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Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 13, 2019 12:10 AM

Posts: 1023

Famous People (7/7)

-Kate Swift - 20 - Female - Acting + Singing (SpiritLuna)
-Axel Wren - 21 - Male - Acting + Singing (Breeders)
-Remus Jonstone - 19 - Male - Figure Skating (Death's Messenger)
-Carter Brian - 21 - Female - Acting + Art + Singing (Murdering Crow)
-Hibiscus Deformé - 16 - Female - Singing + Theater + Opera (Lebensmüde)
-Sierra Collins - 19 - Female - Figure Skating + Dancing (Ballet) (Diviena)
-Daleyza Scott - 17 - Female - Painting + Dancing + Lightshows (Foxtails)

People Auditioning (3/3)

-Selene Di Larose - 20 - Female - Singing + Guitar + Piano (Les Etranges)
-Ash Wolf - 23 - Female - Singing (Brightclan)
-Lucas Allen - 25 - Male - Acting + Modeling (Diviena)

People with Famous people on tour (Must play a musical instrument, do special effects or are backup singers or dancers) (5/5)

-Michell (Mic) Ruiz - 18 - Male - Does both (Kumori)
-Jacob Di Larose - 25 - Male - Violin + Guitar (Les Etranges)
-Dean Di Larose - 20 - Male - Special effects (Les Etranges)
-Aiden Ricci - 20 - Male - Drums (The Electric Mayhem)
-Avalanche Symphony - 18 - Female - Drums (Mystic Walkers)


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Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 13, 2019 12:42 AM

Posts: 1023
So you think you got what it takes to be famous and to join our tour across the world. Well, whoever three lovely people win this, they will have a once in a lifetime chance of mingling with famous people... possibly. Good Luck everyone at the audition and try your best.


Always follow Eve's rules
Write at least 4 sentences minimum
Don't hate the player, hate the character
If you are going to fight and severely hurt the character, PM the person first
No 'See In RP' please
I have the right to accept/ decline any forms, so don't get mad
You have three attempts to retry your form
Please be on daily
Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 13, 2019 01:00 AM

Posts: 1023
Kate Swift | 20 | Female | None

Kate sighed as she walked in the streets, humming her favourite song she created. It was called 'Devils By Night.' She was thinking about something, possibly a tour, see her old friends again, that had travelled with her for a very long time, over the years she had been in this career. Then, Kate smiled and rang some people that could help her. "Yeah, I'd like to announce something on live TV." She says. They could get her in already and she headed over there as quickly as she could.
Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 13, 2019 07:17 AM

Posts: 2155
Hibiscus Deformé | 16 | Female | Mentions: Open

She flipped her fur coat, which was made of a wolf hide, over her shoulder. Hibiscus smiled and struck a somewhat seductive pose for the paparazzi trailing behind her like ants. Lights flashed as she smiled with her pearly white teeth. One of them spoke loudly over the others. "So when are you going to find a romantic companion, Hibiscus?" All of the other paparazzi and news interviewers perked up and started chirping the question right after.

The olive toned female kept up her flashy smile, and stuck out her hip slightly. This evolved to her skinny frame being obvious and blatant, which is the effect she was going for. Her voice was dripping with honey as she purred, "Whenever I feel like it." She shot one of the paparazzi cameras a wink, and there was a chorus of flashes and camera shutters as they all caught the flirtatious gesture.

Hibiscus continued walking, the wolf fur following behind her in a large, flowy cape. She was wearing a beautifully made, yet simple, dress. The dress was tight fitting, and made of a velvety material with a slit going down the right leg. The cameramen and paparazzi continued following the 16 year old, kept flashing pictures of her, and ask her questions which she ignored.

Even though she ignored the questions, Hibiscus still flashed a smile at the vulture like humans every once in a while. And she still answered a few questions. Like one a female interviewer asked. "How did you like your cover on 'Vogue Weekly'? We all heard the photo shoot was chaotic." Hibiscus responded as she walked, looking in expensive shop windows at perfume and clothing items. Especially shoes.

"The shoot was a madhouse, but we emerged with beautiful photos. I'm sure you've all seen them, Queridos?" She had actually spoken Spanish for them! This was a very rare sight. Everyone already knew that Hibicus has Spanish accent when she spoke English, but her foreign language was hardly ever spoken for the cameras.

This caused a ruckus. Cameras flashing like crazy, reporters asking for her to speak again as they got cameras rolling. Hibiscus put up a hand to the cameras as she tried to push her way through the forming crowd to go to the cafe. Hibiscus finally made it there, and the paparazzi decided to follow her.

She let out a sigh, and just went to sit down at a table near the window. The cameras, still flashing, were dying down some. Not a lot, but some.

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Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 13, 2019 10:45 AM

Posts: 1094
Daleyza Scott | 17| Female | None
Daleyza stared at the empty canvas, trying to decide what to paint. She dipped her largest brush into the bucket of paint and smiled. Glancing back every now and again, Dal created one of her masterpieces. She was applying the<span style="background-color: rgb(246, 213, 217);"> final touches when her manager burst through the door.
"Oh, good! I finally found you. Here is the contract for the art museum."
Dal flipped her black and blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled, "Thank you! I will get that signed as soon as I am cleaned up." She pointed at her paint covered arms. Mara, her manager, just sighed and left.

Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 15, 2019 02:14 AM

Posts: 346
Sierra Collins | 19 | Female | Mentions: Open
Sierra sighed deeply and looked at the mirror in front of her.
"Get ready!" Her teacher said loudly as she got into her position. She took a deep breath and started practicing her choreography. Before she could even finish her dance her teacher told her to stop. "Sierra your Grand Jete is still a bit clumsy." She said baldly and shook her head. Sierra nodded quietly. "Go get some rest. We will continue tomorrow." Her teacher said and walked out of the room.
Sierra looked after her and sighed. She took her pointe shoes off and packed up her stuff. After packing she walked out of the studio and looked down. "I should get something to eat..." She said to herself as she walked down the street towards cafe.

Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 15, 2019 04:34 PM

Posts: 2155
(I won't let this die.)

Hibiscus Deformé | 16 | Female | Mentions: Sierra Collins

The gorgeous female made a slightly irritated sound as she shoved a hand at the cameras and flounced out of her seat, staying wordless as she made her way through the cafe and out to the streets again. Hibiscus was getting slightly fed up with these paparazzi, but theater was part of her job. As was acting. Along with the fact she had to deal with pricks all the time, of course.

Hibiscus walked down the street, and everyone seemed to clear a path for her like she was Moses or something. People were intimidated by Hibiscus for some reason, and she didn't give a crap. Flicking a piece of golden hair over her shoulder, Hibiscus nearly collided with Sierra. "Watch-Oh!" The paparazzi continued to trail behind Hibiscus like ants, and she had to keep up a good public appearance.

"Sierra, right? I saw your art somewhere before! At the show down in Roseville!" This, for once, was completely true. Hibiscus had seen this girl, and being the opera populare she is, without a doubt Sierra knew who she was. I mean, Hibiscus was everywhere. Television commercials? You already know. Magazines? On nearly every cover. Cooking shows, billboards, even stinkin' candle shop windows! Hibiscus, of course, was in many, many musicals, plays, and other such theater objectives.
Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 16, 2019 08:42 AM

Posts: 1023
(Hopefully it doesn't die)

Kate Swift | 20 | Female | Mentions: Open

Her agent worked miracles doing stuff and getting her on Live Television. She sighed as the commercials finished and the man who was doing the talk turned to her and started to ask questions after a little chat.

"So, Kate, I hear that it is that time of year again that you will be doing a tour around the world again." He says. People started to cheer in the background and Kate sighed before speaking. "Yeah, I'm doing the tour around the world and only three lucky people will be chosen to join us, as well as the famous people from last year, they will hopefully be joining me again like the past three years." She says.

The presenter thought of another question, when the incident from last year came to his head. "Are you not worried about what happened last year could happen this year when someone was late to a performance and their boyfriend got hit." He says. Kate just looked at him. "We don't need to talk about it." She says.

"So, where is the location of the audition?" He asked. Kate thought about it. "Our location is near where Indigo Titanium played last week." She says. The man nodded. "We would like people with good talents to come, so if you think you have what it takes, then come on down." She added. "Alright let's go to commercial." He says and Kate smiled and walked away.
Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 16, 2019 02:37 PM

Posts: 346
Sierra Collins | 19 | Female | Mentions: Hibiscus Deformé

Sierra was lost in her thoughts when she suddenly heard someone call to her. As she looked up she saw gorgeous young woman in front of her. "Oh, my apologies." She said politely and looked at the woman with faint smile. "I was so lost in my own thoughts that I forgot to look where I was going." She laughed a little and took small step back.

At first Sierra didn't recognize the young lady but soon she realized who she was. "Yes, that's me." She smiled a little embarrassed about the fact that she didn't recognize her at the first sight. "Oh you saw that show?" She asked a bit surprised. Sure she knew that the show was pretty well known but it was surprising that Hibiscus herself had seen it. The thought that Hibiscus, well known opera singer had watched her perform instantly brought warm smile to her face. "I hope it was worth watching." She said and let out gentle laugh.

Beyond The Stage (Roleplay Thread) April 16, 2019 02:59 PM

Posts: 346
Lucas Allen | 25 | Male | Mentions: None

Lucas yawned as he walked out of the studio. He had just assured his co-workers that he was all done with his work but really that wasn't the case. He looked up at the sky and smiled. Finally he got some time to rest after all hard work he had done. Or that's how he tended to call it. In reality, was just bored and very sleepy. "I couldn't have stayed much longer in that noisy place." He thought to himself as he started walking towards a park that was nearby.

Soon after arriving to the park he sat down on a bench. He tried to close his eyes to get some sleep but in vain. There were many kids playing around and it was nearly impossible to fall asleep in such a noisy place. Lucas stood up and yawned again. He looked around for calmer place and noticed big tree at the side of the park. "That seems good enough." He said to himself and walked to the tree. "At least those kids wont disturb me here." He decided to lay down under the tree and soon he fell asleep.

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