05:16:28 anti-social soul

Omg haha :'D
I click the button and look away in shame :'c
05:15:34 anti-social soul

If you want to go ahead! I've bred like 4 I think, but I mostly get DH's
I got my first UL last game year
Queen of War
05:15:25 Queen
yeah, its just mush for me
Black Swan
05:15:07 Swan Swannity Swan

I pound that little shit
05:14:41 anti-social soul
I feel really bad when I come across 1 little squirrel with my 6 pack of teeth and claws

Anyone else? :(
Blood Demons
05:14:40 Blood
Viv Sorry to but in but I have bred a few SV in the last few games years if I breed any I will send them your way its up to you whether you keep them or not I just have no use for them :)
05:12:53 anti-social soul

Oo he's pretty
I've been trying to breed SV's but none of my wolves are lined unfortunately, and finding a non-inbred male is nearly impossible :C
Black Swan
05:12:40 Swan Swannity Swan
Oh fuck.

It's HIS fault my girls are all cider 2s, not Ontari's!! Grrr <3
Queen of War
05:12:16 Queen
I really hate school, i have school work still to do, i really want to take a bath, i have to do music practice, and i really wanted to try to get to bed at 9 tonight. Ugh
Brelsotr Pack
05:11:15 Dragons of Gluttony
@Blood Perfect!
05:11:13 anti-social soul

If you restart are you gonna do wolf party wolves?
Black Swan
05:11:06 Swan Swannity Swan
I would never actually, I worked way too hard to get where I am

I've been looking through my wolves' bloodlines. I though the double SV brothers from my bloodline females were completely random, but I took a look into their lines and found this guy
-WP Click-

He's more than a few generations back though
Blood Demons
05:10:36 Blood
Brelsotr Omg I will pm you
05:09:47 mulberry ~ verzuwu
old wolves are such liabilities, i just wanna kill em when they're past 12

is that weird??
05:09:32 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
ninjago pm rp pm me
05:09:07 anti-social soul

After all that work to get feathers lol

I've gotten really lucky with my wolves' affinity
Brelsotr Pack
05:09:07 Dragons of Gluttony
@Blood That would be me. ^-^
Black Swan
05:07:44 Swan Swannity Swan
Kinda want to scrap all my wolves and restart over again after seeing my original starter only has an Ok affinity with my current pack
05:06:33 mulberry ~ verzuwu
oh look an uncommon coat
05:05:52 mulberry ~ verzuwu
im a wolf party addict :))


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The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 10, 2020 12:46 AM

Rest In Peace
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Narrarator / Scenery
Grand landscapes full of high mountains with snow-covered peaks, lush forests full of fantasy beasts, and grassy plains extend out from the eight sleeping heroes, birds calling cheerfully and a river surrounded by gentle willow trees is visible nearby.
A pale figure walks next to the sleeping heroes, gently waving her hands and singing softly and the sun begins to rise.
Angeline Celestial / Star Goddess / NPC / 10+ Billion / Mentions: Everyone
Angelina gazed across the faces of her sleeping heroes. She smiles to herself softly, her pale light flickering and her long silvery hair swayed in the wind. She walked barefoot in the grass, her fair skin gleaming in the glowing rising sun's light.
She walked over to each of the sleeping heroes, placing her hand over each of their chests one by one, extracting their souls to create powerful colored stones, and imbueing them with her magic. Placing them back into each of their hands as they slept, she backed off, placing her hands together in a soft prayer as she closed her eyes, murmuring a spell that connected each person to their soulstone. Once the spell was complete, she opened her eyes, and with a wave of her hands, sent out glittering silver dust to stir the sleeping heroes.
Speaking in a clear, echoing sweet voice, she spoke one command.
"Arise, Heroes of the Soulstones. Awaken to your new lives, and lift your eyes to me."
The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 10, 2020 01:05 AM

Ozzie Bear
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Karizma Jackson / Stealth/Assassin / 17
M: Everyone
Karizma practically jerked awake, sitting up quickly while placing the hand that didn't have the stone over his chest, the short male had a pretty stressed expression on his face as he realized he wasn't in his own bed and in some strange new area. Rizzo was completely lost.
The raven haired boy looked around anxiously at the strangers around him. Great, he was surrounded by people he didn't even know in a complete different area than where he fell asleep. Not good for him at all. After a moment of anxiously looking around and hugging himself a bit Rizzo looked up at the strange lady that had seemed to be speaking to him and the rest of the people around him, the boy shifted his ICP shirt to pull it up to his face and rub the fabric that he deemed soft against his chin in an anxious matter. Rizzo's head fell to the side in a curious mannor as he stared at the strange being that was somewhat infront of him.

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The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 10, 2020 01:08 AM

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Ari Jones-Tank/Shield-18
M: Everyone
Ari slowly blinked his eyes open. His nose twitching due to the feeling the touch of the unknown material. Groggily he raises his hand to rub his face and clear it of the foreign substance and to brush his hair out of his eyes to clear his vision. The rock that was on his palm prior landed on his chest, slipping down off of his chest and onto the surrounding grass. Realizing his strange surroundings, he props himself on his elbows. Taking a second to observe the environment around him he feels slightly panicked from waking up in an unknown and strange place. With the birds chirping and the sound of flowing water he calms down. He moves on to study the people on the ground around him and more importantly the person standing up, radiating a strange energy. He flinches as the person laying next to him jumps and then settles his attention on the pale girl. Curious and interested in the current situation.

