08:44:46 Waterfall,Zane
I hope Willow-song lives to 22 :)
08:44:28 Waterfall,Zane
no wolves died wow I shocked
08:43:53 Waterfall,Zane
abyone up for a ninjago pm rp ?? Pm me
08:43:34 Rey/Musa
Can't believe that I am 23 years old today. :)
Deadly Tricks
08:42:53 Loki, Archangel
Castiel yep
08:42:36 Darky | Crowley
I mean they're mostly from you so you never know XD
Global Warming
08:39:42 Crisis, GW
Kokytos rips flesh Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 30 damage.
Death tail slaps Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Eir tail slaps Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 30 damage.
Mourin snaps their spine Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Hades death grips Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
☣Archeron death grips Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Grizzly Bear 1 attempts to rake ☣Archeron but they miss.

That was satisfying-
Deadly Tricks
08:39:05 Loki, Archangel
Castiel possibly XD
Guys what do I do with character points
08:38:23 Darky | Crowley
I'm pretty sure all my wolves are related somehow.
Ninjago Realm
08:37:56 Waterfall,Zane
I should of let Overlord live but meh Now I must find soon after I get LLoyd the golden master and Pixal ( Zane's Love intrest )
Deadly Tricks
08:37:02 Loki, Archangel
Castiel well then XD im pretty sure most of my wolves are siblings XD
08:34:57 Spoopy Salty Pans
I need to labor for mush
08:34:56 Darky | Crowley
-WP Click-
So this wolf is supposed to be a male XD I changed it's gender it was a male that I was going to name Castiel till you gave the wolf that is Castiel now.
Another fun fact their siblings XD
Midnight Moira
08:34:22 Purple Guy >:3
One day, I don't know why but might as well share it, I went into my sun room and heard a loud THUD. Turned around, and apparently a rabbit was trying to get into the sun room via my glass sliding door, and was now stunned. Realized why it want to come in: I was holding a salad.
Deadly Tricks
08:31:04 Loki, Archangel
Castiel XD
08:30:07 Darky | Crowley
Okay XD
Deadly Tricks
08:28:45 Loki, Archangel
Castiel you can keep her mines better XD
-WP Click-
08:28:40 Def; Row; Deffy
I'm officially sick. Hooray-
08:27:26 Eternity, ET
Lmao I got a psychology test back today and I got zero marks.


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    Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 8, 2019 09:02 PM

Very Spooky Ending
Posts: 438

Paquete de Muerte said:

You evil son of a-
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 03:09 AM

Paquete de Muerte
Posts: 1805
Moonstone Pack

Sign Up Thread:

Discussion Thread:

Pack Location and Territory:
There is a pack house in the center of the territory. The pack house has many rooms to house many werewolves. All the rooms are upstairs along a massive corridor. The master room is at the end of the corridor, where the Alpha's sleep. There is a training room downstairs as well as a kitchen, dining room and lounge room. There is sparring arenas outside the pack house and a big open field. The territory is comprised of forest both thick and thin, with streams, lakes, rivers and ponds. There is a waterfall located east from the pack house which follows a stream that passes behind the pack house

Please NO talking/chat in this thread, this is for Roleplay posting only. If you would like to chat or discuss things, take it to the Discussion Thread of PM the person, Thank You.

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Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 04:10 AM

Paquete de Muerte
Posts: 1805
Ivar Moonstone//Male//24//Alpha Male//Mentions:OPEN
This large handsome brute had been awake since just before the sun had risen. The temperatures out here were beginning to get a little colder, so he had been collecting wood. Usually he would send the hunters or scouts to do it, but today, he just wanted to do something that an Alpha should technically not have to do. The sun was up now, shimming over the far off mountains within the pack territory. It was stunning, a beauty only this pack received of a morning. Ivar placed the large wood chunks down near, where he had been splitting the wood he collected earlier. He grabbed a piece and placed it on the chopping block. Grabbing the axe, he raised it above his head, bringing it down swiftly afterwards, slicing the wood chunk in two.

Ivar had been doing this for a while now and was beginning to break a sweat. He removed the black body tight shirt he was wearing and placed it over a tree that was outside the pack house. His muscular frame glimmered in the sunlight, the sweat seeming to make him shine. He did a little stretch before grabbing the axe once more, placing more wood onto the chopping block and continuing to split the wood for later tonight when the temperatures dropped really low.

