04:55:31 anti-social soul

Could you link it?
04:54:53 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
ninjago pm rp pm me please
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:54:50 Torch, anthrozil
I might be
Ashen Kingdom
04:54:47 Roxy
Hmmm. I don't really know. She is my friends wolf that she got.
04:54:34 Lycan
Anyone up for a FxF pm role play?
04:53:44 Fang

I will, I promise!
04:53:43 anti-social soul

It its like, less than G5 I'd say that's pretty good

If its a G1-G3 its damn good

But if it's like the 50th gen or some crap it's not that good
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:53:38 Torch, anthrozil
its okay. We can make about a page or so a day.
Black Swan
04:53:19 Swan Swannity Swan
No, inbred

Has there been incest in it's line? Most players don't like it when a wolf is inbred, so they'll only go for the +50 and above vital wolves if they're going to commit it
04:52:55 Z, Chai
torch- oh sorry about that. I'd make a post but honestly am a bit too lazy at the moment ^^'

fang thats very true- and ok good just be careful XD
04:51:59 Fang

Alive is better than being dragged into the Underworld. And don't worry, I've burned myself enough times on this stove to know to be cautious!
Ashen Kingdom
04:51:58 Roxy

It was bred, yes.
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:51:54 Torch, anthrozil
I'm doing good. I wish the other RPers would post. The only one who will post is in a 1x1 RP with me, so it depends on only one of us to keep it going.
Black Swan
04:51:10 Swan Swannity Swan
Depends. Is it inbred?
04:50:55 Z, Chai
fang- oh im sorry about that :( dont get burned making the soup! im ok i guess. alive.
Ashen Kingdom
04:50:44 Roxy
Hey everyone!

Quick question: How rare is a wold with vitals +5, +7, +4, and +6?
04:50:26 Fang

Anytime! I'm good, just making some soup. My girlfriend got sick from when she was taking care of me. How are you?
04:50:12 anti-social soul

I am too but I keep forgetting to do it after every 5 hounds
04:49:39 Z, Chai
hey fang! ^^ thanks for the relic and how are you :3
04:49:24 Z, Chai
how are ya torch


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Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 20, 2020 01:56 PM

Duskfall Hill
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As a young child, you have always enjoyed watching the dragon riders fly over, keeping the land of Dra safe. With their massive regal companions and their shiny, sparkling armor, you have always wanted to have a dragon of your very own. Now, as a teenager, you have somewhat forgotten of that dream. However, as fate would have it, you have been contacted by the Dragon Council.

You are a dragon rider! Born with draconic magic in your veins, you have been blessed by the goddess. You are informed that a carriage will come for you and take you to the most esteemed dragon riding academy in the world. Draxeth, the school of Dragon Riders. However, all is not what it seems and some interesting things are happening to the senior dragon riders. Can you find out what is happening and potentially save the lands of Dra?


-Follow Eve's and forum rules, obviously


-Cursing is allowed

-All sexualities allowed

-Literate, please! 2+ paragraphs!

-Reservations last 24 hrs

-Your character can die, though they most likely won't




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Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 20, 2020 01:58 PM

Duskfall Hill
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The senior dragon riders, along with their dragons, have been controlled by a necromancer by the name of Z. They have all disappeared, man and woman alike, along with the dragons. This necromancer hopes to enslave all of Dra with the help of the most powerful dragon riders. He has an ambitious goal, one he can most certainly do, with his massive army of undead and the dragon riders.

However, he has one weakness. His power stems from the Obsidian Claw, a dragon claw that is fabled to come from the first dragon to walk the lands. This claw holds immense power and will corrupt the minds of any who touches it. Only a dragon can safely touch the claw without being corrupted. However, dragons and their dragon riders are forever bonded. Dragons are bound to follow their riders until the death. They too are corrupted.

The new students of Draxen have been intertwined into this mess when they stumble upon a ritual with Z. He is seen only as a tall shadowy figure, holding out the claw and touching the senior dragon riders with it. He attacks the students but is fought off. He vows to eliminate the students to ensure his chances of success. However, he has a secret. He is the Headmaster of this school, having corrupted the mind of the former Headmaster and drove him to his death. With his seemingly innocent disguise and vast resources at his disposal, no one can stop him. Except for our heroes.