Edited at July 10, 2020 01:35 AM by Carnitear
The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 10, 2020 01:55 AM

Lunar Frost
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Rosalie | Kindness/Healer | 17 | M: Open
Rosie opened her eyes, her mind foggy as she hastily sat up. Though she regretted that as she clutched her head and droppingthe soulstone ond the grass, experiencing a dizzy-spell. Once her vision stopped spinning she took the time to study her surroundings, only to come to the frightening realisation that she wasn't in bed. Her stress levels spiked at the realisation causing her breathing to become erratic. She brought her knees up to her chest, her arms resting on them as she hid her face. She took a few deep breaths to calm her racing heart, steadying her breathing. Once she had managed to calm herself down she studied her surroundings once more, now noticing other strangers who seem to be in the same predicament and a woman who seems to be glowing, quite literally.

Edited at July 10, 2020 11:14 AM by Lunar Frost
The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 10, 2020 02:18 AM

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Faith rebel-loyalty/leader-18-everyone
Faith yawned then opened her eyes she immediately stood up as she saw the others around her. Faith looked at the glowing lady and that lady was literally glowing faith knew there was magic in the world but waking up in a new world with strangers and a glowing lady was just weird it was not right. Faith felt dizzy it is just a dream she thought, she closed her eyes and pinched herself for good measures. Faith opened her eyes after a few minutes and saw she was still in the same new world and with strangers everywhere this is so not a dream she thought. Faith finally managed to calm her breathing she looked around and whatched each person closely wondering who they were. Faith looked at the glowing lady and wondered what she wanted with them "what do you want with us" she asked nicely and quitely trying to think of reasons that the glowing lady would want them.

Edited at July 10, 2020 02:19 AM by Starpackhero
The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 10, 2020 11:01 AM

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Savayia Anderson / Agility/Archer / 16 / M: Everyone
Savayia opened her eyes slowly, feeling groggy and very cranky. She rubbed her eyes tiredly before widening them in alarm as she looked at her surroundings and the people around her.
Mountains? Trees? Mhm yeah this is not my bedroom.
What is this? She thought, feeling anxious.
She looked around slowly, trying to see if anybody here or anything looked familiar but no. Not even her dog was here.
Her eyes landed on the pale woman who seemed to be speaking to everyone. At first the womans figure seemed to blend in with the trees behind her but it was just the sleep, clouding her eyes. Then her eyes flickered to the older girl that appeared to be the only one standing
She stood herself, thinking maybe this was a nightmare and she raised an eyebrow at the pale woman.
"Heroes of the soulstones?" She asked with a curious tone. "Look, you got the wrong people, lady" She said with a scowl but her eyes flickered to the small stones that seemed to belong to each person and her eyes narrowed.
What kind of mind trick is this? She thought to herself
"Sorry if this makes me rude, but who are you people and what are we doing here?" She asked, mainly looking at the pale woman on this last part, figuring she was in charge of this since the others seemed confused as well.

Edited at July 10, 2020 11:05 AM by Crescents
The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 13, 2020 11:59 PM

Former Pack
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Kino Kang - Strength/Warrior - 10 - M : Everyone

Kino opened his eyes, Am I dead? he put his hand over his heart, Damnit. I guess some bastards decided to mess with my sleep again. Kino,with a threat prepared in his head to find out who dared messed with his sleep, sat up. As soon as he sat up and attempted to look around, a sudden chill ran through his body. The chill caused a small shock to Kino, causing him shake lightly and let out a slightly pitched gasp. Attempting to huddle in what clothes he was currently wearing.
Since when was I in Siberia? Kino thought. Once coming to his senses, he decided to look around. Who the hell are these freaks?! Doesn't matter, everyone is dead to me when they decide to mess with me, Kino thought as rage was building up after spotting other forms of human life. He was preparing to let out a thunderstorm of curses at every person, or thing, that was near him.
Kino attempted to get up from the position he was in, but tumbling back down to the ground when his legs wouldn't support his top half. What the hell did I take last night?! Kino would express his frustration with a long and loud growl erupting from his lungs. Clenching his teeth and fists, he'd attempt to punch the ground and cause himself more pain.
The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 29, 2020 10:59 PM

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Dynastity Fayth Taylor | Wisdom/Mage | 16 1/2 | F | M; Everyone.


She would wake up slowly, eyes blinking as she sat up... And what she saw almost made her fall over again... 'This isn't right. Where am I? Who are these people? What's going on?' She realized she was holding something, and looked to see a stone in her hand, which she immediately dropped and then picked up again. 'Why do I have this? Was I kidnapped? Where's mom?'
She subconsciously found herself gripping her rusty necklace, and looked around again. All of the other people here seemed to be around her age... And then she saw the fair-skinned woman with long silvery hair, and immediately stood up, shaking her head. "Oh no, I am not playing pretend. I would like to go home please. Can I go home? Is it possible to go home? Wait..." She thought back to what she'd heard in her sleep and said, "Backtrack. Heroes of the soulstones? Is that what these stones are? Do those types of stones even exist? What's going on? Are you sure you have the right people for this? Or at least with me?"
She gave a look at the other people again, she made a mental list of their looks, there was still one asleep it seemed... She didn't like this, at all. But she kept her face straight and held onto her rusty dog-tag necklace with her left hand, the other going into her hoodie pocket, stilling holding the so-called soulstone...
The Journey of Lost Souls (Literate, fantasy) July 30, 2020 07:04 AM

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((sorry sometimes it posts twice if i reload a page, ignore this one reeee))

Edited at July 30, 2020 05:16 PM by Overthink101

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