where wolves
12:08:26 Winter wolf queen
-WP Click- Some one said they would buy her for 20 apples and did not what do I do with her
The Fugitives
12:08:19 Fugi
where wolves
12:07:36 Winter wolf queen
Glow I would not keep her she to me is bone
12:06:47 glowing root h
i mean starter male*=
12:06:41 glowing root h
-WP Click-
should I keep her just cause she's the daughter of my alpha female?
where wolves
12:06:38 Winter wolf queen
I want to open my geode so bad but don’t have any apples I just need one apple ugh
12:06:06 glowing root h
broo no SVs :')
The Fugitives
12:05:48 Fugi
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Alright! Got through a month ^^
12:04:48 Too Many Fandoms
Why are gore bundles so darn expensive???
Sweetwater River
12:02:16 river/sweet/swater
good luck
Dogs wolves
Hey any tips I am new
12:01:32 Mass Exploring Queen
Yes, a ptarmigan feather, found in tundra in explore
Sweetwater River
12:01:24 river/sweet/swater
12:01:11 Mass Exploring Queen
Of course. Want their sibling/s?
isnt there a feather or other items
Sweetwater River
12:00:44 river/sweet/swater
thank you grandma
12:00:26 Mass Exploring Queen
I sent you two feathers that should help you get a dynamic coat.
Destinations End
12:00:26 Desti, Coy, Coydog
11:58:07 cowboi 1 <]:D
Breed to a wolf with a dynamic coat or hope a pup pops up with one by random.
Little Pumpkin
11:58:04 Little, Pumpkin
The coats are random but you can use a feather to increase the chances


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Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread October 30, 2020 01:29 PM

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Amira yawned and got up. She remembered watching Jaxxon and Kaala play as she fell asleep. Miria was still sleeping next to her and Kaala had curled up next to Miria. Amira smiled at the sight and shook out her coat. She stepped out of the den into the clear morning. A odd howl came from nearby and then a jingling. Amira started barking in alarm, not knowing what it was. Suddenly Honey limped into camp. "I'm back! I made it!" She called out. It a moment for Amira to reckognise her. Honey had dirt on her with thorns on her legs and with pebbles sticking to her coat. She gasped and leaped forward to hug her. "Where have you been? You were missing for a long time! So much has happened." Amira pulled back then ran to her den to tell Miria.
Blowfly woke to barking in the camp. He lifted his head and shook it to clear his mind. He stood up and remembered he could leave the den today. "I'm back! I made it back!" He heard a sweet voice call out. Blowfly hurried to the edge of the den to see who had spoken. Amira was hugging a black and white dog that had dirt on her. Blowfly stared at her. Even though she had dirt on her, she was the most beautiful dog he had ever seen. Amira ran back to her den and returned with Miria. They all talked together and Blowfly took one step toward her. Then he stopped and simply watched her. He barely noticed another wolf slip by them in to the forest.

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Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread October 30, 2020 04:00 PM

Red Oak
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Having played with Kaala, Jaxxon had tired himself out. He went to sleep near, but not next to, Miria and Kaala that night. Analia and Lou were still not back, and Jaxxon was going to go look for them in the morning.
He was woken up quite suddenly when a dog of some kind entered the camp. He'd never seen the dog before, yet Miria and Amira were both talking to the dog. They seemed to know her. Jaxxon folded his ears back and stepped away. He couldn't deal with more dogs, there were already too many.
Time to go. Jaxxon thought, swiftly leaving the camp. Lucky for him, his leg had managed to heal up enough for him to put weight on it again. That meant that Jaxxon could get out into the forest at a fast enough pace to let his thoughts clear and his mind wander.
With his floppy ear bouncing off of his head with every other step, Jaxxon made his way to the border. He knew that Analia and Lou were probably by the stream, though Jaxxon wanted to give them a bit more time just in case they had fallen asleep there or something.
Finding the spot where he patrolled the whole night, Jaxxon allowed himself to walk in that trodden down line. It felt just like it had a few days ago, before the dogs entered the pack. Feeling his old anger towards the animals again, Jaxxon stopped walking and sighed.
"Are you going to tell them? That you're part dog?" Jaxxon asked himself aloud, hoping no one was around to hear him.
"No. They cant know. There's no reason to tell them now, if they haven't figured it out yet." He answered himself.
Shaking his head, Jaxxon got up and started walking again, his mind filled with how/when/if he was going to tell anyone about his half dog mother. Analia knew, but she wasn't going to tell anyone.
"Should Miria know?" Jaxxon asked himself, quite suddenly. He immediately shook his head in anger. "No no no. She can't know, none of them can." Jaxxon sighed, continuing to walk back and forth, back and forth.
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread October 30, 2020 04:28 PM

Moony Night Howlers
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Lou stood up since the streams of mist and the cold winds dead down a bit.
"We should go back Analia. Jaxxon must be worried, he hasn't seen you for a day or two now. Let's go back home now." Lou nosed Analia.
Mickey had been sleeping near the entrance to the camp when a dog came barrelling in hopping and yapping like crazy.
"I'm back!I made it back." She was talking to Amira and Miria within seconds.
Miria hugged Honey and laughed. Her friend was back, but still someone was missing. Mickey... And Jaxxon weren't in sight.
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread October 30, 2020 05:58 PM

Northern Pack
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Kaala yawns as she wakes up, she jumps up, careful not to wake miria up. She trots out of the den and sniffs the air, the foul scents were faint now, she observed, relieved and wanting to play, she looks around the camp for Jaxxon before lifting her nose to the air again. Searching for his scent
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread October 30, 2020 07:17 PM

Red Oak
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Woken by Lou saying that they should get back to camp, Analia realized that she had fallen asleep next to him.
"Ugh, wha... alright." Analia agreed, still sleepy. She hoped that she didn't look like she did last night- begging herself to stop thinking the way that she was.
"Thank you, for coming here. I... did not think anyone would." Analia thanked Lou, standing up.
She shook out her brown fur, and she looked up at the sky. It was day. And Lou was right- Jaxxon was almost certainly looking for her. He was probably back at the camp, along with everyone else.
"Alright, we can go." Analia licked Lou's nose, and began to trot in the direction of camp.
(Note- Jaxxon is still pacing at the border)

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Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread November 2, 2020 05:49 PM

Northern Pack
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Kaala catches Jaxxons scent and bounds off towards it, silently weaving through the trees and not making a sound, her body was getting bigger and she was becoming a bit taller, she realized with pride, she was becoming a beautiful wolf. She beamed with pride, if only her birth mother could see her now. She would see that it was a mistake to abandon her. As Jaxxons scent grows stronger she slows down, wagging her tail slightly, she made sure she was upwind, so he wouldn't scent her coming. She slowly creeps closer, any day she would become an apprentice. And she will rise the ranks
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread November 12, 2020 04:32 PM

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Blowfly shook his head to clear it. Looking back at the new female, he walked forward. He reached the three females who were conversing and sat down. "Hello, I'm.....Blowfly." He said, trying not to stare at her. Amira smiled again. Turning to Honey, she introduced him. "This is Blowfly, he escaped the avalanche but hurt his paw." Blowfly nodded. "I am allowed out of the den now though." He stated. Amira turned to him. "This is Honey, she was in the camp for a little before dissapearing. She just got back."

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