've helped you pick out a better one sis.". Citra looked at her arm where Rowan had pointed. She blinked in disbelief as she saw a thought bubble with a radiation mark in the center. "I didn't get this Rowan." she said. Rowan looked at her worried "Listen Dad is out at the store with your mom and Anastasia is asleep. We'll wait for them to come home and we'll figure this out together. There's no reason to panic Citra." *I hope she believed that because I'm freaking out*. Citra was scared why was she hearing this stuff and could her family help her or would they think she was crazy?
The Eight RoleplayThread August 1, 2020 04:34 PM

Old Age Jukebox~
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Renzo Payne || M || 19 || Eye of Insight / Illusion || Mentions: Open

Pain, it was something Ren was familiar with but this past four days have been something entirely different. He'd honestly say he understood what mothers who were in the middle of child birth felt, with hours of near excruciating pain but he knew he could never make a comparison. He'd never bear a child, so he could never say such a thing and know with certainty.

The feeling of having your eyes ripped out was something not so pleasant, and the rest of his aliments were nothing to scoff at either. His body felt so weak he could barely move a muscle, the splitting headaches were immense, everything down to his bones felt this intense crushing pain as if it was entirely readjusting itself, and his eyes.

Dear Lord, the feeling was unbearable. Their was this pressure as if they were being shoved from their very sockets, bright lights burned them, everything was blurry and spun. This was probably the first time he ever regretted his decision to live alone in the past three years.

He recalled the News reporting strange illnesses like this all over the city, and according to them it was due to an unknown nuclear surge. Ren was never one to listen to the media and their bluster, but maybe this time he should have listened. By god he learned his lesson.

Still, he was feeling better or at least he thinks so. The lights were found in the small apartment as the young man made a cup of tea. Ren hummed to himself, happy to be back on his feet.

Already he'd began writing in his note pad, a grin on his face as he missed this part of the day. It was calming. If he was to describe his experience being bedridden for half a week, "...Boring as all hell", he'd written.

Suddenly something caught his attention with a small feeling of warmth under his eyes. 'Tears?', he wondered to himself. He liked to idly scrawl things but... Red.

Finally something red dropped upon his note pad. Blood. My blood.

He was crying blood. His vision blurred again, and the world had grown dizzy. He stumbled down the halls of his apartment, blood seeping from his eyes.

Standing before a mirror, his heart skipped a beat as his breath caught. His once golden eyes now gone, replaced by orbs of clashing color. Blue and crimson. Blood poured from them down his face.

He muttered a stupefied 'Huh', as if he'd learned something so simple and not at all life changing. It was all he could do, to terrified and confused to fully comprehend the situation.

"What the hell is happening to me?".

Edited at August 1, 2020 04:38 PM by Traitor's Requiem
The Eight RoleplayThread August 3, 2020 11:52 AM

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Valory Pechstein - F - 18 - Void and Teleportation - Mentions: open

This was the first day Valory's head wasn't threatening to burst out of her head for the past four days. It still hurt like crazy, but she could think clearly again. The second day of her headaches her stomach started hurting. That's when her parents started getting worried, though both were working on the third day and completely missed it when she got the stomach flew. She had no idea what was happening to her. She hadn't been feeling stressed for weeks now.
Today she didn't have any problems with her stomach though, she'd woken up starving and for the past few ours didn't feel nauseous at all, and her headache was much better... a little better.
But what was really messing with her today where the two tattoos on her back.

She'd never wanted to get a tattoo herself, and neither did her parents, yet today, right after taking a shower, she had these two black marks on her spine.
It couldn't be a prank from her siblings, none of them had any talent in drawing, and it wasn't from a sharpie, or else some of it would have been washed off.
One reminded her of a radiation symbol and the other was an oval where half of it was black and the other half hollow with... bubbles or circles thinning out as they went further from the oval.
She had no idea what it was or what it meant and had no idea what to do.
She coulnd't just tell her parents that they appeared on her back, they obviously wouldn't believe her and would then think she faked her headaches just to sneak off and get them.
Plus lazering them off would be way too expensive, but how the hell did they get there?

Val had decided she would think about it when her head didn't ache. Luckily they were on her back, so any shirt could easily cover them.
Right now she was on her bicycle, riding over to the stables where her horse was at along the side of the road. She wouldn't have any time to ride or really work with him, but a little grooming would be good for both of them.
She was wearing a pair of jeans, a grey t-shirt and her worn out sneakers that her mother would probably throw away soon and force her to buy new ones.
Her shirt and pants weren't new in the least, but were still comfy and didn't have any holes... yet.

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