Sweetwater River
11:19:00 river/sweet/swater
can i join closet
11:17:05 Mass Exploring Queen
Its true lol. They are apologizing profusely and its kind of awkward.
Sweetwater River
11:16:57 river/sweet/swater
father what this mean #3 No Magic from the closet
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:16:14 cowboi2 <]:D
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:16:00 cowboi2 <]:D
XD im sorry
Sweetwater River
11:14:28 river/sweet/swater
no dad never
11:13:12 Ryan | Luigi
I'm looking for an rp partner for a human mxm rp. Pm me.
11:12:58 Mass Exploring Queen
I did that too, they found out today when it happened a month ago.
Sweetwater River
11:12:34 river/sweet/swater
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:11:55 cowboi2 <]:D
Your never gonna let me live this done are you? XD i didnt even know about the wedding until you told me- after the wedding lol
Sweetwater River
11:08:24 river/sweet/swater
rip chat
Sweetwater River
11:05:02 river/sweet/swater
-WP Click- dad read
Sweetwater River
11:04:18 river/sweet/swater
father horses
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:03:41 cowboi2 <]:D
Please tell me you're talking about donkeys ;-;
Sweetwater River
11:01:26 river/sweet/swater
omg love HEE Lucky
Currently high on nothing- just drinking mountain dew with a side of a big ass
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11:00:57 cowboi2 <]:D
Sweetwater River
11:00:30 river/sweet/swater
dad hi
+*Amethyst Moon*+
10:59:37 cowboi2 <]:D
Pfft me neither
Sweetwater River
10:59:04 river/sweet/swater
on valnentines day real life im never geting asked out😥
10:59:04 Pickle
-WP Click-

Pm me name ideas?


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Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 11, 2020 12:16 AM

Former Pack
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"There was no warning. We went to sleep one evening and woke to find that our clocks said the sun should be up, but darkness still reigned. The sun was gone, and morning never came."

Three years ago, the sun went out. No warning, no big explosion. It just never showed up in the sky the next morning. Three years later, it's still gone. Scientists don't know what happened. Since the sun disappeared, major changes have occurred. Almost all plants have died off, and due to the drop in temperatures, humans have to live in either underground cities powered and heated by thermal energy, or above ground villages settled around natural hot springs such as Yellowstone.

Those outside the safe areas face endless danger. The temperate is always well below the freezing point, and being outside a safe area without several layers means freezing to death in moments. The lack of light beyond that of the stars makes it all too easy to suffer injury or worse from the land itself. The predators that didn't die in the initial panic have since adapted to the cold and now roam the land in search of those foolish enough to venture outside the safe areas.

That brings us to you. Through reasons of your own, you are outside a safe area, and the nearest one is over 200 miles away. You have nothing but the clothes on your back, a few days' worth of food, a single item you were able to bring with you. Luckily, you aren't alone. A few others in a similar situation are with you. Together, you all have one goal- survive until you reach the nearest safe area.
Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 11, 2020 12:17 AM

Former Pack
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-Follow all WP rules
-No Gary/Marry sues
-Hate the character, not the player
-Don't kill/badly injure someone else's character without their permission
-On that note, allow your character to be injured some of the time. No one in this RP is invincible
-Share the spotlight!
-Put 'Finished' in the other section so I know you read this
-This is a semi-literate RP. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. I'd like all posts to be at least three sentences long, though I understand if they aren't
-You can reserve roles, but reservations expire after 24 hours
-Though not required, I prefer paragraphs for personality and appearance over lists

The group:
A small band of humans that now find themselves lost in the wild and far from safety. They must work together to survive.

- Kitria Allsbrook, F- MorningRosePack
-Holden Woodse, M- The Divergent
-Charlotte Alice Hadam, F- Sumarien
-Gen’ya Hikari, M- Overthink101
-Amber Marie O'Konnel, F- Half Dead
-Mystic Johnson, F- black opal
-Lucas Jacob Luther, M- Determined_Wolf
-Kyran Makai Layn, M- Monachus

Important Links:
Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 11, 2020 12:17 AM

Former Pack
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Starting off:
Each survivor starts with nothing but the clothes on their backs (which, in this case, is many layers of cloths and thick coats, along with gloves, hats, and solid boots) and a single item they had with them when they ended up in the wilds. Note that this item can't be a gun or a piece of more advanced tech- more something along the lines of a lighter or flashlight or another item that will aid the group in surviving. You can also start with no item if you'd prefer.

