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Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 02:35 PM

Fate's Cruelty
Posts: 3986
Fate | F | Soon to be mother | Sky | M: Pack

Fate gazed up at her leader, her ears twitching. She gazed around the pack before resting on Rock. She smiled fondly at the pup before bringing her sky blue eyes back to her leader.
Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 03:04 PM

-Black Shadow-
Posts: 3378
Sisika || Female || Alpha || Eclipse Pack || Mentions: Shadow, Blackburr, Corvus

A hint of an amused smile crept onto her face once Blackburr had reported her findings to them. "I find it rather pathetic," she scoffed before shaking her head. "I wonder if the only reason they need another alpha is because they realize that they are soon to be defeated by us," she added on before glancing over at Shadow. "Interesting indeed. It's also good news that they are running out of prey, as it can make them even weaker, which would be perfect for the Eclipse Pack," she said with a small grin.
Pathetic weaklings. She thought to herself before nodding her cranium to Blackburr, "Thank you for reporting this to us," she told the spy.
Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 03:40 PM

Posts: 301
Corvus - Male - Beta - Eclipse - Mentions: Shadow, Sisika, Blackburr

Nodding his thanks towards Blackburr he looks at the alphas. "When the hunting team goes out should i lead them into sky territory? We can completely eradicate their food supply if we wish." Slowly sweeping his tail across the ground he waits for the alphas answer. Knowing he'll have to head out and find a trail of something very soon he closes his eyes, while sitting, to try to get a couple minutes of shut eye. Thinking of another idea to weaken them further he says what he thinks. "We could even try to raid their food den and get an earlier surrender if you wish. We will of course need a distraction if that is a plan of action."
Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 04:50 PM

Posts: 3029
Tiger- