Lazy Kingdom
06:51:08 Midnight

Exactly lmao and even told them many people do it and then they explained how pure they are to their wolves xD it's a game
06:51:03 kayden/acid
I forgot all this- >~>
06:49:07 Friday/Fridge
In Pumpkin's eyes it was a bit more. Plus we did have a kid. I flirt with others as well (not being unfaithful though)
06:48:53 Ancient Demon
Lazy Kingdom
lol in that case they shouldn't trust many packs
06:47:48 kayden/acid
👀but uh- I don't recall me asking you to date me or you asking me to date you >~> I just like flirting
Lazy Kingdom
06:47:17 Midnight
I'm laughing cause this pack doesn't trust me because I kill my wolves (duds or wolves that are taking space) xD
06:47:04 kayden/acid
What art skills- your art is better >:C
06:46:54 Friday/Fridge
Technically we're exes and I enjoy bugging you all the time so it works out
06:46:20 Patton - Xavier
Give me your art skills qwq

06:45:47 Z, Chai
Morning ^^
06:45:47 kayden/acid
What do you want from me qwq reee
Lazy Kingdom
06:45:34 Midnight
Damn why is the falls so empty 0-0
06:45:12 Friday/Fridge
Don't give me that adorable angry face, it wont change my attitude one bit.
The Skeld
06:45:07 Lucifer
I just put pup toys in the falls
Lazy Kingdom
06:42:42 Midnight
Trying to bring these Polls back from the dead!!

-WP Click-
-WP Click-
-WP Click-
-WP Click-
06:42:42 kayden/acid
I'll TRY to do it later >:C

I have to put his stripe on a separate later just because I don't wanna mess anything up lol
Finally >~>
06:40:13 Patton - Xavier
Well, its looking good!

Meh, Starting to move ocs from here to Toyhouse
06:40:02 Friday/Fridge
*will bully not willy bully
06:39:45 Friday/Fridge
I willy bully and pester as I see fit,
06:39:03 kayden/acid
Shhh- I'm making him another form later >:c don't bully me-

I might do it after- but like- ew effort >~>

dead inside- you?


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The Maze (Rp Thread) July 20, 2020 12:08 PM

Blank Drowning
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Danni/Champion/Party People
Danni watched as the queen collapsed and writhed on the floor.
She giggled and watched the light fade from her eyes.
The Valkyrie in her approved of the poison, while the siren in her wished for at least a gunshot to the head.
'A little bit of Blood would've been nice..this is very unsatisfying.' It hissed in her head.
'Shut up Kiva, if there were to be an inflicted wound then the killer would have to be close by to inflict it, experts would easily be able to track what weapon caused the wound, and therefore the person. So poison means that the person doesn't want to be caught.' The Valkyrie in her reasoned.
'Zara does have a point Ki.' Danni whispered.
The little argument continued within her head and Danni just rolled her eyes and looked around for anyone she could see as the culprit. She had noticed Connie eyeing the Queen as she drank from her goblet, and she didn't appear to be shocked when she collapsed. She must've helped or at least known about it. But then she remembered Deo's words back at her cell.
'Very convenient to say such a thing just a couple of hours before her death..' She thought.
'Well, there you go. Deo and Connie laced poison into the Queen's drink. Well, if they didn't pay one of the chefs to lace it before they brought the drinks out..' Zara said, shrugging.
"You do have a point.. " she muttered.
"We can confront them later, but we should probably tell Kal and maybe Sully about this before we do." Danni whispered.
Danni quickly walked off to find Kal.
Kal/Sponsor/ Party people
Kal was dressed in A navy blue tuxedo with gold thread laced into a simple yet elegant pattern on the hem of the jacket and sleeves. He decided to have his ears and tail out for tonight, just because they had been hidden for so long.
He had his back against one of the walls, his tail curled around his hip. Lost in thought, he watched as Connie and Deo danced together to the music. He couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Not that Connie was dancing with Deo, but the way they looked at each other. Nobody would ever look at him that way, and the one person that did was gone. He replayed the memories he had of dancing with Alastor in the kitchen, just in pajamas and socks, sliding around on the tile floor while laughing and flirting as music played in the background. A small smile formed on his lips as he was lost in the memory, only snapping out of it when he heard a loud thud and then gasped and cried or terror and surprise. Looking up, the saw the queen on the ground, dead, and a spilled goblet next to her hand.
"Poison? Hmm." He thought, a little satisfied at the death of the Queen.
Hearing the Prince's voice call out for any objections as he took the crown and placed it on his head, he couldn't help but feel a little pitty for him. The Queen was awful and all, but she was still his mother. He frowned and cocked his head to the side, giving a look of sympathy directed to him. He turned around when he felt a tap on his shoulder.
"Yes Danni?.." He said, turning to face the shorter girl.
"We need to talk. In private. Do you know where Sully is?" She said in a loud whisper.
He shrugged and cocked his eyebrow.
"No, I don't know. What do we need to talk about?" He whispered back.
"We think that Connie and Deo poisoned the Queen. Or at least had something to do with it." She whispered a little quieter.
His ears pricked at that, somehow he wasn't as shocked at that as he thought he would be.
"We?" He asked.
"Kiva ,Zara and me." She explained.
"Oh, they started talking with you again?" He said, a little distracted.
"Yeah, just a little bit after I was thrown into that cell. But that's beside the point. Do you think we should confront them about this?." She questioned.
"Mmm, I would talk to Deo about it first..Connie isn't really the nicest person." He pointed out.
"Right, how is that wound by the way?" She asked, staring at the side where the fire hit him, which was now covered in fancy fabrics and thread.
"I was able to call up a friend of a friend. A Body Manipulator. They healed me up, it doesn't hurt anymore." He said, shrugging.
"Oh, that's good. Well, should we talk to Deo after the party or what?" She asked.
"After the party, give him a little bit of time to absorb that his mother is dead. Even though he probably knew it was coming, it's still a lot to swallow." He said, glancing a second time at Deo.
"Alright, I'll let you do the talking.."
(Edit: I cant spell. 3 fricking spelling errors in this, seriously me? I know i wrote this in the middle of work but damn, ive written better chapters at 5am. -1 self respect.)