Pesada Stykur//Female//20//Warrior//Mentions: OPEN
Pesada sat at her dresser, looking into the mirror after having changed into a black training shirt and tight training leggings. She was looking at her long black wavy hair that seemed a mess when it wasn't braided. Her dark blue eyes rolled silently as she mocked herself for looking unkept. Quickly she turned in her hair and began to braid the side of her head, beginning with her small braids. She had two small braids into the sides of her head, that seemed so tight she had little hair. Then in the middle of her hair, a massive chunky French braid ran down and reached the middle of her back. She smiled when she had finished her work, joining all the braids together, ready for training.

She had been awake pretty much when the Alpha had awoken. She could hear him chopping the wood outside, a duty an Alpha should not have to do, but it seemed he wanted to, as she looked out the window at him. She shrugged her shoulders gently before sliding on her black sneakers and heading down the large corridor of rooms. Seemed no one else was up, but she could be wrong. Pesada headed downstairs into the kitchen, through the lounge room and into the training room. She was glad it was soundproof in here, grinning she headed over to the lockers. She grabbed out some tape and began strapping her hands for the punching bag.

Damon Draugur//Male//22//Spy//Mentions: OPEN
Damon had not slept all night, he had been out scouting the woods, something that was not odd about him, but rather his duty. He was a spy and that was exactly what he was doing. He was on a somewhat mission, watching the human hunters parading the forest, making sure they didn't venture near the pack house or place any bear traps about. If they did, he would disarm them and dispose of them, keeping the pack safe. He was a master at his work, the best in every skill, having been trained by the best around the world.

Damon hummed a low purr as he watched the hunters pack away their resources and leave in a couple of vehicles. He had been disarming the traps along the way, so he had nothing to do beside return to the pack and give an update to the Lead Spy and Alpha. Damon's pure white coat seemed like a ghost as it bounded through the forest, back towards the pack house. He wondered if he would get any sleep after being out all night. Probably not, he chuckled to himself.

Vakker Heilari//Female//19//Healer//Mentions: OPEN
This small female had just stirred awake in her bed. She was much smaller than most of her pack mates, but she was just as willing to do her part for the pack. She was a healer, having the healing touch run through her veins, it came easy to her. She slowly removed the covers off her and slid out of bed. She rubbed her eyes gently before standing to her feet. She walked over to her cupboard and opened it, grabbing out a cute little floral dress, that made her white hair and light brown hues pop like crazy. She entered her bathroom and quickly had a nice warm shower. Stepping out, she dried herself, brushed her white hair and slipped on the floral dress. She exited her bathroom, the steam entering her room and she giggled softly. She headed for the door to her room, exiting it and heading down the long corridor.

It seemed others were awake as the Alpha's room was open and so was Pesada's. That was the Alpha's rule, if you weren't in your room, the door had to be open, so no confusion occurred. Pesada headed down the stairs and entered the kitchen, it was the hunters duty to do meals for the pack so she would wait until one of them would arise. She would help out a little in the kitchen, adding some herbs to the meals the pack ate, to keep everyone in good health. She purred gently as she exited out the pack house door and went around the side, where the somewhat healers room was. She entered it, glad no one else was in and began to restock the herbs and clean up the room.
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 09:19 AM

Shadow Stalkers
Posts: 1647
Rhea Convel || Female || 23 1/2 || Lead Warrior || M: Open

Rhea awoke curled up under a bush. Of course she was in her wolf forum. Raising to her paws she left the comfort of the large bush into the forest. Her black pelt blended into the dark forest perfectly as the suns rays cut through the forest. The morning light warmed her pelt as she found an open area to sunbathe and warm her pelt up from the cool night.
Settling in the cleared area Rhea let a yawn escape her mouth as she tucked her paws close to her neatly. She scented the air and could smell nothing but the birds and small rodents.
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 10:59 AM

Posts: 2278
Calvin Borelson || Male || 23 || Hunter || M: Reenira, Vakker

A tall figure lurked in the shadows, creeping down a long corridor lined with doors, some open some not. It snuck in near silence, making sure not to wake any that were near. The figure paused by an unopened door and opened it just wide enough to slip in. Shutting the door silently behind him, he crept across the threshold, heading towards a bed with a still-sleeping small form in it. He barely breathed as he neared, stepping extra cautiously.

