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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 08:09 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
For many years, two packs of wolves; The Dawn Pack and The Darkness Pack have been at war. They are like fire and ice. They hate each other, and wolves are constantly losing their lives in the brutal fights packs between. Suddenly, one day, the leader of The Dawn Pack and the leader of The Darkness Pack die in a fight, killing each other. Who will be the new leaders? How will this war end?

I will now make a quick recap of the rules;
Keep the swearing down to 1/100. Here we follow all of Eve's rules, so no godmodding . Also, no character is perfect. Hating someone's character without a confirmed reason is not allowed. Also, do keep in mind; personal issues and discussions aside . Every time a rule is broken you get a warning. It is three warnings, then you're banned from the RP . Ask me and the person you are gonna fight with before starting a fight with someone.

This thread is a thread , not a place for discussion of characters, mates or whatsoever. The discussion thread is here: , and if you have any questions; ask them there.
Also, if you haven't joined yet, here's the link to the Sign-Ups.

Meaning? If you're too lazy to read, you shouldn't be in a group rp.

When posting, I won't accept 3 sentences. It has to be at least 8 sentences . Also, I want a short description of your character.
Name - age - gender - rank - pack - SHORT about the apperance - Location - (Mentions)
Doge - 4 - male - omega - Dawn - Blue eyes, golden pelt with white legs and tail - Dawn pack camp - [name]
Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. }

PACK RULES (For both packs):
1. The alphas word is law, and if the rules are broken you will get thrown out of the pack.
2. It is not allowed to have pups with other wolves than your official (confirmed) mate.
3. Defected pups(not including pelt defects) will most likely get thrown out , since theyre weakening the pack.
4. Ranks can be fought for , for example; say that an omega wants to be beta. If it's a female, then she challenges the beta female.
5. Wolves not loyal to the pack will get thrown out or killed .

Eating order:
First, the alphas eat. Then, it's the betas and the Lead Hunter and Warrior . After them, the hunters and warriors eat and lastly, the pups and omegas .

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 08:14 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
Area and camp description:
All descriptions made by pack Hurry


The north land is rocky with low grass and small flowers, and is home to moose and deer, no forest.There is a small lake, Eye of the Mountain, it's crystal clear and reflectes the sky perfectly (it's a type of lake, do research if you want to know more); the lake has maybe five types of water weed and a few species of cloisters, no fish because it lacks plankton (basically it is a hole in land filled with rain). The lake can be used as swimming pool - it has no currents and is relatively shallow. The coast is made of flat rocks and low grass, the plants are bigger here with taller trees (species of tree: mix of those who keep green leaves trough all year and those whose leaves fall). Across the lake lays a huge fallen tree which can be used as bridge - it is not slippery, only in winter when everything freezes except very middle of the lake. There was a fire in the East which burned down half of Conifer Forest (that half belongs to Darkness terrain; and represents a food issue because it's naked land literally with coal and burnt branches lying around. The part of the forest that survived is dense and filled with various forest prey, mushrooms and herbs. As you can see there is a huge forest in the lower middle of a map and it's a regular forest, idyllic where mostly less dangerous prey lives (no boar, nor moose, or bears). In the west, large plain rabbits, flowers and birds live. Also, most importantly: A large oak tree which wolves from the Dawn pack like a lot, it maybe has some religious meaning to some of them, and there are many stories for pups revolving around it; for example that it is a door to the spirit world. The large lake is The Lake, it's deep, dark blue, and rich with fish that aren't easy to catch but some wolves might get lucky. In the middle of the lake is a sandy island with a small forest reminding of a jungle - more exotic prey hides in here. The Lake has strong currents flowing from south to north and in can carry a wolf away, waves are also dangerous.

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 08:14 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
Dawn Pack Camp

The only entrance to the camp is on the West side, where the lake is, so to enter or exit wolves have to swim (it's not hard for experienced or strong wolves). From the north, south and east the camp ground is guarded by thick bushes, some thorny, but mostly heavily knotted,which height variates (if wolves take good care of the bushes they will be bigger, and if they stick more plants in it it will be thicker). At camp grounds land is very soft, mixed with sand and has many small plants as well as trees with wide crowns that provide shade in summer. Dawn pack lives here, but they have an escape route in case of fire - a naturally made tunnel that goes under the lake to an island in the middle of the lake (visible from the coast), on the inside it's rocky and moisty, like a cave.