The survivors will start together, lost deep in a mountainous region where cliffs and sheer rock faces are plentiful, and safe places to rest for the night few and far between.

Please start all posts with a header such as

Can contain more too if you see fit, but those four are the main things you need.

Edited at October 11, 2020 08:19 PM by MorningRosePack
Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 11, 2020 12:18 AM

Former Pack
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Current Time: Around 5pm
Current Weather: Crisp and cold with the smell of possible rain in the air
Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 11, 2020 02:32 PM

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Kyran - Male - 23 - Bisexual - M: Open
Kyran didn't sleep at all last night, waiting for his twin brother Julian to show up but he never did. Kyran was pacing back and forth in their little shack when he suddenly heard a knock on the door. He perked up and started towards it, hoping to find Julian on the other side. But to his disapointment, it was just some random kid with a full scale mask hiding its face. It wasn't all too weird to see that now-a-days, what with the frigid cold weather they've had ever since the sun disapeared. But for some reason, Kyran felt like it was off putting in this particular moment. He scowled. "What do you want?" He asked the kid. The kid didn't hesitate. He reached up with a note folded in his hand. Kyran's scowl deepened as he reached to grab it. He unfolded the envelope and started to read the letter that was held within it. He immediately noticed that it was from Dio. Kyran cursed, looking up to see that the kid had taken off. Kyran saw movement down the alleyway across the street. He jumped down the stairs and started racing after the kid. "Hey, get back here!" He hollared, rounding the corner of the street that lead in the alleyway to see the child just barely getting over a fence into another subdivision. Kyran took off after him and vaulted over the fencing. The kid hadn't made it far. Kyran grabbed him by the back of his hoodie and yanked him off his feet before slamming the kid in the brick wall of a building. Kyran pulled his mask off his face and saw the petrified expression of a young girl looking back at him. Kyran swore. Of course Dio had found some lost soul to do his bidding for him. Kyran kept her pinned and pulled up the letter. "Where is he?" He questioned sternly. The girl shook with fear, but shook her head, not saying a word. Kyran narrowed his eyes. He couldn't afford to play nice here. "Whatever Dio promised to do to you, I swear I'll be far worse. Tell me where he is!" Kyran shouted. The girl started crying, tears streaming down her face. "I-I don't know. Please don't hurt me." She begged. Kyran pushed her against the brick wall even harder. "Last chance." He warned. "Okay, okay! But I promise I don't know where Dio is. But they left your brother outside the city..." The girl sobbed. Kyran cursed profusely. "Which way?" He asked finally. The girl pointed towards the south gate. Julian grimaced. Of course it was the south gate. He let go of the girl then and she took off running. Kyran sighed, holding up the letter once more, reading it fully this time.
To whom it may concern,
With deep regards we are sorry to inform you that your family member Julian Czess Layn has passed away. Unfortunately we were not able to locate his remains. You will not be recieving any finicial compensation for your loss.
Yours Sincerely,
Dio JJynn Lanchester
Kyran crumbled the paper up and banged his fist against the brick wall before falling to his knees. This was bad. Really bad. After a moment or two, he forced himself to get to his feet and head back home. Kyran refused to give up on his brother. He didn't have much time though. He grabbed the first aid kit that they always had ready and threw on an extra coat. Then he started for the south gate.
Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 19, 2020 01:29 AM

The Divergent
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Holden/Male/19/M: Other Survivors


The fight between Holden and his father was replaying in his head like a broken record. What troubled him was not leaving his father, in fact, he was happy he didnt have to deal with him anymore. It was the fact that now he was in the middle of nowhere in the blistering cold.

Holden started becoming anxious and began fidgeting with the knife in his pocket. Even though he couldn't see them, he knew exactly where his initials were etched into the knife. He continued to rub his thumb over his initials as he tried to regroup his thoughts and think about the positives of his predicament

The biggest plus, he no longer had to put up with his father anymore. That thought alone caused Holden to produce a slight smile. The other positive, he wasnt alone out here in the cold. The fact that the group he was with was made up of complete strangers didnt bother Holden in the slightest. He enjoyed his solitude, but in times like these he thought only an idiot would be stupid enough to try to survive out here alone. Besides, from the little bit he's gathered, the group to him seems fairly trustworthy.

Holden had only one responsibility for the time being, help to ensure everyone makes it alive to the next safe zone. He knew his role was to do everything in his power to make sure everyone made it, and he knew he would die trying if it that's what it came down to. The only thing that mattered to him was working together with the other survivors.

Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 19, 2020 10:19 AM

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Mj's fac was wet with tears as she walked away from the faint light that meant so much to her. The light was her home, her safety and her family was there... but she didn't want to go back not now not ever. Mj Hated that place even though it meant the world to her it was her world all she had ever known. Mj deserved more she wanted everthing she could have not just the share her parents gave her. Mj began to run away from that light from her prison from the place she was confined to all of her life.. but now she was free. Mj ran for a long time but she got tired and she couldnt see anything but the hard Icy ground for miles so she slowed down to a walk then stoped and layed down on the ground to rest.
Morning Never Came-Survival RP-RP Thread October 19, 2020 11:08 AM

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Kyran - Male - 23 - M: Open
Kyran glanced around the corner at the guards who stood at the gate. He cursed softly under his breath. How the hell did Dio get Julian past these guys in the first place? Did he bribe them? Dio was quite resourceful after all so it seemed likely. Or maybe he made a distraction. Kyran really wasn't sure. He bit his lip, thinking. He didn't really have anything valuable on him. At least nothing that he was willing to part with that is. Kyran glanced around the corner again and said "Screw it," before getting up and striding towards the gate. The guards didn't notice him at first. After all, they wouldn't expect people to try to leave this place, let alone from the south gate. But when they did notice, they somehow didn't seem too surprised. The guards stood. They had a certain light in their eyes and the way the were postured said that they wanted to fight. Kyran curled his lip, prepared to give it his all. After all, his brother's life was on the line. But suddenly, a tall, slender woman stepped forward, putting her hand up, waving the other guards off. Kyran scowled and began to slow, approaching more cautiously, unsure of what her intentions were. Then, the woman was taking off her mask, revealing her face. She was quite stunning actually, and it kind of threw Kyran off guard for a second. All of this was kind of throwing him off guard actually. The woman suddenly reached out her hand towards him, a slight smile crossing her face but not really reaching her eyes. "My names Kenya Duras McCartney. I'm the leading officer of the sixth battalion. It's nice to finally meet you Kyran." She announced. The guards behind her glared at him but stepped back, sitting back down on their benches, grumbling. Kyran scowled but he took her offered hand and shook it anyhow, still eyeing the men behind her, who had just sheathed their firearms. He looked back at Kenya then, understandably puzzled. He had heard of her before. She was a good person of high rank though there were plenty of rumors of her going around that didn't sound all that good. "Why are you here officer? Surely this is not where you are stationed." He spoke uncertainly, but tried to be at least somewhat respectful. She didn't seem like she wanted to fight him like the other guys but he honestly had no clue about what she was up to or whether or not he could trust her. Kenya let go of his hand and took a step back, shrugging her shoulders. "Well, I heard that you needed help. After what you did for my sister, I decided that it was necessary to repay the favor." She told him. Kyran wasn't quite sure what she was talking about and it must have shown on his face because Kenya was smiling more brightly and then started to explain. "January 19th, about 8:30 in the evening a couple were making their way home from a friends house when suddenly a man in a thick navy blue cloak attacked them with a blade. He stabbed the guy and was going for his fiance next but someone had heard the sound of the man's screams and came to their rescue. This heroic civilian was able to disarm the attacker though not before being stabbed himself. He was able to fend off the crook despite his serious wound and brought the couple to a hostpital where the husband and himself were able to recieve treatment. Does this sound familiar at all Mr. Layn?" She said with a knowing smile. Kyran huffed but nodded. Yeah, he knew that story quite well. He just hadn't realized who the girl was at the time though. "I didn't do it because it was Adelayde-" Kyran started. "I know." Kenya said suddenly, interrupting him. "Which is just another reason why I came. You're a good man Kyran. I wanted to thank you somehow. I know what Dio has been up to and I promise he will pay for this. In the meantime.." She said before stepping aside and gesturing towards the gate. "I know Julian means a lot to you. Just like Adelayde means so much to me. I gathered a few men who will accompany you out past the gate. They will try to help you find your brother." Kenya told him. Kyran looked at her, shocked but grateful all the same. Three men stood up then and approached him. One of the guys reached out to hand him something. It was a bag. Kyran took it and inspected the contents real fast. There was flashlight, some food, water, a compass, matches, another first aid, a knife, a heating pad, rope, and a rolled up tarp. Kyran donned the bag and shook Kenya's hand once more, thanking her. And then they set out, past the south gate into the frigid unknown.

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