Queen of War
04:31:24 Queen
Put all your hearts in your md. I don’t think he eats them then
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:29:23 Torch
Uniex inex
04:28:14 Uniex/inex/Uni/Ex/Un
Do wolves get BE from doing pvp?
04:26:51 anti-social soul
He takes 5 hearts and eats them.


I wanted your feathers!! >:C
04:26:00 Rod | Zin
Gwyn ap Nudd 1 flees successfully.

Get back here >:v
Meian the Malevolent
04:23:42 Ted II
-WP Click-
A poll about goats. :)
04:22:40 anti-social soul
I just discovered that you can feed your wolves while your exploring
04:22:31 row
if anyone wants to do a pack vs. pack or an rp with two packs interacting with each other then pm me please!!
Long Lake Pack
04:20:19 Rainy, Dear
oh well thanks for the information.
04:20:11 row
ayo, hope everyone is doing well :)
Black Swan
04:18:30 Swan Swannity Swan
The only way you can get feathers other than the bird watcher is by succeeding the ptarmigan encounter in the mountains(ptarmigan feather, increases chance of dynamic coat), and killing Gwyn during the October event(raven feather, increases chance of your wolf surviving death script)
Uniex inex
04:17:46 Uniex/inex/Uni/Ex/Un
Someone is my partner and they gave me some wolves to sell and said if I liked one I can keep her. (I give him 50% profite). And I want to keep the melnisiam he gave me too sell and I asked if I could keep her and he said if I get 100 mush to him, I just gave him two wolves worth of mush (58) so I can hopefully keep a 15 yr old melnisiam who could die this spring :(
Long Lake Pack
04:17:14 Rainy, Dear
moon and swan
darn it :I
Queen of War
04:17:04 Queen
Luckily someone bought the pregnant wolf I wanted before I could.
Moon ShadowSouls
04:16:59 LostSouls-ShadowMoon
Long Lake
in each biome theres a bird watcher and if you scare them they give you a feather that goes the the biome
Black Swan
04:16:04 Swan Swannity Swan
Unfortunately, no. Only wishbones and claws
Moon ShadowSouls
04:15:59 LostSouls-ShadowMoon
Long Lake
Long Lake Pack
04:15:16 Rainy, Dear
do pheasants give feathers?
Black Swan
04:11:58 Swan Swannity Swan
Yess, I found him and killed him

One feather down, 12 to go :')
04:11:25 TheWolf062105


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Glow - RP July 30, 2020 08:39 PM

Sleepless Nights
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Mae Holland | 15 | Female | M: Audi, Matthew, Ben

Mae didn't wait as long as she expected. She was typically the one who was always on time, right before the dot. Being a morning person, she woke up with the same, boisterous energy she carried with herself for the rest of the day. There would be times where she would arrive even 30 minutes earlier, because her excitement was too much to handle and she wanted to be the first to greet her friends. That meant she tended to lollygag around the area for a lengthy amount of time before one of the boys or Kyshia showed up. She leaned calmly against the marble pillar, standing the nose of her skateboard on her sneaker toes and spinning it with her hand. For all the trouble this group had causesd this place, it was practically a blessing they were still allowed inside. Well, some of them weren't as rowdy as the others, but they were still associated with the rowdy ones' actions.

The girl's expression lit up when she saw a familiar face come upon the treatre, now standing to her full height. She subconsciously stopped twirling her skateboard, folding her free hand over the back over the other. A childish grin popped up onto her face, her excitement now being channeled into her rocking back and forth on her feet. There were some times when Mae's energy was just too big for her small body, and it showed itself in little movements like her shaking her hands like a mime, nodding her head back and forth when no one had spoken, or rolling back and forth onto the balls of her heels. While she was delighted to be seeing a movie for once, she was more delighted to see it with her precious friendgroup. "Hey, Audi-mobile," she returned cheekily, quirking up one side of her grin to show a lopsided smile. The girl tilted her chin to the side, looking to the corner of the theatre that led to the back. Neither of them usually had enough money to sneak inside, whether it be Mae having spent all of her money from work, or she was planning to blow it all on a surprise for one of the boys. "You know it… Heh, thanks." There was a second of processing for her second statement after Audi complimented her pants, Mae having completely forgotten what he was talking about the immediate moment afterwards… At least she had emotional intelligence.

Mae stepped back, removing the nose of her skateboard from her shoe tip. She leaned her head against the pillar lazily, her posture now awkwardly sloping backwards slightly. She parted her mouth to speak, yet she cut her own self off as she watched Audi's hand run through his hair. She lit up, now standing back to her full height. Audi had inspired her, but not with the reason he had wanted. "Oh! I was thinkin' about dying my own hair. We could matchhhhh!" she drew out, passing her board between her hands. She paused, bringing a hand up and holding one of the locs that hung loosely around her face. "I'll have to see with Momma. Maybe blue… I like blue," the girl's voice started to trail off thoughtfully as she peeked around Audi's shoulder, seeing another familiar face show themself in her range of sight. "Pshhh. Barely." Her tone was distant, distracted by the approaching figure. That first look of excitement that popped onto her face when Audi greeted her revived, now noticing the silhoutte was Matthew.

