Rageing Stormz
12:57:52 That Pet Spider
Again when someone says that

That's normally when stuff is going to shit and no mods are on to take care of it XD

So I was on alert XD

It's for reasons of

"Make it less confusing for others"
Also because back then it would have been used to get around the old "no cursing" rule and that was a nono XD
~ Bleak ~
12:57:51 ~Basement Gremlin~
Can anyone yell at me to go to sleep ;-;
12:57:01 Deci

Ooouu. Spicy.

Use anatomy examples and do shading with a q tip.

My best advice for body drawings.
~ Bleak ~
12:56:51 ~Basement Gremlin~


>-> you get those sea cars
12:56:16 Your local cryptid
I have once again made an impulsive decision and now I want pet snails
Rageing Stormz
12:56:03 That Pet Spider
That's just me saying Girl

I can't draw girls

Me and the bois sometimes call them grills

I think that's what my OC Design Contest is for lol
But I do appreciate the offer!

I must leave now. Goodbye!
12:56:02 Lunar / Mic

I would do that if I wasn't trying to draw his back right now.

I'm trying to draw out his tattoo.
12:55:18 Deci

Ah, I see.

I love wolfplay. I really do. But the grammar level is so strict.

I got a warning for literally typing: u instead of you.

But you know, I have to follow the guidelines anyway.
Worthless Paradise
12:55:10 Hypnos
Oh we talking about OC?
~ Bleak ~
12:55:05 ~Basement Gremlin~

Phew though I was bad ferrito ^^'
Rageing Stormz
12:54:30 That Pet Spider
I didn't mean you specifically XD

Just other people in general

Like all the people I can't see XD
12:54:08 Lunar / Mic

I gotchu. PM me and I can help you come up with an OC~

12:53:44 Navy's Mate/TKO
Spooder Rage

What does a grill have to do with a girl lmao
12:53:42 Deci

He probably doesn't look that bad. XD

I would draw his chin first and then his shoulders. Most of the time, I never draw their bodies.

And always use a v with two dots under the v and then a scribble from the point of the v up for a nose.

always looks adorable.
~ Bleak ~
12:53:38 ~Basement Gremlin~

I was just pointing out none were on. I didn't break any rules that I know of ^^
12:53:37 Peeves
-WP Click-

I made the thread!
12:53:22 Everyone knows Emma
-WP Click-

I came across a wolf related to Metallica, an old custom of mine :o
Rageing Stormz
12:53:18 That Pet Spider
You can post human art in chat

Just not in permanent places like avatars bios forums etc
~ Bleak ~
12:52:59 ~Basement Gremlin~
Letter Eater-

Then I'm safe :/


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The New Members September 29, 2019 12:24 PM

Lt. Mordeo
Posts: 579
Please don't post unless you are Paquete or Riot. I will accept anyone who wants to join in as long as you write 5+ sentences. Just PM me as I am too lazy to create a sign-up lmao.
The New Members September 29, 2019 12:44 PM

Posts: 24
I'll post my response here to show where we left off ^^//

Magma didnt even flinch at the sudden appearance of the female, tilting her head to the fae as she gave a small smile. "It is a lovely morning. A little wet, but it isnt a bother." She replied simply. "Im not that aloof, nobody would be glad walking such a distance in this weather for any reason. But I certainly wont make it such a waste of your time." She said and bowed her head to the Alpha.

"I came with hopes of joining your pack. I've heard many tales, and travelled from the other side of the forest to see what the talk was about." She spoke. "I'd like to say I'd make a decent addition to your ranks. Give me your strongest warrior, and I wont say I'll win, but it'll surely be a fight to make the nursery tales. I've travelled all around the continent and have been in many battles of which I've been victorious. At the very least I feel I'd be able to pass on great knowledge and skill."
The New Members September 29, 2019 12:46 PM