These students, and these students alone, have the power to destroy Headmaster Z and bring peace to the world. How, you ask? It's rather simple. Their dragons are direct descendants from the first dragon and the Claw's power can only be wielded safely by a direct descendant of the dragon.

With their dragons and the fate of the world at stake, can these students save the world, or die trying?

Dragon Rider Attributes

Dragon riders aren't immortal, though they don't age after the age of 21. They cannot die from old age, as long as their dragon still lives. Dragon riders and their dragons are bonded for life. If a dragon dies, their rider dies and vice versa. Dragon riders often get an attribute from their dragon, be it their eye color changes to their dragon's or a few scales show up on their bodies.

Dragons also give their riders their power. Riders have added stamina, strength and speed and can use their dragon's element. They are also immune to their dragon's element. Riders can also speak with other dragons, to which normal people cannot understand their language.

Dragon riders, when they are given their dragon, will be given the chance to create their own weapon. The weapons are made using a mixture of their own blood and their dragon's blood. The weapons are powerful, more powerful then any mortal weapon ever made. Any weapon can be made. Swords, daggers, bows, spears, anything. The weapons will be made by the rider, but will be overseen by the weaponsmith to ensure the best quality.

When dragon riders graduate from the academy, they will be given a special set of armor made from their dragons' shedded scales.

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Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 20, 2020 01:59 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 809
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Dragon Types

Dragons choose their rider based on their personality and likeness to the dragon. An ice dragon may choose a rider who is cold and brash, while a fire dragon may choose a rider who is hot-headed and adventurous. However, the students don't choose fully grown dragons. They must go to the hatchery to choose the newest batch of dragon eggs, to better solidify the bond.

Fire Dragon

Fire dragons are hot-headed, adventurous and bold. They love challenges and love to win, being the most competitive dragon type. Their eggs are red with black specks and have an almost burning temperature to them. They come in firey colors of orange, red, yellow and black. They breathe fire and are immune to the effects of lava and heat. They are the second most largest dragon and have many spikes.

Water Dragon

Water dragons are calm, intelligent and athletic. They love to swim and in the wild live most of their lives underwater. Water dragons prefer thinking things out and strategizing to better ensure the chances of survival. Their eggs are a light blue color with a wavy pattern. They come in colors of green, blue, purple and white. They have gills and can breathe underwater. They breathe scalding water. They are the smallest dragon and streamlined.

Earth Dragon

Earth dragons are kind, wise and loyal. They're very loyal to the ones they care about and will fight to the death if they have to save their loved one. Their eggs are a brown color with sandy flecks. They come in colors of brown, sand, black and green. They can dig underground and have digging claws on their front paws. They are the largest dragon and have armor. They breathe hot magma.

Air Dragon

Air dragons are cheerful, curious and fun-loving. They always love flying around with their rider and going on adventures. Their eggs are a gray color with lightning on it and smell of ozone. They come in colors of blue, purple, yellow and violet. They breathe lightning and are immune to the effects of electricity. They are the second smallest dragon and have a bit of fur.

Ice Dragon

Ice dragons are cold, brash and ambitious. They won't let anyone get in their way when they have a goal and won't stop for anything. Their eggs are a white color with light blue snowflakes on it. They come in colors of blue, white, gray and light blue. They breathe extremely cold air and are immune to the effects of the cold. They are the third most largest dragon and seem to have ice spikes growing off of them.

Forest Dragon

Forest dragons are calm, unconfrontational and quiet. They'd rather curl up with their rider and read a book, preferably in the woods. Their eggs are brown with green leaves on it. They come in colors of green and brown, though some have leaves growing off of them. They don't breathe anything but rather have the ability to make plants and vines grow around them. They are the third most smallest dragon and have bark-like scales.