She rolled onto the tips of her feet when Matthew came in to give her a side hug, Mae squeezing back thoughtlessly, then dropping her arm back to her side. She was almost completely oblivious to this little feud going on between Audi and Matthew, all she saw in their interactions was brotherly-like annoyance at best. Her eyes widened slightly when Matthew offered out a few dollars, and she empathetically shook her head, bringing her hand up to wave it away. "Noooooo, I can't take your money. Keep it for yourself, Ben." A hint of embarassment wiggled its way into Mae's voice, rejecting the money as humbly as she possibly could. She had an unspoken rule with herself on not using other's money, unless she had a way to return the favor or she was close enough with them, like with Audi. She flicked a glance to Audi with an amused smile, one that said, "You want it?" Matthew was certainly the giving type, but so was Mae, and she rarely ever took the offers her friends gave her.

She was so engrossed with talking to her friends, she had failed to notice Ben sneaking up on poor Audi. The moment after Ben pounced, Mae couldn't help but to erupt into a small bubble of laughter, covering her mouth with her hand and giggling loudly. She took a singular step forward to Ben, but he had already rushed forward to enevelop her in a hug. She wrapped her arms around his upper back and attempted to squeeze the air out of him with more childish giggles falling from her mouth, but her efforts rendered useless and she withdrew her arms. There was a moment of processing in the girl's brain before she responded. "I wanna see The Shining. Team Mae wants to go see The Shining."

Glow - RP July 30, 2020 09:01 PM

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Ignore this! (Sorry everyone)

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Glow - RP July 31, 2020 07:03 PM

Corax Noir
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Audi // 14 // Male // Mentions: Mae, Ben, Matt

Audi had two simple ways of telling if someone was happy to see him: 1. They would punch him on the arm real hard, or 2. They would slap him on the back real hard. Or anyway, those were the ones he had grown up with. His preferred method, though, was Mae’s method, because it hurt the least. She would do an amazing impression of an active volcano just about to erupt and - okay, wait, no, that was boring. Too allegorical or whatever it was called. Better yet: she would do an amazing impression of a soda pop somebody had just shaken vigorously, all full of joy and carbonation and ready to explode - you know, in a good way. She did that now, as Audi greeted her, and that mixed with the perfect nickname she had for him made him, if possible, even more energetic. Audi didn’t even listen as she agreed to his plan, having known she would from the very start. His well-placed hair interruption quickly diverted Mae’s train of thought to a more important subject. However, the first thing out of her mouth was not about his precious hair, but rather about hers (which was, admittedly, pretty darn nice. For girl hair). However, Audi was delighted to find that Mae was thinking of dying her hair. He immediately thought of the two of them dressed in black, dark eyeliner, leaning up against a wall like they were in a music video. Of course, Mae Mae was just dying her hair, but a little imagination never hurt anyone. Except that one guy in that experiment about liquidating blood. He had literally died of imagination. And it had been gruesome. By now Audi had gotten so sidetracked that all he could make of Mae’s hair monologue was the very end, about dying her hair blue. Audi leaned a little bit back to get a good look at her, and then announced with the air of a professional, “Blue’s a good choice, Mae-o. You should probably-” At this point Audi noticed Mae looking past him and glanced over his shoulder to find none other than Mattie, who had apparently taken this opportunity to get a little exercise. Either that, or his sisters had stolen his bike again.

“Heya, Mattie,” Audi greeted, cheerful enough but slightly annoyed already just thinking about what Matt was inevitably going to greet him as. Matt greeted Mae first, but of course he couldn’t help but greet “Cor” by that idiotic nickname. Audi was in a good mood today, so instead of his usual “it’s not Cor, it’s Corey. And it’s not Corey, it’s Audi” reaction, he just wrinkled his nose at Matt and let it slide this one time. After all, wasn’t Matt his friend? If Simba had tried to pull that on him, you can bet Audi would have had some strong words for him. But he liked Matt well enough, even if his stories had disappointingly tame endings. Audi did kind of wish he had an equally annoying nickname for Matt, but from “Welcome Matt,” which was dumb, to “Stink-man,” which was mostly borne from sleep deprivation, none of them sounded quite right to him. Or wrong. Whatever. Matt was offering him money now, and Audi, of course, knew he would have to decline. Out of honor. Even though he always needed more popcorn. Mae was made the same offer, and she chose dignity over popcorn, which was the best course of action. Audi followed suit and ignored the money, pulling out his four quarters. “Nope, Mattie, got it covered.” Matt had moved on to movie choices by now, and Audi, as always, was down for horror movies of any kind. Except Night of the Living Dead. “Alright!” he said, having a good look at the movies showing. “Sure you can handle it, Mattie?” he teased in an offhanded sort of way. Of course Mattie could handle it, but it was understood that when you were a fourteen-year-old boy you made fun of your friends for everything possible - short of actual sensitive subjects, which were avoided altogether.