Edited at July 24, 2020 01:42 AM by Solars
The Maze (Rp Thread) July 20, 2020 12:09 PM

Blank Drowning
Posts: 1691
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(Holey shit. Didn't know I typed that much.. whoops. XD)
The Maze (Rp Thread) July 24, 2020 01:32 AM

Library of Horrors
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Edda Whitemane-33-Female-M: Connie, Deo, partygoers
Edda strode forward, the silk dancing around her. The grey silk of her dress swirled around her like wraiths. She watched the prince and his new queen carefully for a moment before kneeling beside the now still body. Holding her right hand over the queen, she closed her eyes. Her voice suddenly rang out in the near silent room due to the acoustics of the room as her wings spread open to their full length and held over the guests.
"Eternal torment grant unto this newly fallen blood, and let the torment of the hundreds who fell six feet under claim their retribution. May the souls of those who fell in the labyrinth be free at the cost of their tormentor's suffering, and may the torturer have no voice to cry suffering and no escape from her suffering. May the victims, through the grace of those above and unseen, finally claim the eternal peace they deserve, and may they cast the tyrant into the eternal darkness," echoed her voice. It was hollow and cold, impersonal even.
And yet, the room suddenly felt as if a heavy weight began to crush them. The impact was weighty. In the ensuing chaos, she looked back at the new king and queen. Her expression was mostly hidden, however what was visible, only her mouth, was flat as always. But even then, the hood kept such a deep shadow as to obscure any of the features of her face. She remained as silent as she had before condemning the queen to eternal torment.
The Maze (Rp Thread) July 28, 2020 08:54 PM

Different Times
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Deo/Prince/Male/M:Le people's
He scanned the room. You'd think that after poisoning his mother's drink he'd feel guilty, at least a little. But nope, he felt indifferent and motioned to the band to start the music up again. He looked over at a small group of maids, he nodded to his mother's body, "Don't just stand there, clean it up. This is a party, let's not ruin the mood too much."
He glanced at Connie, he'd grown fond of the female in the recent weeks. He'd placed the thin, rim of gold on top of her head and he had to admit she looked every bit as queenly as he imagined. He glanced at the others briefly, taking in their reactions to the Queen's death. Most looked happy, relieved, none seemed to be too upset by this. Even Emily grinned behind her wine glass that she sipped delicately from, he hoped she spilled it on her pale dress. It would top off his night to make it absolutely perfect!
He pulled his face into a smile that showed his dimples and bright teeth, "Dance, tonight's a good night," he says, reaching for a wine glass that held a blue liquid in its bulb. He held the stem with his thin, yet strong fingers as he scoped the room. He glared at the new figure that darkened his doorway.1tgasdf¹i
The Maze (Rp Thread) July 28, 2020 09:20 PM

Blank Drowning
Posts: 1691
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Kal/Champion/Mentions: Le peeps
Kal looked at Deo as he spoke, the former prince didnt seem to have any problems with his mother's death. He sighed, smiling and nodded once before turning around and heading for the nearest exit from this stuffy ball room. Exiting the building, he found himself in one of the courtyards of the palace.
Smiling softly, he sat down on the cool stone and gazed up at the night sky. He closed his eyes and let out a long remorseful sigh, letting the evening breeze carry his thoughts.

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