Poison Dragon

Poison dragons are mischevious, hyper and sarcastic. They love playing pranks on others and have fun doing so. Their eggs are a lime green with red circles on it. They come in colors of green, red, yellow and orange. They spit poison and have frills on their heads, much like a Dilophosaurus. They are the fourth most smallest dragon, about in the middle, and have an immunity to poison and venom.

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Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 20, 2020 02:01 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 809
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Headmaster of Draxeth

The headmaster of Draxeth is a curious individual, not really spending time with the students but being friendly enough that he doesn't draw suspicion. He may look like anything. Short, dark, blonde, anything. His personality must be evil, however, and mirroring a fire dragon's personality. His name must start with a Z, being the infamous necromancer that is terrorizing Dra in disguise. I apologize for the strict guidelines for him but he is the main antagonist of this RP.


Z's Dragon


Dorms (12 people max)

Female Dorm - CLOSED, pending

Sybil Brookstone | F | 16 | Forest Dragon | Portrayed by me (pg. 1)

Atana Kurami | F | 19 | Fire Dragon | Portrayed by Ebanon (pg. 2)


Scarlett Perry | F | 17 | Fire Dragon | Portrayed by Honeybee Falls (pg. 4)

Emily Oshean | F | 18 | Earth Dragon | Portrayed by Cicatrize (pg. 5)

Savannah Mill | F | 17 | Earth Dragon | Portrayed by ArcticSunflower (pg. 5)

Male Dorm

Indra Andivir | M | 16 | Ice or Air Dragon | Portayed by The Great Sage~ (pg. 1)

Dyrroth Bennett | M | 17 | Dragon Type TBD | Portrayed by Delver (pg. 2)

Chase J. Morgan | M | 18 | Dragon Type TBD | Portrayed by Kylie Hatake (pg. 2)

Axel Osborne | M | 17 | Ice Dragon | Portrayed by ThisIsAPackName (pg. 3)

Reserved for Xuan, if they do not wish to play a male this will be removed, provided that the reservation above runs out


M:F Ratio



Your character's dragon. When the dragons hatch, you will be able to determine their looks and gender via RP, to make it more realistic. Then, come back here and fill out a form for them.

Unnamed Forest Dragon for Sybil

Unnamed Ice or Air Dragon for Indra

Future dragon for Dyrroth

Future dragon for Chase

Future dragon for Atana

Unnamed Ice Dragon for Axel

Unnamed Fire Dragon for Scarlett

Unnamed Earth Dragon for Savannah

Unnamed Earth Dragon for Emily




M:F Ratio (this doesn't matter)


Player Dragons (5 max, may increase)

Dragons that are controlled by players, since so many people wanted to. Starting out, there'll only be five, but I may increase it if people ask me to.






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Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 20, 2020 02:19 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 809
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Everyone is just arriving to the academy and will be brought to the hatchery to choose their dragons shortly. Once chosen, they will be brought to their dorm rooms to move in and to wait for their eggs to hatch. Be sure to keep the egg in your dragon egg incubator! After they hatch, your first class will start on how to take care of your newly hatched dragons!


Late morning, around 10:30 am


Warm with a few clouds

Special Events?

Choosing dragon eggs, hatching and first classes on dragon care

Edited at July 20, 2020 02:19 PM by Duskfall Hill
Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 21, 2020 12:14 AM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 809
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Sybil Brookstone | F | 16 | Dragon not given yet | M: Open

Sybil looks up at the massive academy, with its brick walls and tall towers. Dragons fly here and there, their massive wings vibrating the air with each wingflap. The majestic beasts captivate the girl, she's never seen so many in one spot before. She wears a knapsack with her things in it, wearing a long tan dress with simple comfortable shoes. Her naturally red hair is pulled back and tied, her face bearing no makeup.

She stands out like a sore thumb within the crowd of people wearing expensive clothing and shiny armor. As a peasant farmer's daughter, she hasn't really seen the use in materialistic things. All she needs is a book, hard work and a good companion to keep her happy.

There is a woman standing outside the large oaken doors, waving Sybil to her. Sybil walks towards the woman, noticing she is wearing blue dragon scales. The woman has brown hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. She looks no older than 30, though she is probably older than Sybil's grandmother. Her eyes hold wisdom and age, as well as kindness. Beside her stands a blue water dragon, their purple eyes full of wisdom and calmness. The presence of the dragon and their rider relaxes Sybil's nerves almost immediately.