Audi was, unfortunately, about to have far more pressing concerns on his mind. As fate would have it, he had not heard Matt yelling at Ben as he arrived, and thus was entirely unaware that the boy was in the vicinity. He was too busy laughing at his own joke to even hear the tell-tale signs of impending doom. The best warning he had was the tingling at the back of his neck that could only be described as a Spidey Sense. But even that could not save him. In a paragon of bad timing, Audi looked up at the bloody pillow on the Friday the 13th poster a split second before there was an ear-splitting shriek in some foreign language right next to his ear and two hands grabbed him on the shoulders. Audi made a strange sound something like a hiccup and jumped half a foot in the air. He managed to twist around as he did this, and his face upon spotting Ben was a delightful mix between outrage, embarrassment, and resentful laughter. Mae and Ben giggling like ninnies didn’t help the matter much. Audi cuffed Ben over the head - not too hard, but just hard enough to sting a bit - as his friend slung his arm over Audi’s shoulders. Audi protested loudly as Ben proclaimed that he had scared Audi for everyone in the parking lot to hear, but was sated slightly by the prospect of whatever awesome thing Ben had to show him. He went from excited to skeptical, though, as Ben fished around in what was in Audi’s opinion a far too theatrical manner. “Yeah right, Benny,” said Audi, rolling his eyes. He wasn't quite buying it - it seemed more like something Ben had made up to get Audi off his back. Audi wiped away some of his makeup, which was running like crazy, and opened his mouth to say something else, but Ben was already rushing off to greet Mae.

Audi was glad people rarely tried to hug him, because Audi was a man and he didn’t do sissy things like hugging people. Plus, hugs were really awkward. Especially with your friends. Especially if those friends were girls. First Matt (well, sort of), now Ben. Sheesh. Audi had the fleeting idea of making the two of them hug: that would certainly put them off hugging for a while. Audi didn’t really understand why the two didn’t like each other, and was quite determined to make them get along one day, but hugging was going way too far. As soon as Ben let go of Mae, Audi gave him a hearty slap on the back that did three things at once: First of all, it served as a greeting. Secondly, it was a sort of repellant, a reminder to Ben that he’d better not try and hug him. And thirdly, it was a little extra revenge for that scare Ben had given him. “Two for The Shining!” announced Audi loudly. Some guy swerved past them and threw a beer bottle on the ground, shattering it. Audi ignored him, as he did most of the decidedly odd stuff in this town. “Hey Mattie, do you want to see The Shining or-” Audi suddenly stopped and feigned great surprise, as if he had forgotten that Matt was there. “Why, Benny,” he said admonishingly, like a mother scolding her child. He was really laying it on thick. “You didn’t say hello to Matt. Isn’t he your ameco?” Audi didn’t bat a lash at his severe butchering of the Spanish language. “Say hi to Matt. Matt, say hello.” He crossed his arms and smirked at them like he had just won some great game of cosmic chess.

Glow - RP August 1, 2020 05:44 PM

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Matthew Valentine | 15 | Male | M: The Group

Cor greeted him, calling him "Mattie". Matt almost raised an eyebrow, surprised by the lack of his comments. He opened his mouth to tease the kid when a figure swooped in, yelping in Spanish. Matthew sighed in subtle annoyance, yanking his arm back. Mae had declined his money, offering it to Audi. Matt shrugged and put the bills into his pocket, deciding to buy popcorn to spite his friends. Cor also declined, casting a lingering glance. Mae immediately voted The Shining, reparations the movie's name once. Matt feigned a glare at her, stitching his gaze to Audi. Cor agreed to horror movies, teasing Matt. The fifteen year old boy was about to retort when Benny finally made it to them. He leapt on Cor, scaring the boy. Mae and Benny began howling with laughter, sounding more like toddlers than teenagers. Matt stepped back, watching as Benny looked everywhere but him, standing a good distance away. Matthew slightly deserved it though, but it wasn't all his fault that he wanted Hector to only be his friends, was it? No. The answer was no. Benny searched his pockets frantically, looking for something to show off to Audi. Cor clearly didnt buy it, rolling his eyes and making a sharp comment. He wiped away some of his makeup, the stuff looking as if it were melting in the sun. Benny rushed to Mae, hugging her tightly and talking in his overly loud voice. "So... are we watching a horror movie?"

"What else would we watch? A romance? A mystery? Nah man. Horror movies are the best," Matt replied. Audi slapped Benny on the back, the sound echoing in his ears. Matthew cringed slightly. Who knew that flesh on flesh sounded so... loud? "Two for 'The Shining'!" Audi said this loudly, his voice bouncing up the Cinema Walls. Some guy threw a beer bottle on the ground right besides Matt, making him jump almost 5 feet in the air. "Watch it you idiot!" Matt snarls the words, his temper increasing due to the heat. The man curses back, his face red from the drink. Matt turns around and flashes his signature, cocky grin. "Anyways, should we head into the Cinemas right now? It's so hot, and I can buy us drinks. And popcorn. Most definitely popcorn." He waggles his eyebrows at Cor, teasing the younger boy.

"Hey Mattie do you want to see The Shining or-"

Cor suddenly stops, a mischievous glint entering his bright eyes. He begins to speak to Benny now, mocking with this superior look on his face. His voice is pathetically dramatic, filling Matt's ears. "Say hi to Matt. Matt, say hello." The boy looks smug, crossing his arms with a triumphant look. Matthew resists the urge to slap off the look. His smirk says it all. Matt almost rebukes him. The kid had been acting like this all summer and since he turned 14, about. Audi had teased everyone, mocked them, and been a pain in the ass.

