10:18:33 Toga,Halo,Sin
Ima join HEE be right back-
10:18:25 Mass Exploring Queen
What do you need to do the ship encounter in tundra?
Sweetwater River
10:17:52 river/sweet/swater
thank you desti for being the best game monitor ever 😀
10:17:36 Ryan | Luigi
Human M×M rp anyone? Pm me.
The Wolf Gang
10:16:51 King Sponge
Dester: I have a whole gallery for them just fo link here on WP XD

-Click- :3
10:16:30 Toga,Halo,Sin
Dark Hunters
10:16:19 Raissa
Halo, so you know the place you put cp? Put the cp in the dominance spot.
Destinations End
10:15:35 Desti, Coy, Coydog
@wolf gang
I'd honestly love seeing pictures of them sometime if you are comfortable sharing ^^
Sweetwater River
10:14:52 river/sweet/swater
no chating go
10:14:51 Daciana Raven Rave
Hiya sweetwater thanks for being the first to breed to my wolves
The Wolf Gang
10:14:35 King Sponge
Dester: They really are :D
They've become my favourite breed ever which is why I currently have 3 XD
Sweetwater River
10:14:35 river/sweet/swater
hey chat 10 second of silence for desti and bear
10:13:52 Toga,Halo,Sin
In your pack?
10:13:41 Toga,Halo,Sin
How do you get dominance?
Destinations End
10:13:16 Desti, Coy, Coydog
@Wolf gang
Aww. Boxers are seriously super gorgeous
Lil Milkdud
anyone wanna rp? pm me if you do
10:12:39 Toga,Halo,Sin
I’m an hour after game time-
It’s 11:12
10:12:00 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-

Looking for some members for my alliance!
Sweetwater River
10:10:56 river/sweet/swater
rose hi
Dark Hunters
10:10:06 Raissa
On, not I'm.


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Ursa Major Pack RP October 23, 2020 10:58 PM

Frozen Mist
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Blinking ice eyes that were laying their sights upon Neuclear, Fright seemed unsure of everything in that moment. Fear colored the beasts blood, but soon enough was pushed away from her thoughts as she looked up to eye Weber and then the rest of the pack. There was not that many wolves in these lands, but that was not something that Fright would be to worried about. They would all have time to grow strong as a small group before adding others into their lands and having to intergrate them in as well.

Tilting her head as Weber rose and moved off after saying that Nuclear would need a mentor, the large canine looked to the beast at her paws. He was young yet, but she did understand the need for him to learn. She just did not know anyone here well enough to trust them with this child she was kind of forced to care for. He was that albatros that she could not get rid of, but for some reason he was growing on her. It was almost sickening for her to think of it that way, but she would deal with it as it was and continue on she guessed. This pup chose here and here he would stay.

Hearing the wolves all chatter made the females head twitch about before Weber spoke of them all exploring, and in groups of two. She was not the best at comunicating, so the wolf she would be working with would have to get used to that. Rising from her spot on the ground as she thought that though, the wolf moved back behind Weber with Neuclear at her heels. He would also be going with the large she wolf and she had a feeling that the one wolf she was gonna chose would maybe be the best mentor for him.

"If you don't mind, I would like to ask Otillia to join me." Blinking her ice eyes, Fright sat down with Neuclear looking to the she wolf that Fright spoke of. The large female could see the wonder in the pups eyes, but she did not speak on it as she let her tails flick side to side. Currently, the pack was mostly male, but that was not something she would worry about. For all anyone knew, there was currently no love interest in the whole pack, or at least she would hope.


Neuclear's mom spoke, her voice almost calming to his young bones. He would need a mentor? That confused him for he had no idea what a mentor was, but oh well. He would learn in time as Fright would have to let him know, right? He knew she was not exavtly the most loving type, but she was here and so far she had not exactly killed him. Yeah, she had left him to die before, but the pup had followed her and she had shown her sadness and took care of him. He had followed her a ways, not understanding why the only creature that could care for him now was trying to run.