With a grin of triumph, Calvin launched himself on the bed, plopping almost on top of the sleeping girl. Who let out a strangled yell as she was launched into the air from the force of his impact. "Good morning!" He crowed, poking her in the side. She growled in annoyance. "You brat! I was sleeping!" She practically screeched at him. He darted forwards, placing a finger to his lips and clucked his tongue like a father scolding his child. "Now now Reen, we don't want to be waking the whole pack." His hand began to shake as he attempted to hold back a burst of laughter. Failing he doubled over laughing, which caused Reen to shove him off the bed, sending him sprawling across the floor. Slapping a hand to his chest in mock hurt, he gave her a pathetic look. "Im hurt." She glowered "Out." Complying with her wish, he rose to his full 6'5" height and pretended to limp back to the door. Pausing at it he made a heart over his chest and mouthed. "I Love You." Which elicited a series of angry growls and threats from the small woman he called sister. Cackling with laughter, he made his way back down the corridor and towards the kitchen.

When he found himself in the kitchen, he was still having occasional bursts of laughter, his sparkling blue eyes dancing with mirth. He ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair, stretching while he did so. Then he went to work, grabbing a variety of pots and pans, and a multitude of ingredients. A scent tickled his nose, a sweet, but herbal scent, Vakker. He grinned, she was equally as small as his sister, and impossibly adorable. Abandoning the started breakfast, he wandered out of the kitchen and into the healers room. Poking his head inside he spotted the white haired shorty. "Heloooo." He grinned at her.

Reenira Borelson || Female || 20 || Scout || M: Calvin, OPEN

Reen slept peacefully, her mind and body exhausted from the days work. She had been expecting to get a full eight hours, but she was mistaken. Right as her dreams began to flourish in her mind, a massive whoosh, the words "Good Morning!" and her form flying through the air woke her up. She landed with a light thud on the mattress, glaring bleary eyed at her brother Calvin, who was grinning like a stupid fool. "You brat, I was sleeping!" She heard her own voice screech, which made her cringe on the inside. She nearly bit his finger, and she was about to when he double over laughing. Shoving him off the bed, she glowered down at him. "Im hurt." He said with the most pathetic look she had ever seen. "Out." She motioned towards the door. When he paused and mouthed "I love you." with his hands making a heart, she let out a string of threats, which made him leave.

Huffing, she fell back on the bed, blowing a strand of her short blonde hair out of her face. With a sigh, she slipped off the bed and moved over to her dresser. She was extremely short, looking much like a twelve year old, and when next to her brother, who was a hulking giant, she looked like a shrimp. He had obviously stolen her tall gene. She smiled slightly when she thought of her brother, he was such a dork. He was also the only one who she would act like her old self around, the only one she would screech at. Sighing and shaking her head, she dressed herself in a pair of sweat-pant like pants that were fitted at her ankles and waist but loose everywhere else and made of a chiffon material colored a lighter blue. She pulled on a loose white blouse, tucked in at the waist, and finished it off with a loose red scarf tied to make a loose bow. She didn't bother examining herself in the mirror beside her dresser, she would just be disappointed. Opening her door, and leaving it open, she moved down the hallway towards the stairs.

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Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 11:29 AM

Posts: 1436
Akemi }{ Female }{ 20 }{ Hunter }{ M: Open
Akemi had decided to go for a early morning run to stretch her legs, it wasn't unusual for her. She liked the peacefulness, the morning dew made the plants look like glass when the sun hits them just right, Like a dream world that had merged with reality but only for a few early hours. The light grey clouds drifted slowly over head leaving large shadows on the land, the birds sang their morning songs and fluttered about, their hearts set on a tasty worm breakfast. A small breeze brushed against the grass and leaves making them sway. She heard the leaves like the far of sound of waves crashing against the sandy beach in a distant memory.
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 04:19 PM

Alpha Aloha
Posts: 507
Apollo | 24? | male | scout | M: Sisters, open
Artemis | 20 | female | hunter | M: brother, sister, open
Athena | 22 | Female | hunter | M: brother, sister, open