Matt decides to play the same game Audi had. "Oh. You didn't know? Me and Benny Boy here saw each other on the way to the Cinemas. And anyways, 'Hi to Matt.' 'Why hello.'" Matt grins back, stepping forward and walking towards the front door. "You don't get any popcorn Cor!" Matt calls this over his shoulder, walking and shoving into the door. The cool air rushes over him and he sighs in relief. Spilled popcorn litters the floor, streaks of sugary drinks splattered here and there. A puddle of water was right in front of the cashier stand, a worker scrubbing at it with a slightly flushed face. Matthew winced, sympathy washing over him. He decided to stay out of it, however, when a fat, burly man rushed in, his shirt greased with food. "Hurry it up!"

Matt sidled past them delicately and ordered 4 cold, sugar drinks and 4 medium popcorns. As the cashier typed in the order, he pulled out his wad of cash, handing it to the young cashier. The cashier handed back a few dollars and Matt grabbed them. The cashier told him to, "Wait one minute." And they disappeared. Matt leaned against the counter, squinting at the movies. The cashier came back with the bags in a large bag, and the drinks on some sort of tray. The cashier was about to disappear again when he hurriedly said, "Could I have 8 tickets to 'The Shining'?" He hoped the ground would be fine with this. He counted again in his head and added, "Three of the others are with me, so that's four already. One is on his way, and the other three should be coming soon. Thanks." The worker nodded and Matt thanked them, heading outside and announcing, "We're watching 'The Shining', and no arguments 'cause I already bought the tickets. Oh, and here." He distributed a bag of popcorn and a drink to each person, even Benny.

Glow - RP August 3, 2020 05:29 PM

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Ben | Male | 14 | Questioning | Theater | M: Matt, Audi, Mae, + Hector (Breifly)

Ben didn’t like to anger Audi, but what he did love was Audi’s ways to get back at Ben. Whenever Audi was sorta mad but not exploding-volcano-of-death mad, Audi had a habit of passive-aggressively ‘returning the favor’ so to speak. They always made Ben chuckle especially when Audi had to figure out a way to get back at Ben despite being in front of other people. This was one of by far the worst and least funny ways Audi could have gotten back at him: making him talk to Matt. It was hard enough to avoid Matt when everyone saw him like a big brother and always invited him to everything. Now Audi, one of the few people who knew that Ben and Matt weren’t on the best of terms, was trying to get awkward-ass Ben to talk to Mr. I-Hate-Ben-With-Every-Bit-Of-My-Soul Matt? Oh hell nah. Audi was going to get an earful for this.

“First of all, Audi,” Ben retorted with basically the same thing Matt had said earlier, making sure to annunciate his name so Audi knew he’d be in trouble later for this, “Matt and I already said ‘hi.’ Second, you said ‘amigo’ wrong! ¿Cómo es eso-? How is that even possible?? It’s like the one thing you Americans know how to say!” Ben sighed loudly before ruffling his own curly, brown hair. “Say it with me now folks-” Ben raised his hands up so he could clap between every syllable- “ah-me-go!! That’s how you pronounce it, amigo tonto!” Ben tapped Audi lightly in the same spot Audi cuffed Ben earlier before sticking his tongue out to call the whole thing even.

Ben really disliked a lot of people in this town. Sure, Ben liked Audi, Hector, and Mae, he liked Antonio, and he liked his family. But a lot of other people in Glow sucked. You’d get alcoholic fathers, mothers that ignored their kids, dogs that bit kids and howled like a wolf on rabies through the night, and privileged kids that got away with everything. Even at the theater alone there were two people that Ben immediately filed into the ‘absolute jerk’ spectrum: the man who threw down a beer bottle at the ground near Ben’s friends and the greased up man who seemed like he’d be a total bad guy in 50% of the movies being shown in the theater. Ben didn’t like fighting people, he hated getting angered, but it was people like those two, that were just ‘mierda pollas’ as Ben called them, that got Ben into fights. Ben just shot them both glares. That was all Ben was willing to do.

“Ehh… thanks Matt,” Ben smiled politely, snapping back to reality as he was handed the bag of popcorn and soda. Ben’s stomach made a faint gurgling sound that only Ben really heard. But he wasn’t hungry. The opposite really. He felt like he’d throw up if he ate any food at the moment. “Hey uhh…, Audi?” Ben turned to Audi with an honest smile. “You want my popcorn? I kinda had a big breakfast and I know how much you are in looooooove with popcorn!” Ben had lied actually. He had only one thing for breakfast, but what did it matter? Ben just wasn’t hungry and he usually wasn’t. Sure, he liked food, but he honestly didn’t like eating food. Then again, Ben didn’t even think Matt would buy him anything. What if this was a peace offering of some sort? Did Ben just fuck up his chances?? Whatever the case, Ben was perfectly content with just a soda, the movie, and his-

“Oh!!!” Ben hollered, his face shifting to a more reserved and held back happy to complete excitement and joy. “I remembered where I put your surprise!!” Dropping to the floor, Ben slung his heavy, sticker-filled backpack, that he often forgot he was carrying, off his shoulders and onto the floor. Opening the front pouch, because he never let anyone see what was in the main pouch, Ben pulled out a colored pencil holder that contained your standard rainbow of colors plus a few extra pencils. “Ta-da!! Found this in my sister’s room! She doesn’t color anymore so I kinda snagged it from her…? Soooooo let’s not tell her, okay?” That too was a fat lie. He had actually bought that for Audi. Audi needed new colored pencils so Ben delivered. Granted, it had been awhile ago when he found out Audi ran out of colored pencils, but still! Amigos help amigos.
Glow - RP August 10, 2020 02:51 PM