Following after her and Weber though, Neuclear bounded with his large paws almost slapping the ground. He could tell by his paws that he would be a large adult, but his paws were nothing like Frights. He would be smaller than her, but he would learn how to hunt and fight from her, or at least he would hope. She was his best bet for that and he would wait to see what she would teach him. That was, until he heard her call to add a wolf to their party of two.

Looking at Otillia, Neuclear gave a pup like grin, his tail wagging back and forth as his tongue hung out of his mouth. He was happy to know they would be getting this wolf, one he could almost feel the pup like playfullness in. he would maybe see if she would play with him later, as long as Fright was not to worried about it. When his mom was done speaking, the pup opened his mouth for the first time in a long time. "May I come along?" He then asked, his words oddly adult for his young age. He had been taught well and it showed as he then sat down beside Fright in a manner that would say he was almost to adult for his pup like shoes.

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Ursa Major Pack RP October 24, 2020 12:22 AM

Midnight Mysteries
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Otillia smiled in the direction of the pup at the male's words. Though mumbled, she had been close enough to pick up on them. She was used to that type of endearment being directed at her. Being considered an adult was a pleasant change of pace, despite still being small and young. However, Otillia wasn't so sure on how she felt about his other words. Freyr's comment on her name, his mischievous smile, and calling her beautiful... That was new territory. The young wolf felt her skin flush with warmth, even though the morning was still cool, and she felt confused. She had no idea how inexperienced in the world she was. Her training was incomplete when she left. "I just decided it was time to find my own place where I better fit in," Otillia answered Freyr's question. It was vague and more close to a non-answer, but it was the most she was willing to give at the moment.
The silver wolf banished thoughts of her former pack, and she returned a cautious smile to the male beside her. After a short pause, she spoke. "It is always nice to have someone around who radiates good fortune!" Her tail swished carefully across the still damp grass. "It is helpful when hunting. Hunting is always part fortune, part skill, and part strategy. If you are lacking in one, the hunt falls apart." Otillia spoke the words as if they were true. She believed them to be true.
Before she could say anything further, the alpha's voice broke through the fray. Her silver head turned, and in a moment the rest of her body followed. Otillia wanted her full attention on Weber's words, lest she miss something. Youth translated into a desire to prove herself. I will be the best wolf I can be. For my pack, her thoughts rang clear and true through her head.
When the alpha told the pack to pair off, she couldn't help but feel panic building in her chest. Who would want to pair with the young, not-even-close to fully grown wolf? Wouldn't she be a liability? Self doubt made itself at home in Otillia, before the more reasonable part of herself stepped. Just ask Freyr, she thought. He's right next to you. But before she could open her mouth to speak, the large she-wolf spoke.
Fright wants to pair with me? The once confident voice in her head squeaked. Otillia felt like she was getting so much attention today - more than she was used to. She was usually the young one, the pup under paws, the too-young-to-participate wolf. She used to be invisible. But now it seemed like everyone saw her. Otillia's eyes looked into the eyes of the much larger wolf, and was struck by an odd revelation. Their eyes were the same color. Huh. Maybe they were more alike than Otillia had previously thought.
Otillia smiled with confidence she didn't have. "That works for me." Her dark paws stepped forward until she stood with Fright. The small wolf was just barely a third of the size of the ocre giant. She was closer in size to the pup that sat with Fright. Neuclear. That was his name. When Neuclear smiled at her, the smile she returned was genuine. Her tail gave an unconscious wag. Despite trying to seem and act adult, Otillia was truly still a pup. She was still built like one, with bigger paws she would one day grow in to and large ears. Her body had begun to lengthen into the skinny-awkwardness of youth, but she still retained some of the round features of pups. And Otillia could still recognize an invitation to play, and her instincts wanted her to accept. But for now, she had to focus on marking the territory, for the greater good of the pack.

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