12:04:39 Aries
Drunk Russian

I liove that
Interstellar Sun
12:04:06 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
Thanks. :)

Oh okay. :) PM me if you want to see more later. >-<
12:03:50 A Drunk Russian
Drawing a wolf unicorn figurine sketch.
where are salmonberries born? are they seasonal? having trouble finding them
12:02:26 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Its nice keep going maybe if you do an auction ill buy one ^^
spirituality increases the chance of your wolves encountering and pleasing the wolf spirits in explore during fmc events
12:02:07 W.D
It's pretty, Yin
Interstellar Sun
12:01:51 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
Thoughts? Im trying a new style, but this is a sketch~ -Click-
12:01:32 Thorn or Fall
What exactly dose this talent do?? Spirituality
12:01:01 Aries
12:00:50 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Fuck imma cry TuT
12:00:45 Aries
And I want to get to 333 or 369 ( because why not lol)
Arctic Angel
12:00:44 Angel/Weirdo Child
607 Paws Up.
Almost to my goal. :")
12:00:22 Aries
222 now lol
11:59:23 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
one more paws till 220!! OoO
Yall are awesome did i ever tell you guys that <333
11:57:12 Luna, mira
I didn’t keep one of her pups either :(
11:56:29 KitKat/Stalker 1
@luna awe, yeah i lost 5 wolves i think:(
11:56:00 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-
Shall I make an alliance? Please give me alliance name ideas!

name idea and sya if you would join, please and thank you:)
11:55:49 Luna, mira
One of my wolves passed away so sad
-WP Click-
11:55:47 Aries
I want all the free hugs lol


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Water Pack | Wolf Roleplay | Thread November 2, 2020 07:28 PM

Ashes Of An Illusion
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Ok so Don`t Post If you Aren`t in Roleplay And Thats It.
Players :
Long Lake Pack
Among us
Me QwQ

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Water Pack | Wolf Roleplay | Thread November 2, 2020 07:45 PM

Long Lake Pack
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russet pads quietly through the forest, the soft crunching of leaves and pine needles calming to the mind. she was very small for a wolf being half fox and a runt, but even with those disadvantages she still seemed to have a good speed to her paws and be agile.her tail wags slightly as she hears the scuffling of a hare not that far away. not thinking of how she should have approached the animal she runs forward and the hare scampers away into its hole. her tail slows its wag as she walks up to the hares hole and barks down it. "come out you little rascal!" she calls down. standing back up she looks around at the trees that surrounded her.
Water Pack | Wolf Roleplay | Thread November 2, 2020 08:05 PM

Ashes Of An Illusion
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QuietSilence Twiches Her ears, crouching Down.
She Flicks her Tail Pading Closer To A Quite Plump Rabbit. Them She Stops
And as swift As A Hawk She Pounces Killing it In One Bite.
She Quickly Picks It up And Gazes around As the AfterNoon Light Warms The Forest She Sees The EverGreen Trees and The Great Big Oaks as they Make Shadows On the Ground Underneath her.
Water Pack | Wolf Roleplay | Thread November 2, 2020 08:26 PM

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Ambrose padded slowly towards a deep, black stream. She is afraid of the possibility of drowning bit takes a lap of the refreshing water. He head jolted up and her ears twitched as she heard the slight of scratching on a tree trunk. It was a mouse. She slowly crept into some bushes and pounced on it when she was close enough, killing it in a single swipe. As the Beta she scooped it up and headed towards the camp thdrop it in their prey pile. She was surprised at how plump the mouse was, despit their living conditions.

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