Sleepless Nights
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Mae Holland | 15 | Female | M: Audi, Matthew, Ben

The girl gave a soft "Whoop" of appreciation when Audi backed her up for The Shining. She would be content with seeing any movie with her friends, but the small blurb she read about the movie in the newspaper led her down a curiosity rabbit hole. She wasn't too keen on horror, just anything that could hold her attention for more than a few seconds at a time. Holding Mae's attention was like a competitive sport; she was either completely engrossed in the topic or her mind was flipping between topics every second. The blurb was sure packed full of information, and she felt confident that she would pay attention this time around. Realizing she had caught herself staring off into the distance while she continued to think about The Shining, she lifted her face and inserted herself back into the conversation. "Why are we saying hi?" Mae glanced between the boys, who seemed to have some unspoken conversation going on. She turned away from the others when Matt started to step forward to the entrance of the cinema, turning back to Audi. "I think he's still going to pay for us anyway." A few seconds after her comment, a slight smile popped up onto her face and she left to follow Ben and Matthew in.

She followed close behind them, though remained towards the back of the cluster. This was one of those rare times where she'd actually be walking in like every other Glow resident, instead of trying to sneak in the back door with Audi like the hooligans they were. It felt odd, to say the least. Matthew was always adamant on paying for the others, and she rarely fought that because she'd feel guilty if he ended up paying for her items in the middle of her swiping them. Mae had learned to evade his sympathy by always being the first there to their planned hangouts. If they were going to something that required money, she'd swipe it before anyone could pay for her items.

Mae awkwardly took the popcorn that was handed to her, peering down into the paper carton. She popped onto into her mouth, now reaching for the drink Matthew was handing out. Even if she wasn't keen on others paying for her, it wasn't like she was going to reject such gifts. Sipping idly on the soda she was given, she stared blankly at Ben as he continued on rambling like he always did. When he offered his popcorn to Audi, the energy that was once drained from Mae's face lit it back up and she removed the straw from her mouth. "Hey! I like popcorn too," she made a mock sad expression with her bottom lip poking out, "Audi-ist." Mae turned to Audi, "I'm just kidding. You can take it, I haven't even finished mine." She took another handful of the popcorn, taking a step back to go talk to Matthew but she paused mid-step when she saw Ben drop his bag. She leaned forward to peak over, curious as to what was happening. "Awhhhhh," Mae cooed, seeing the random surprise he had pulled out for Audi.

Smiling now, she stepped away from the two and towards Matthew. She looked to his hand where the tickets were held, darting one hand forward and picking it from his palm. She turned on her heel, back facing him. The ticket was pulled up to her line of sight to read which theatre The Shining was showing in, and she made a semi-circle trying to read every theatre board to locate it. "The movie's showing there," she alerted, lifting a finger and pointing it to Theatre 9.

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Glow - RP August 12, 2020 04:37 PM

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Benny Valencia | 14 | Mentions: the group - Simon, Matt, Audi, Mae, Ben

Twas another lazy summer day, until Benny remembered the meetup with his friends. Mae had called him about going to the movies the night before. Benny was a buzz of energy readying himself to get out the door as soon as possible.

Benny made sure he had a few coins in the pockets of his jeans, plus some trinkets for show and tell - a bright red feather likely from a cardinal, a yellow-orange leaf that miraculously had not decomposed from last fall, and a couples packs of Nerds from God knows how long ago - those things never expire anyways. Benny didn’t get to meet up with his entire friend group often now that it was summer. Not that he would miss school if it wasn’t for Mrs. Dulcet. A wistful strands of sadness drifted over him, but he pushed that feeling away. Benny adamantly refused to believe she was dead; death was always a go-to excuse authorities had when they wanted a case closed.

“I’m going to the movies. Bye mom!” He called.

“Make sure you return in time for lunch, sweetie,” she called back, but the boy had already dashed out the house.

The Valencia’s yard was littered with random doodads, from garden statues to sports equipment, just random junk that no one was even interested in stealing. His bike was lying flat on the grass since he’d forgot to put it on the porch last night - good thing it hadn’t rained.

Benny hopped on his bike, which was bright purple just like most of his favorite items. As always, he refused to wear a helmet because doing so would ruin his luscious locks of hair, especially on a humid sunny day like this. This sunny morning, the sparse clouds lounging across the sky did nothing to shield the sun’s hot rays.

It took 20 minutes for Benny to arrive at the theater; though he rode at a leisurely pace, a faint sheen of sweat glistened on his skin from the morning heat. He hopped off his bike, feet hitting the asphalt with a thud. He scanned the parking lot while absentmindedly kicking around a miniature bottle of fireball whiskey leftover from some drunken night. Seeing no familiar faces, he realized his friends must already be inside the building then. He checked his watch - not a surprise to know he was slightly late. Perhaps that detour to chase down a flock of pigeons wasn’t the best idea, but it was fun. As Benny entered the theater doorway, he sighed in relief at the cool air from the AC whizzed past him. He spotted his friend group group huddled together on the far side of the lobby and excitedly ran over to join them.

“Simba!” he called out, loud enough for other moviegoers to turn their heads at him in annoyance. Though he wasn’t on close terms with the burly motorcycler, Simba was Benny’s favorite name to say and the first one to pop out of the mouth.