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 08:14 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
Darkness Pack Camp

The main entrance to the Darkness camp is on the East side - it's a crack in mountain which starts of as narrow but widens to 10 meters when it turns to a tunnel-like place going trough thin mountain belt. On the other side is the camp with occasionally rocks arching upwards, their surfaces are rough. Dens are holes in rocks or old wood trunks. Lot of thorny, poisonous plants live there because they don't need much light - high cliffs from south, north and east are cutting of sunlight. Sun rays appear on camp ground from midday to sunset. On west there are semi-high, thumbled together at weird angles and crossed with rare trees or thorns boulders only Darkness wolf can pass trough fast safely - they know short-cuts and terrain abilites. Dawn wolves may be able to take west route, but it is a larger area of rocky, dangerous terrain with no running, water and minimal prey (mice,squirells,voles,eagles). In winter avallanches are a normal thing in all areas, luckily it can't fall into the pack's camp cause shape of cliffs prevents it.

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 08:21 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
RP starting...

It's early morning, and the wolves are just waking up. It's spring, and the flowers have just started blooming. The warriors from the Dawn Pack have just gone out on a Border Patrol to the east.
Meanwhile, the Darkness pack hunters have gone out hunting to the exact same place, and they're getting closer to each other. A conflict may await.

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 08:49 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
Description: The wolves that stand up for truth and justice. They live by a big, beautiful lake and they are usually good swimmers
Ranks :
Alpha male: Dawnfire (Wolves Of Dawn)
Alpha female: To be chosen by the male
Beta male: Vali (San Conorado)
Beta female: Sorai (Hurry)
Omegas ( 1/5 ): Thriro (Fire In The Winds)
Pups ( 3/5 ): Echo (Feathery Tails), Rolland + Sofia (All-American Pack)
Healer (1/1 ): Antares (Cardinal)
Lead hunter ( 0/1 ): OPEN
Hunters ( 1/7 ): Harper (All-American Pack)
Lead Warrior( 1/1 ): Lakeshore (Foxtails)
Warriors ( 3/7 ): Mhystic (Hurry), Lionel (All-American Pack), Fawn (Twilight372)

Description: A cruel and dark pack with the motto: Kill Or Be Killed. The wolves live by a spikey mountain, making them strong in that kind of terrain.

Alpha male: To be chosen by the female
Alpha female: Wasp (Dusk Til Dawn)
Beta male: Grim (Wolves Of Dawn)
Beta female: Yukon (All-American Pack)
Omegas: ( 1/5 ) Jums (Hurry)
Pups ( 2/5 ): Lucid (Lucid Dreamer), Corvidae (Temple of Anubis)
Healer ( 0/1 ):
Lead hunter ( 1/1 ): Liutpyaar (Hurry)
Hunters ( 2/7 ): Codex (Greencrest wolves) Shadow (Essence)
Lead Warrior( 0/1 ): OPEN
Warriors ( 1/7 ): Whisper (Cardinal)
(Most likely up to date)

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 10:54 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
Dawnfire - 3 - male - aqua eyes, grey pelt with cream throat, golden wings

Rays of sunshine shined through the branches on the fallen tree in the middle of the camp as the young male woke up. It was early, but Dawnfire noticed that the Warriors already were out, patrolling. His eyes slowly adjusted themselves to the light. The winter had been hard, and some pups died. But now, all the snow was gone, and the flowers were blooming. Some early morning birds were heard.
Dawnfire got up, and started washing his fur. Considering the scent, it was very recently the Warriors went out. When the alpha was done washing his fur until it was shining sleak, he shaked his wings of any possible trash. Then he jumped up on the big, fallen oak tree and watched the camp below.
This is going to be a wonderful day.

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 11:02 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
Grim - 5 - male - Beta - White fur, black spots around the eyes and dark gray markings. Red eyes, black antlers.

Grim didn't understand why he had to come with the hunters this morning. It was far too early, anyways.
Right when he woke up he knew. He knew it wasn't gonna be one of his 'happy days'. Some disturbing, loud birds woke him up. Yesterday he had a fight with three trespassing Dawn Pack wolves, saying it was their territory. Not anymore .
Not a single animal in sight, either. But he could smell those disgusting Dawn wolves. And they were getting closer. He growled at himself.

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Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 11:58 AM

Wolves Of Dawn
Posts: 729
Dawn and Darkness | Wolf RP Thread (OPEN) April 18, 2019 12:12 PM

Posts: 695
Kenda | 2 | Female | DawnPack | Omega | Black fur fading to white, odd face markings, Eyes; Blue, Green | Silver chain | M: Open

The strange omega jumped around in the sand, pawing at a porcupine. Of course, she didn't really know the dangers of it. She barked at it and tilted her head when it lifted it's quills. She bared her teeth playfully at it, then she went to nip at it.

Needless to say, she ended up with quills stuck in her face. She yelped and backed away from it. She shook her head violently, trying to get the quills out. She tripped as she backed up and landed on her back with an odd squeak.

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