Athena woke up, her chocolate brown hair splayed out around her head. She drew to a sitting position, wiping away the sweat that had furrowed her brows. She ruffled her hair with her hands, swiftly straightening it out with constant run-throughs with her hands. Eventually she got up and dressed, heading outside. She saw her brother Apollo, the tall slender brown-haired guy, talking to some girl sitting on a log. Not just any girl. Athena’s sister, the great archeress, Artemis. All of the siblings had been named differently at birth, but had chosen their names for each other after their mother and father had left them to starve. That was when they had found the pack. Athena had been named by Artemis and Apollo for her wittiness and smart thinking. Artemis, for her bow skills. Apollo was a joke. Named after the Greek god Apollo, and the rocket Apollo, his Greek god side was the joke. Apollo the Greek god was flirty and light hearted, like Athena. Apollo the rocket was straight forward and stiff, or was remembered in a tragedy. like Apollo, the Brother. Athena trotted over to her kin, waving a hello and asking what new. They replied, “nothing much. We were thinking of going to ask to have a hunting patrol.” Apollo muttered, “and a scouting patrol.” Athena threw him a small grin. Her bigger brother was technically lower-ranked than her, and the two girls liked to rub it in his face all the time. Apollo didn’t care, he liked being a scout. So Artemis led her siblings to Ivar Moonstone, the alpha. Athena decided to speak. “Ivar, can the lead scout and lead hunter take out their patrols? Everyone seems to be waking up.” Athena had on a slight grin, and flipped her hair back over her shoulder. The same slight respectfulness, yet her way of showing she wouldn’t act like he was king. Yes, her mother had hated her for that. Her mother had slobbered up the old alpha, always ready to submit.
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 04:38 PM

Posts: 1210

With sweat dripping down his face,Connor walked into the large packhouse,his lengthy legs striding his frame across the long corridors. He felt so dirty, hence why he faltered at the thought of converse on his way to his room. His disperse was swift,reaching his room in a matter of minutes,Connor sighed gratefully, slowly regretting his desicion to go on a morning jog or shall he say patrol. Being a warrior comes great responsibility so he never hesitated to be on the edge of territory. His hair brushed against his shoulders as he lowered onto his bed, his muscles feeling strained in a quick stretch. The thought of a cool shower seemed to brighten his already striking blue visuals and he immediately lifted. His current attire, silk shorts with a pale tank top, had become to gather up a stench. He knew he couldn't woo anyone being musty so showering would be for the best. Connor opened his closet,tossing a new fit on the bed for when he would come out.

He felt so refreshed,his body cleansed and the scent of body wash engulfing his large frame. He smirked,addressing himself in the mirror with a casual wink. Although he knew his antics could be dorky, he often did them anyways as it was just him in so many ways. His hair was a little frizzy though still presentable while his physique was dressed in a casual lime green t-shirt and slim blue jeans. Now that the main conflict was solved..He was lacking amusement. Almost immediately he thought of his pain in the neck friend who always seemed to want to be reckless with him.

Connor exited his room,his hands behind his back and a somewhat malicious glint in his eye. He knew that Calvin wouldn't be asleep at this time so surely he was already having a conversation..He looked at the cracked doors of some rooms and easily sauntered along the corridor. His free hand would caress the wall as he passed before tucking back behind his back. A sure dead give away was the snarky laughter of his friend along some hall and Connor shook his head, disappointed that the Male was causing trouble without him. He kept walking until he saw that same sand blond hair that differed him from most others.

Connor tilted his head,watching as his friend obliviously whisked away and peeked inside the healers room. At first he was proud,then shocked,then angry. "Look at you,you sly Tom. How long has this affair been going on!?" He inquired rather loudly,slapping Calvin's back with an echo. It was such a pity Connor was shorter than him,it bugged him alot but atleast he wasn't as short as Vakker, Calvin was just a walking,annoying,giant. He stifled some laughter,turning and pressing his back against the wall while his arms crossed,a smirk settled on his face.
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 05:46 PM

Posts: 1436
Akemi }{ Female }{ 20 }{ Hunter }{ M: Open

She stopped and picked and orange poppy that had grown all alone next to an old oak tree, she turned the flower in different directions until she noticed it looked like a fox with chubby legs
"no body knows where the red fox goes, nobody knows but the old black crows" she said to herself in a sing song voice. Tucking the flower into her hair, she went on her way.
"Just a little while longer before im back" she stopped everytime she saw a flower, by the time she got to the house a flower crown rested apon her head.
*Up the stairs and down the hall, to my room, i shall go* she hummed as she went on her way, her hands tucked into her jacket pockets
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 2, 2019 05:56 PM

Shadow Stalkers
Posts: 1647
Idk what to do...))

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