“And Mae, and Matt, and Audi, and the 2nd best Ben ever. Hiiiii” Benny continued quickly, too giddy to apologize for his tardiness. “Just joking. We're tied for best Ben” he said with a giggle, wrapping his arm around Ben’s shoulder, knowing that the latter wasn’t too sensitive to take a remark.

“Did someone say The Shining?” He chirped. “Sounds nice. I like shiny things,” he said, feigning ignorance. Of course he’d heard about the fanfare of that movie; he’d even checked out Stephen King novels from the library before his parents confiscated them and reprimended. Though one would’ve never guessed from his youthful and bright demeanor, Benny was a bit of a horror aficionado.

At any rate, movies served as inspiration for Matthew’s fantastic storytelling. Benny made a mental note to ask Matthew for a sequel afterwards, as was his usual habit. Benny ordered his own popcorn and drink. His mom would not be happy if he didn’t pay for it himself… he wasn’t the least well off of the group anyways.

(It’s so crap because I wrote it on mobile ugh)

Glow - RP August 14, 2020 01:28 PM

Corax Noir
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Audi // 14 // Male // Mentions: Simon, Matt, Benny, Mae, Bunny

It seemed that nearly everyone was in agreement over what to watch, and seeing as how this theater rarely showed anything but horror, psychological thriller, and demented indie films anyway, horror seemed the best bet. And Mattie did have a point. What the heck else would they all sit still to watch? Romance was possibly the most disgusting genre ever created my mankind, and mystery dragged on too long. Audi wouldn't have said no to a good comedy, but those never played here. Good old horror was the best. Mae obviously agreed, judging by her reaction. Audi had always loved horror, and he never minded the gore - he was a big boy, he could handle a little blood. However, he was never 100% sure his friends could, which was why few of the others liked to sit next to him. Not only did they have to deal with the constant crunch of popcorn, but more importantly, Audi would take it upon himself to tell them to look away or, in some cases, to cover their eyes himself during scenes of immense gore or violence. The only person he never pulled this on was Simba - Simba could watch somebody's heart being ripped out for all Audi cared. But the rest of them were still innocent, and Audi was going to keep them that way.

Matt was quick to deflect Audi's little suggestion with lies (or what he assumed were lies) and threats of no popcorn. Mae was mostly just confused. But Audi could tell immediately by Ben's tone of voice that he was going to get an earful for this later. But seriously, the guy had just popped up and nearly given Audi a heart attack. He could have literally died of fright at age fourteen. What a sad way to go. Benny didn't seem to care about this at all. Audi kind of zoned out a bit as Ben went on about proper pronounciation of Spanish words. He had never bothered to learn any proper Spanish for Ben 1, or proper Italian for Ben 1. Heck, he didn't even know any proper French for himself. If he butchered the words, he couldn't care less, and half of time he did it just to irritate his friends. He finally heard what sounded like Benny wrapping up, and grinned at the declaration of him as "amigo tonto." He had no idea what that meant - though, of course, he had heard it before - but assumed it was something good because who doesn't like Tonto? Almost as cool as the Lone Ranger.

It looked like everyone was heading in now, and Audi danced uncertainly on the spot, wondering whether to follow or just sneak in. On one hand, it would be way easier to just go through the front doors. On the other hand, it would be way cooler to sneak in. But then again, he didn't want to abandon his friends. However, he could easily get the best seats for them if he went in now through the back. Although, Mattie had already bought the tickets. All the same, it would be in Audi's favor to prove his independence by not even needing a ticket. Audi continued to think it over as the others left, and soon they were disappearing into the building. Audi made a snap decision and pelted after them just as they got in.

The movie theater was nice enough for a place in Glow. It almost functioned like a real movie theater, except that the cieling was weirdly low and everything seemed dimer than was neccesary. Audi immediately spotted Simba, and scowled to himself but said nothing. He did not want to interact with stupid Simba and his stupid lack of flaws. Audi was holding the popcorn and drink that Mattie had bought him, and turned his mind to figuring out what to do with them. He was presented with an opportunity to save face, though, when two things happened. First, Benny offered Audi his popcorn as per usual. And second, Mae was mock-sad about not getting extra popcorn herself. Audi knew just exactly what to do. "I can buy my own popcorn," he told Mattie directly, and handed the popcorn Matt had bought for him to Mae. "There you go, Mae! One popcorn for you!" He then turned to the counter and slammed down his four quarters way harder than neccesary - he was really getting into the groove now. "I will take your popcorn, thank you, Benny, since you're not hungry," he said graciously, taking the popcorn. As if on cue, the person behind the counter put his second box of popcorn down and Audi held out his hand for change, not even looking - that was how cool he was. He snatched up the second box of popcorn, strutted forward, nearly slipped in the puddle, brushed away the apologetic janitor, and stood in his most heroic pose, like he had just saved the world from . . . people buying people popcorn.

