10:26:32 Medic! Oh wait...
10:20:01 Shadows / Kaye
Welcome to the guard
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Sign ups open.
10:19:39 Azu
Ah I have to keep coloring now xD
Elemental Draconians
10:19:36 Leopard's minion
Its only a start. I hope to actually write the whole thing.
Diana Prince
10:18:56 *Sturm Noises*
@Silly @Sjuk - How does it look now?
10:17:07 dreamer
@elemental Yes keep it.
10:14:49 Kala
-WP Click-

If only she had aqua eyes
Elemental Draconians
10:12:13 Leopard's minion
Should I keep what I have?
10:10:43 dreamer
what do you think of my Bio? I tried my best in giving enough Information.
Elemental Draconians
10:07:56 Leopard's minion
I should redo mine. But it has a insert for a story.
10:04:06 Silly-wan Kenobi
I finally cleaned up my bio ^^ not so scruffy now.
10:03:31 Blue
-WP Click-

Rp sign ups!
10:03:12 Castamere
Thanks silly
10:02:35 Azu
In the forums there is a guide that says "Wolfplay game years." That's what I go off of
10:02:15 Silly-wan Kenobi
Right here, Drumer. I update it every year.
-WP Click-
10:01:09 Castamere
How i see the game year?
09:59:49 *cannibal noises*
09:59:39 *cannibal noises*
Mines only near because I was sick of it looking like a damn tornado hit a bag of scrabble tiles e.o

Also those fucking borders are a-holes to place >.>
09:59:20 Azu
I got sick of my bio so I just Pmed someone asking for a poem. I said nothing else and they came up with what I have xD
09:59:07 Shadows / Kaye
K-9 Guard
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Now open !


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Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 03:16 PM

Twist Of Fate
Posts: 1500
Basically, just a bunch of wild horses on a deserted island. No human interaction. There are a few large predators on this island, namely an undefined species of large feline, like a cougar but with different patterns. They prey on any lone horses and seem to especially like mares with newborn foals.

There is only one herd on the island, though other stallions can try to form their own in the roleplay.
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 03:16 PM

Twist Of Fate
Posts: 1500
#1.) - Follow all of WolfPlay's rules for roleplaying. Keep everything PG-13, skip over breeding scenes, etc. This also means to follow Eve's image guidelines; if you use pictures in your sign-up sheet, make sure you are allowed to use the pictures. No one wants their forum thread locked, now do we?

#2.) - I'm not expecting a novel for every reply, because that can be incredibly tiring over time. However, I'd like to ask for at least 5 sentences per response. Just a general guideline. Proper spelling/grammar is also appreciated.

#3) - Have fun! :D Drama in the RP is encouraged, outside of the RP is not.

#4) - No humans or mentions of humans in the horses' backstories, please. These horses are completely wild, and the island has never been discovered by humans.
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 03:18 PM

Twist Of Fate
Posts: 1500

:Lead Stallion:
Sol - TillBrook

:Lead Mare:
Summer - DarkShadows


:Herd Mares:
Rose - Peace Bringers
Hedera - Allkiminia
Mosaic - Twist Of Fate
Willow - Shadow Hunters
Shoteka - Mafia Queen
(Need at least 3 for RP to start)

Red Vision - Colt - Summer x Sol - Phantom Predator

--:Outside of the Herd:--

:Lone/Bachelor Stallions:
EchoHawk - Mafia Queen
Dusk - Shadow Hunters
Jackrabbit - Waltz
Shadowfax - Rogue Rogue
Saja - Maenads of the Stars
(limit of 7)

:Lone Mares:
Fawn's Kiss - Phantom Predators
(Limit of 3)
(cats would pick them off)
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 03:19 PM

Twist Of Fate
Posts: 1500
You may post!!!

Please use this format

Name - Location - Mentions:

Thank you!

Edited at July 22, 2019 03:21 PM by Twist Of Fate
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 04:01 PM

Rogue Rouge
Posts: 152
Shadowfax | Some Hill | Mentions: Open

Gulping lung-fulls of air with every beat, Shadow galloped across the open field, leaving hoof indents in his wake. Dirt and grass flying, he bounced with joy as he raced the wind. Reaching a small hill, Shadow promptly halted, his feet leaving skid marks in the ground. He had a perfect view of the ocean and the pastures, seeing clearly the herd grazing lazily below him. Rearing and kicking the air, Shadow turned on his hinds before resuming his previous activity, promptly galloping out of sight before the herds stallion saw him.

(didn't really know what to say oops)
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 05:12 PM

Posts: 1395
Oof give me moment lol)
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 05:59 PM

Mafia Queen
Posts: 881
Shoteka | Herd | Mentions: Open

Shoteka swished her tail at a fly and quivered, sending several more buzzing off to find a new place to sit. Her ears were pinned flat against her head and her legs itched as more landed and bit her. She was going to kill them all.

Well, she couldn't, but she wanted to.

Shoteka snapped at another one and broke into a canter. Her long legs covered the grassland easily till she was on the outskirts of the herd. Since there were less horses here, the flies were less as well.

Echohawk | Beach | Mentions: Open

Hawk turned his slate colored head towards the blue expanse filling his eyes as far as he could see. Waves lapped at his legs, and he welcomed the water's coolness on his legs. He inhaled deeply and began walking down the beach, relaxed and, honestly, half asleep.
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 06:07 PM

Posts: 1374
Summer || Lead Mare || Herd || M: Herd

Summer gazed over the herd her beautifully slightly arched neck shook, her black mane waving trying to rid of the pesky flies. She let out a soft nicker calling the herd together it was time to find an area to take the herd to drink.
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 08:11 PM

Twist Of Fate
Posts: 1500
Mosaic | Herd | Mentions: Summer, Shoteka

Her usual activities for the morning consisted of watching and listening to the herd... A habit left over from her time as lead mare, she supposed. With a sigh, the pregnant mare lowered her head to graze halfheartedly, nibbling on the grass but finding it quite flavorless. Ah, how the sense of taste changes during pregnancy... She wasn't sure if she would ever get used to all of it, really...

Her legs ached, particularly her knees, so she settled down on the grass, watching the herd around her. As she watched, the new lead mare began to try and herd the horses towards the watering hole. She sighed, shaking her head slightly, and shifted onto her flank where it was more comfortable. The poor thing was little more than a filly, and Mosi knew all too well that the herd wouldn't listen to her. Only the lead stallion would take the herd to their favorite drinking spot. She laid her head down and started to drift off for a nap, when cantering hooves nearby caught her attention and she looked up to see a filly running away from the herd, skidding to a stop near where Mosi lay.

"Where are you going in such a hurry, Shoteka?" she nickered, shifting onto her belly and starting to stand.
Wild Horse Herd RP Thread July 22, 2019 08:27 PM

No Real Ending
Posts: 282
Fawn's Kiss | A Random Valley | Mentions: Open

The gold-dust mare shook her coat, flies buzzing around. A small crunch could be heard as she stomped her hoof, ears pinned back. Her tail swishing, Fawn's Kiss turned a circle, nostrils flared. There was a sharp scent of some other creature, but she couldn't identify it. This fact frighten her, and the mare whinnied, trotting forwards.

Red Vision | Herd | Mentions: Summer

The young colt frolicked in the tall grass, bucking and leaping. In front of his small nose, a butterfly flittered. Neighing in delight, he chased after it.

In a short amount of time, he completed a wide circle, and almost crashed into his dam.

"Ma! Ma! Did you see? I almost caught the butterfly!" he cried proudly, puffing out his chest in a ridiculous manner.

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