Lt. Mordeo
Posts: 579
"On the contrary, it is a wonderful time to take long walks. Especially for those carrying their offspring." The navy blue female was impressed by how quickly the female gave a bow. Previous wolves stupidly stood in a dominant stance then quickly scoff at her, for she was a female. They didn't last very long with her mate. In this pack, the power of being alpha is equal between the two. Neither of them was placed higher than the other. This is the reason why she'll torture the wolf herself if she wasn't accompanied. "Ah, so you heard our stories," her tail slightly wagged in satisfaction, "how much of the details do you believe?" It was surprising to her when wolves came by for acceptance even if they don't truly believe the gruesome things the pack has done. When the larger wolf came by her side, she changed her focus to him. "This one is quite confident in herself. She believes she can deal with our Spania."
"And so have many before," the wolf spoke, unimpressed. He had heard this kind of life story many times as he was crowned alpha. He desires to hear more. "As you can see," his words for the stranger, "we are thriving well with the wolves we have. Better than we thought from what you spoke. Strength isn't the only thing we seek for in our members. I'm assuming you have more to offer in our aid to continue on our stories for generations to come?" As the alpha stood tall and still once more, the female settled the side of her head on his shoulder, waiting to see if this new comer will slip up her words.
The New Members September 29, 2019 01:01 PM

Posts: 24
Magma tilted her chin thoughtfully for a moment. "I've learned to not believe every word passed around, but I've also learned not to underestimate the strength of a pack. So I figure I'll believe every detail until proven otherwise. It might seem hotheaded of me to not cower in fear of what I've been told, but I merely come with an open mind." She drawled, turning her gaze to the brute that moved forward and giving a respectful bow of her head in his presence.
Lifting her head to listen as the male spoke, she gave a quick dip of her head. "I've travelled many miles and have conferred with many wolves; I've seen packs rise and fall, and have heard many other tales and witnessed many cultures, and have learned many skills. I might be able to provide a hint of enrichment, as well as inner details on many packs you may not have yet encountered. I've also learned different types of healing and hunting techniques. I don't know how much of such is useful to you, but pick and choose as you wish." Her words rolled easily off her tongue as she gave a wistful smile as memories of her encounters were brought to the front of her mind. "I've also been expecting a litter of my own, and if you're not interested in having extra mouths to feed I have relatives that would gladly raise the pups. I've also been told I have an excellent memory, but it has failed me at times."
The New Members September 30, 2019 04:44 AM

Paquete de Muerte
Posts: 2029
As the pure white brute made it to the edge of the territory, or what seemed of it. It was not marked by scents, but rather the stench of death and darkness. It sent a satisfying chill down the white male's spine. A small smirk coursed the male's muzzle, as he sat upon the edge. His light brown, almost golden hues danced around the area, looking for any sign of company, but he found nothing of the sort. He knew a howl would alert the wolves within the territory that he was near, but something inside him told him to wait a little longer. Most wolves feared this young white male, for the stories that were told of the wolf named Ghost, the tales of the Draugur.

His name travelled very far, but very few knew his face. He knew the wolves in this pack would be able to sense his skills and his wickedness. He did hope he would be accepted for who he was and the skills he had, rather than travelling alone, he would be doing it for a pack for others. This was something that this brute had wanted to do after completing the things he needed to. The white male raised his head to the sky and allowed a howl to bellow from his chest and out his muzzle. He was asking for the Alpha, to be greeted with their presence. He lowered his head back down as he awaited a reply.
The New Members September 30, 2019 08:59 PM

