04:40:09 Queen of Snarkasm
Profile update! Please read!
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:38:50 Torch
Name poll
-WP Click-
Dusk Till Dawn
04:37:46 Dawn
Your wolves played: Pup 95 follows Faith on a patrol.

Why you were just born yesterday or today and now you doing this
~Glitchy Ghoul~
04:35:05 Lamo = Lmao
-WP Click-
^ Please vote ^
Queen of War
04:31:24 Queen
Put all your hearts in your md. I don’t think he eats them then
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:29:23 Torch
Uniex inex
04:28:14 Uniex/inex/Uni/Ex/Un
Do wolves get BE from doing pvp?
04:26:51 anti-social soul
He takes 5 hearts and eats them.


I wanted your feathers!! >:C
04:26:00 Rod | Zin
Gwyn ap Nudd 1 flees successfully.

Get back here >:v
Meian the Malevolent
04:23:42 Ted II
-WP Click-
A poll about goats. :)
04:22:40 anti-social soul
I just discovered that you can feed your wolves while your exploring
04:22:31 row
if anyone wants to do a pack vs. pack or an rp with two packs interacting with each other then pm me please!!
Long Lake Pack
04:20:19 Rainy, Dear
oh well thanks for the information.
04:20:11 row
ayo, hope everyone is doing well :)
Black Swan
04:18:30 Swan Swannity Swan
The only way you can get feathers other than the bird watcher is by succeeding the ptarmigan encounter in the mountains(ptarmigan feather, increases chance of dynamic coat), and killing Gwyn during the October event(raven feather, increases chance of your wolf surviving death script)
Uniex inex
04:17:46 Uniex/inex/Uni/Ex/Un
Someone is my partner and they gave me some wolves to sell and said if I liked one I can keep her. (I give him 50% profite). And I want to keep the melnisiam he gave me too sell and I asked if I could keep her and he said if I get 100 mush to him, I just gave him two wolves worth of mush (58) so I can hopefully keep a 15 yr old melnisiam who could die this spring :(
Long Lake Pack
04:17:14 Rainy, Dear
moon and swan
darn it :I
Queen of War
04:17:04 Queen
Luckily someone bought the pregnant wolf I wanted before I could.
Moon ShadowSouls
04:16:59 LostSouls-ShadowMoon
Long Lake
in each biome theres a bird watcher and if you scare them they give you a feather that goes the the biome
Black Swan
04:16:04 Swan Swannity Swan
Unfortunately, no. Only wishbones and claws


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