Audi was quick, however, to drop the pose and dig into his first box of popcorn. He still had his soda, which he planned on either drinking or disposing of - he couldn't decide. He liked Mattie. Mattie was a great guy. Which was why he was absolutely not allowed to buy Audi anything. In fact, Audi was starting to think that he might just go around and sneak in after all. But before he could act on the whim, Benny seemed to suddenly remember something. He pulled out a pack of colored pencils, and while Audi was inclined to be excited, Mae's immediate "aww" reaction reminded him to keep his mouth shut. It was a pretty awesome gift, but he couldn't start geeking out over it. That wouldn't look very good. He took the pencils and had a good look at them, smiling despite himself. Fortunately for Ben, he was a believer in miraculous coincidences, so he had no doubt that Benny was telling the truth. "They look brand new!" said Audi, itching to take one out. But he would have to wait until they got out of the theater. "But," he added as an afterthought. "Stealing is bad." He eyed the pencils for a moment. "So don't do it again, okay, Benny?" He didn't really sound like he meant it, though, and he didn't really expect an answer. It was just him trying to make sure he was still looking after his friends. After all, what if Benny wound up in jail for thievery in years and years, and it had all started with petty theft like stealing pencils from his sister? Audi would never forgive himself.

Mae had just told them where the movie was playing when things got a lot less fun. Audi just barely managed to supress the urge to roll his eyes as Benny 2 arrived. And sure enough, the first word out of Benny 2's mouth was one of Audi's least favorite words ever. It also meant that, if Simba hadn't noticed them already, he would in just a moment. But Audi wasn't about to mope around just because Benny 2 was here. Benny 2 was currently shouting everyone's names, so Audi met him with an equally loud and excited "Benny!" His face lit up and he held his hand up for a high five - the closest thing to hug he was willing to do - waiting for Benny 2 to try and high five him back. He immediately turned on his heel and caught Benny 1 by surprise, giving him just barely enough time to get his hand up for a high five. How lucky he was that they were currently so close together. This was one of Audi's favorite tricks - to say something to Benny 2 and then pretend he was talking Benny 1. He did it inconsistently enough to confuse Benny 2 most of the time, and it delighted him immensely.

Audi pretended to notice Benny 2 and spoke even more loudly this time, drawing a few stares. "Eyyy, mammia mia pepperoni!" he said in a very over-exagerrated Italian accent. You could say a lot of good things about Audi: he was nice enough most of the time, protective of his friends, well-meaning in general. But nobody had ever pinned him as culturally sensitive. The only culture he really knew anything about was French. Considering the fact that his grandmother had come directly from France, he really didn't know very much about his own culture. And he never bothered to learn a thing about anybody else's.

Benny 2 seemed quite keen on The Shining, just like everyone else, which made Audi begin to doubt whether it was a good movie or not. It seemed like Benny 2 was going to order his own popcorn and drink, and Audi quickly leaned in and shoved his own soda in front of him. "There you go, little buddy," he said like he was talking to a little kid, and he ruffled Benny 2's hair in an affectionate but slightly harder than need be fashion. Deciding to finish up his give-back, he handed off the rest of his change to Mattie. It wasn't exactly enough for the ticket, but it was all he had to give. "Here you go, Matt, for the ticket." Now he was unburdened - drink-less, yes, but free of all of the stuff Mattie had bought for him. He could go into the theater feeling free and independent.

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Ben | Male | 14 | Questioning | Theater | M: Matt, Audi, Mae, Benny, + Simba (?)

“Awwww Mae!” Ben mocked Mae in response to Mae trying to steal Ben’s generous gift to Audi by guilt tripping Ben. After standing and lugging his bag back onto his thin shoulders, Ben put a hand on his hip while giving a toothy and lopsided smirk. “Are you jealous of Primoooo??~ It’s okay to admit you want my attention and popcorn, Hermaaaanaaa!!”

Ben loved to tease Mae and Audi. Those were practically the only people he liked to tease anymore. Well, there was also his sister and Benny, but they didn’t count because they both just teased him back with actually good responses. Benny especially surprisingly. Ben could tease Hector too, but it just made him feel bad since Hector never said anything back. But who needs anyone else to tease though when you have Mae and Audi to joke with? Audi turning his attention back to Audi, Ben-

“Audi you tonto chico!!” Ben snickered as he watched his friend take a silly pose after acting like a superhero. “Why are you acting like you actually did something other than buy popcorn?? You didn’t save the world or nothing yet!!” Of course only a moment later, Audi was lecturing Ben of stealing. Ben never stole things. Actually, that’s a lie. Ben stole things all the time. Well that’s not right either. He usually borrowed things without permission, but he always gave it back. “Stealing doesn’t count if it’s from your family!” Sticking his tongue out at Audi after snapping out of his thoughts. Ben often got lost in his thoughts if you couldn’t already tell. He was a bit of a spaz. “You know how the saying goes: las cosas de mi hermana son mis cosas!!” Ben gave a soft giggle, knowing Audi could do nothing to stop him from speaking things in Spanish because Audi had no idea what Ben was talking about. For all Audi knew, Ben was talking about communism or rainbows. Even if someone in the group actually took Spanish- which was highly unlikely knowing them all- Ben spoke like a crazy woman in a back alleyway: quickly with little to no actual sense behind half his words because of awful grammar. And then came Benny, as loud as ever.

“Heyyyy, Impostor!” Ben chuckled with a sigh. Benny was basically a younger clone of Ben. Both were loud, both were high on energy, and both had ‘Ben’ in their names. Benny loved to pretend he was the Ben 1.0, but they both knew who the original Ben was deep down. “Aw Benny! Why are you soooo mean to me?” Ben leaned dramatically onto him, making fake crying sounds. “And here I thought we were friends!! How could you, Impostor??” Ben went quiet for a long moment before bursting into loud laughter, ruffling Benny’s hair with a wide smile. “Good to see you, too chico! How’ve ya been hanging man? Any cool trinkets to show?”