Lt. Mordeo
Posts: 579
The female's ears perked in interest when the stranger spoke about welcoming new lives to this world as well."We could use more pups, Maxy. Not like any of our girls will be bothering to find mates any time soon." She had a point and she knew it. She was right. If they plan to continue their legacy, they need to train more wolves, and to get more wolves will most likely happen only by offspring. Male tend to turn their tails from the scents alone. Not only that, but the girls are either too old to carry young or too hostile to love another wolf. Being the most feared pack isn't always a perk.
"I'm more concerned about the fact she thinks she can simply bring other wolves to our territory. Blood or not." The male raised a brow.
"Oh hush now. We both know that isn't necessary. Our hunting party is more than capable to feeding more mouths." A quick nuzzle was given before taking steps before the female. "Besides, how can we turn her away?" Her voice becoming silvery. Paws were stopped infront of the female before they begin to circle her. "It is pretty obvious she is very clever with her words. Full of honesty, but not enough to be poisoned by any malicious feelings. So considerate of our feelings." Her words ended the circle. The stop being just to the left of her. The winter eyes of a frozen heart wandered into the stranger's, digging their way to her soul. "I'm interested to what she might bring." Her tail just slightly brushing against the stranger's side as the larger female moved forward. "May we keep her?" Her eyes batted before the male as she dragged the tail just enough for the tip to be curled underneath the maw.
The features of the male remained shuttered when she asked for his word. He was unreadable. That is, if you aren't the wolf he fell in love with. She knew he always have trust in her statements. As the two stared at each other, for what seemed like decades, the statue finally moved when he let out a small sigh.
"If my queen is able to see potential in you, then I too believe you will be a nice addition to our family." His words sounding friendly, but his dead tone spoke the opposite.
"How wonderul! An acceptance of a new member after so many passing seasons!" The queen's grin had grown cheerful. "Now, what is your name?" She faced the new member. Before the wolf can let out a single word, a howl silenced the small celebration. "Another one?" The question was mainly for herself. "Deary, mind taking this one home to introduce to everyone else? I would love to see who's knocking at our door."
"Gilles, I-"
"Do make yourself at home." Gilles interrupted her mate, talking to female. "I'm sure the others will be interested in getting to know you. Fresh meat had just arrived seconds before your call. Don't be shy to grab a bite." And just like that, the wolf rushed away into the trees. Maxim groaned as he watched Gilles disappear into the shadows.
"Come," he turned and began his walk back home, "your new pack mates will be eager to see whether you lived or not."

Even being deep in pregnancy, Gilles was still very agile and quick on her paws. If it weren't for the morning sun bleeding it's light between the trunks of the trees, nothing but a moving shadow will be visible. What interested her very quickly was where the call was from. At this part of the territory, the air was thick and filled with sightings of corpses of many kinds. A graveyard. Barely any life dares to come close here.
It didn't take long for her to find the caller. He was practically glowing like the moon against the dreadful scenery. Very interesting indeed.
"Do tell me," Gilles's tone continued to be softened up, "what does a wolf, like yourself, have any business being in a place like this?" Her head tilted to one side, curious of his answer. The fluff behind her swished and swayed high as she gracefully made her way to another stranger.

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The New Members September 30, 2019 09:27 PM

Posts: 24
Magma bared her neck in a sign of submission as the Alpha circled her, being sure to keep her face level even as she felt a relief wash over her. As much as she could convince herself otherwise, a part of her still managed to fear death. The she-wolf was prepared to tell her name when a howl cut her off, her ear flicking in the direction of the sound. "It seems you're having yourselves quite the busy day." She remarked as the other fae bolted off before turning her attention to the more stotic of the two.

The was certainly imposing, but she found herself more at ease with the other compared to his mates sinister yet boundless energy. She raised herself and moved behind the other, her pawsteps light as she trudged into the new territory. A certain coldness seemed to slip past her fur and dig into her skin the deeper she went, but she quickly grew used to it as she took in the scenery.
"Im sure they're more used to the latter than not." She mused as she kept her gaze forward, seemingly staring into space while taking in everything at once. She didnt ask any questions, figuring theyd be answered in time.
Her paws seemed to shout at her in anger for being pushed into motion again so soon, but she had grow used to the tug and tingle of soreness over years of travelling. Her golden hues eventually settled back into the Alpha in front of her before turning to the path that laid out ahead. "You have an intimidating home." She stated after a moment of silence, unable to keep the thought to herself. Whether or not he would take that as a compliment or an insult, or if he would even reply at all she wasnt too worried.
She eventually allowed herself a moment to take in the scents around her as well. The smell of death and rot was preeminent above all, but even she could smell the faint undertone of new life as summer fronds stuggled to poke out of the ground. It gave the whole place a certain ethereal aura to it, like walking in an alternate world of the dead.
The New Members October 1, 2019 04:36 AM

Paquete de Muerte
Posts: 2029
The white brute raised his lowered head as a female approached from the distance. She spoke softly, but yet there was something oddly peculiar about her. He listened to her words and allowed a smirk to line his muzzle. "You perhaps have not heard of me then?" He questioned, his pure white pelt gleaming. "A wolf like me, in a place like this?" He questioned, a dark chuckle leaving his muzzle. "A wolf like me lives in a world like this." He bellowed darkly as he stood to his paws. Ghost showed some signs of high dominance, but he was not disrespectful. He dipped his head low in greeting to the she-wolf. He could scent another male on her, therefore he was not pursuing her. He could also smell death from her, a sign she was from the pack he was seeking, his light brown hues growing wide.