"Welcome to Draxeth, my dear girl. I am Ms. Cerulean, this is my dragon Azura. I will be your guide and teacher for today. We are honored to have you here, young dragon rider." The woman speaks.

Sybil smiles at the woman. "Thank you. I'm happy to be here."

Ms. Cerulean nods her head, the dragon scales tingling with the movement. Underneath the armor, she wears a simple tan blouse and pants with armored boots. She looks like she is always ready for a battle, which makes sense, she is a water rider after all, always expecting the unexpected.

"I'm glad to hear it. Now, once the other young dragon riders come, we will take you to the hatchery to choose your dragon egg. Well, the dragon chooses you. It's an amazing experience." She smiles, looking over at her dragon with love.

Sybil has always been entranced by the love riders and dragons have for one another. Her parents look at each other the same way, except the riders and dragons have a bond which is impossible to be broken, only by death, for which they are still bonded. The bond between dragon and rider is sacred, no other bonds go above it.

"How will I know?" Sybil asks.

Ms. Cerulean looks back at the girl, almost forgetting she was standing there. "You'll feel it. The dragon will call to you, you'll feel connected to this one egg within the hatchery. All the world stops and it's only you and the dragon within the egg. Once you hold it, it is the most euphoric feeling. It feels like, you've found a part of yourself that is missing. That is how it feels to be a rider, to feel the bond between human and dragon."

Sybil looks over at Azura and gently reaches her hand out. The blue dragoness looks at Sybil with her calm eyes and gently touches her muzzle to her hand.

"Pretty girl." She says quietly, smiling, running her hand along the dragon's scales.

With that, she bids farewell to the two and sits down on a bench, waiting for the others to arrive. She cannot wait, her heart is leaping out of her chest and she is extremely giddy. Taking out a book, she begins to read, trying to calm herself down before she shoots off into the sky like a rocket.

Edited at July 21, 2020 12:16 AM by Duskfall Hill
Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 21, 2020 12:48 AM

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Emily Osheán • ♀️ • 18 • Dragon N/A • M: Sybil

The young woman wore an outfit similar to a man. Her shirt had no sleeves and a scoop neck, the fabric white linen. Her pants were dark as pitch and her shoes were leather boots. Her hair was slicked back, shining in the sun, her eyes appearing a foggy coloration. She carried a dufflebag of sorts at her side. Once she neared the academy on foot, she lung it over her shoulder. She was intruiged by Dragon riders and perhaps could make good use of the skill to gain a better career. She wore leather bands around her wrist, the patterns imprinted on them were messy. The only one that was legible had the word 'mawme' in crooked letters. Around her throat lay a turquoise piece held by a black theater piece.

She approached the front doors of the massive academy. She looked upwards, shielding her eyes with her free hands. Dragons. A whole clutch above her in the sky. She heard someone clear their throat and she turned her attention to the front of her. She held blue eyes the color of the sky, hair as dark as mahogany, and skin like a sandy beach. She adorned herself with sapphire scales, a matching Dragon behind her gave the young woman the impression that she was one to ride a water type dragon.

"Welcome to Draxeth. I am Ms.Cerulean, your teacher and guide for the day," the woman held out her hand for the other young man to grasp. She reached forward, giving the woman a firm handshake with her own honey colored hand.

"The names Osheán. Emily Osheán," she stated, "Where would you prefer for me to stand?" Ms.Cerulean covered her mouth with her fingertips, smiling and holding back a giggle.

"You may take a seat next to the young lady over there my dear," she motioned to a red haired girl sporting a simplistic dress and shoes. Emily dipped her head in a farewell, her eyes glancing at the dragon briefly.

When she seated herself on the bench, it freaked a bit with the amount of force she had applied when dropping herself onto it. She placed her bags between her feet, leaning forward, her elbows rested on her legs, she entwined her hands together. She felt her palms sweating now. Perhaps the silence was alright? Was this other girl waiting for her to say something? Should she say something? How would she start the conversation? As Emily thought about this, her expression remained the same, never giving away a single thought.

Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 21, 2020 11:24 AM

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Atana "Wonder" Kurami | F | 19 | None Yet | Sybil, Emily

Even days the most bitter have a bright side. Something she had been told. By him. A pang of sadness swept through her as she realized nothing was the same. Nothing would ever be the same. Sighing, she put on her emotional armor, grabbing her duffelbag as she stepped out of... where'd it go? Oh well. It seemed to be common for people to take her places then ditch her. Too common.

As she stepped up to the school, she could feel the new washing over her, the curiosity and placidity of this place. Today is a good day. She looked around. So far only a few students had arrived, two of which she watched go up and talk to someone who looked a bit like a teacher. I'll pass. Her usual cold attitude returned as she walked straight by the invitational teacher-thing and over to the other students.

She didn't need someone to tell her what to do.

The students she was near were so much taller than her. If she hadn't known that would likely happen, she might be intimidated. One of them looked Irish with her red hair. The other just looked like she was thinking. "Don't either of you dare call me shorty or you'll find out what happens." They didn't know she had a dagger in her sleeve.

They didn't need to know. She at least hoped they'd hear the threatening tone of her voice and leave off calling her short. He used to call me shorty... No. There was no he. As far as she kept it, there was no past to Atana. To Wonder. "I'm Atana, by the way. What's up?"

Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 21, 2020 11:51 AM

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Axel Osborne | M | 17 | Dragon Pending | M: Sybil, Cicatrize, Atana

Axel stared up at the sky where dragons flew about, almost feeling the air they propelled with each flap of their enormous wings. With this majestic sight in front of him, the only thought in his mind was why the hell is there a bunch of stray, fully grown dragons flying around the school? He examined the school, a massive, graceful thing. Axel didn’t think much of that either, though, as his father was a rich asshole and if he saw this place, he’d probably be calling it a cheap piece of shit.

Axel’s rich descent wasn’t that clear from what he was wearing, as he wore rather simple clothes. A white shirt with a brown overcoat, black paints and black dress shoes. He came with a leather bag filled with his things and that was about it.

His eyes slowly travelled down to a woman standing by the main doors, a kind and wise smile on her face and a similar look on her dragon. While Axel’s expression remained perfectly deadpan, the rest of his body physically tensed; he didn’t like unnaturally calm things. They made him feel paranoid, like it was just the calm before the storm.

He forced himself to relax as he approached the woman, who greeted him. “Welcome to Draxeth, my dear boy. I am Ms. Cerulean, and this is my dragon, Azura. We’ll be your teacher and guide for today. We’re honored to have you here.” She held out her hand for him to shake. “Yeah, alright,” He said, giving her hand a firm two pumps before letting go of it. He gave the area another quick scan, spotting some girls who seemed to be about his age sitting on a bench.

”I’m guessing I have to sit there?” He asked, eyes returning back to Ms. Cerulean. She gave him a warm smile and a, “If you’d like, yes,” to which Axel promptly responded with “cool” and walked off.

He plopped down on the bench casually, not even looking at the other two as he began to lose himself in his thoughts. This is weird. Isn’t it? Yeah, it’s pretty fucking weird. Am I even supposed to be here? Wait, no, I definitely am, that letter literally had my name on it. Pretty fucking weird that I’m supposed to be a goddamn dragon rider though. Protect the world or something. Or was it just the kingdom? I don’t fucking know, I haven’t paid attention to this shit in, like, years. Become a knight in shining armor or some shit, babes throwing themselves at me left and right because I’m wearing previous dragon body parts and have some scales myself. Kind of gross now that I think about it. Why the fuck is that a thing, wearing dragon scale armor and using blood weapons? What’s this school’s deal with using parts of bodies to make fighting shit?

As Axel thought, his expression remained perfectly blank, though his fingers had began to tap against the bench, keeping a steady (if mildly annoying) rhythm.

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Draxeth, School of Dragon Riders | RP Thread July 21, 2020 11:51 AM

Posts: 7703
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