Out of the corner of his eyes, Ben could see Simba. When Benny walked into the theater, Simba was the first name Benny called out so it would make sense that he was there. For some reason though, it never really registered to him at the time. Ben could only wave awkwardly. Ben was quite nervous around people he didn’t know despite being out of the box and bouncing off the walls with his friends. But Ben’s interactions with Simba were even more awkward and even harder to watch. Ben didn’t know why but Simba just seemed so cool and Ben was just… well… Ben. Ben had told Mae and Hector about this odd bit of flightiness around Simba, but he didn’t dare tell Audi. Everyone in the town, even the densest of adults, knew Audi didn’t like Simba. Who knows what Audi would think if Ben secretly wanted Simba to be his friend?
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Hector Hoffman | 15 | Male | Mentions: The Group

Hector was late. It was his first conscious thought. In his exhausted state, his lips automatically moved to form an expletive, but he stopped himself before he could utter the word. Even here, alone in his bedroom, Hector did not want to speak. It’d been a few months since he last talked; not his longest streak but certainly long enough. He didn't want to ruin that just because he had slept in. Beside him, on the ancient bedside table, his alarm clock sat silent and still. He must have beat it into silence without ever fully waking up. Internally grumbling, Hector staggered out of bed and immediately reached for his board. It was only after he had put it on that he realized he wasn't wearing a shirt: the board swung against his naked chest. He stripped it off and fumbled around his bedroom for a shirt, any shirt, before pulling one on. It was wrinkled, but smelled okay. The rest of his attire came on in a flash: simple blue jeans, white sneakers and of course, his fannypack. He readjusted his board so that it hung comfortably around his neck, and stuffed some markers into his fannypack.

The house was empty. There was no note or any other sign of life in the small duplex, no indication his parents had been there that morning. Hector tried not to feel aggravated that they hadn't woken him up, but he didn't succeed. Though he was accustomed to it, his parents inattentiveness to him still grated. He was only fifteen. There was cold coffee in the kitchen, which Hector drank down in a few gulps, wincing at the bitter taste. He wasn't a fan of the dark liquid, but the caffeine always made him feel better. The analog clock resting on the counter ticked steadily on, reminding him of his tardiness. Good gravy, he would be lucky if Simba didn't eat him alive. The others were probably already there. Thankfully, it wasn't a long walk from his house to the only movie house in town. But then, nothing was a long walk in Glow. It was that kind of a town.

Hector left in a hurry, tripping out the door in his haste. Since his growth spurt over the summer, which had given him an additional six inches, he was far more awkward and clumsy than he was used to. He set off at a quick walk in the direction of the theater, his board slapping in a steady rhythm against his shirt. He cut through a few backyards and got chased by one dog, who snarled and barked at him until the chain jerked him back. After that, Hector kept to the streets. He was about halfway there when he realized he had forgotten his Walkman; it would have been nice to listen to some music on the way. With his thumbs hooked in his pants loops and his characteristic slouch (he had become self conscious of his height), Hector looked a bit like a hoodlum as he made his way down the narrow road.

The theater loomed ahead of him, but up close the building wasn't much to see. Its paint was peeling, the billboard announcing what was playing was missing letters, and the whole building had an eerie feeling about it. As he approached, Hector began to feel more nervous, almost uncomfortably so. The first reason was because he feared his friends, who had never before been angry with them, would be angry with him. He recognized it was likely an irrational fear, but it was a fear nonetheless, and he found his feet dragging the closer he got. The second reason for his anxiety was Mrs. Dulcet. An ominous feeling had hung around Glow all summer, and Simba had mentioned that that was why he had called the meeting. Hector suspected that like him, some of the others didn't think her husband was responsible for the mysterious disappearance. Hector had always liked Mrs. Dulcet: she never thought his quiet ways were strange.

Hector paused outside Glow Cinemas, taking a nervous deep breath and toying with the cord around his board. Then he pushed into the interior of the theater, and immediately saw the gathered group. Popcorn and drinks were already abundant, so he would have to hurry to buy his own. He thumbed nervously for his battered leather wallet in his fannypack as he approached everyone: he hated ordering food, hated the strange looks retail workers and cashiers always gave him as he wrote across his board. It always made him feel like a freak. Blushing furiously, from his obvious tardy entrance, Hector scrawled a quick Hi Everyone across his board in a bold red marker. He was adept at writing backwards, and didn't even need to look down to do so. He noticed Simba standing a little bit off and gave him a tenative wave, wondering to himself why he was standing apart. Then again, it was an odd group of kids. In the end, Hector found a spot in between Mae and Audi, admitting to himself this was probably where he felt the most comfortable. Without a second thought, he reached into Mae’s container of popcorn and grabbed a handful, plopping the warm goodness into his mouth with an impish smile.

Sorry I'm late, he scrawled. What are we seeing? He was going to put off ordering for as long as he could, though he knew it couldn't be avoided forever. Eventually, they would get tired of loitering in the theater lobby and actually want to see a show. Or, perhaps they weren't there to see anything. Maybe Simba had chosen this spot for a different reason, one that had to do with Mrs. Dulcet.

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