"Name is Damon, but most know me by Ghost or Draugur." He smirked wickedly. Another spine wracking chill, spread another dark smirk across his muzzle. The smell of death and blood flowed from this male, but he also had a husky smell to him, one of strength and skill. He has the skills of many ranks, having been trained by the best. He grinned as he awaited for the she-wolf to speak.
The New Members October 3, 2019 07:30 PM

Lt. Mordeo
Posts: 579
Sorry dudes, been busy with tests/quizzes/mid-terms this week. Should be able to post at least once a day after tomorrow c: ))

-Maxim and Magma-
If Maxim is honest with himself, he enjoyed watching his beloved send shivers into a wolf. Whether it was intended or not, it didn't matter. Her words mixing just right with her movements to send a bit of fear is one of the many ways she caught his eye. It seemed like years ago he called for the new alpha female to stand before the pack. A powerful leader to them. A beautiful mate him. A wonderful mother to his offspring. A fearful wolf to the rest.
It still makes the this, cold, male chuckle when he thinks back to a time in his youth where he thought having a partner was a waste of time. Just a small thing to show his high status. That is, before a lone maelstrom female dared to hunt in his territory. He had yet made a mark on the world, but his blooded list made him known. What even forced Maxim to consider the young wolf into his small pack, was her ability to talk her way out of being killed on sight by his hunting group. He saw her silvery tongue an asset. The interest to know her more had grown from then on. To this day, he still isn't sure whether it was really her goal to be his mate or she saw value in him later down the road as he did.
Maxim returned to the present when the new member spoke about his land. "It has to be." He stated in a rough voice. "Easier to keep away the troublemakers. Show them we mean business." It was hell when Maxim moved his family here. Most of his time was devoted to kill any juvenile males who think they are the most strongest. Some even tried to flirt their way through his pack members; even attempting to woo Gilles to go the easy route. Of course, the females didn't disappoint him and saw nothing in the lies sliding of their tongue. He wouldn't disagree if someone told him his male counterparts aren't exactly the brightest. Main reason why he has yet allowed one into his territory. Most filled with nothing but hunger for power. It will be no benefit to the rest.
Soon, the two had made their way deep into the silent forest. "We're here." He stopped to speak, allowing this new member to take in the environment around them. It may still be morning, but the sun's light barely touches here. The trees have died long ago. The area almost painted a dull grey. This eerie part of their home draws away any sort of prey; leaving this place dead silent if it wasn't for the wind during the colder seasons and the splashes of the lake not too far in the warmer parts of the year.
Glowing from the center of the two bent trees, that formed a sort of circle as an entrance for the main area, was many sets of eyes in shades of blue and green. One or two blinked while the rest watched with wide eyes. They had yet to see a new breathing wolf being so deep in the territory. They were intrigued. One by one, they stepped toward the two.

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The New Members October 3, 2019 07:42 PM

Posts: 24
Magma listened to the others rough voice as he spoke, giving a nod of agreement as she paused to take in the scenery. It reminded her somewhat of a swamp, but without all the muck and crocodiles. She could understand why they had to travel so far to hunt. There wasnt a sound coming from the area, not a single rustle to signify that there was prey anywhere nearby.
She tilted her chin as she watched wolves tentatively come out one by one, dipping her head in the presence of the pack as she gave a small sign of respect. She remarked in her head with a hint of sarcastic amusement that if she were to bow one more time today she might break her neck. "The name's Magma. Its a pleasure." She said shortly before lifting her head again, letting her golden hues scan over the group of wolves before her.
Many different patterns and physiques dotted the group, but she quickly took note of the fact that they were mostly female. A memory of seen a lions pride flashed through her head and she couldnt hwlp but compare the pack to such at first glance.
Finally snapping out of her thoughts she stepped forward, moving on light paws to meet the rest of the wolves half way, her dark pelt nearly blending into the darkness and making her white markings stand out considerably.
She didnt hold any confidence or mockery in her gaze, simply a calm curiosity as she finally stepped into the camp. Pausing for a moment so the pack could study her. She knew that while and Alphas acceptance was manditory, the rest of the initiation had to come from the pack. If the pack didnt accept her then she wouldnt last very long.

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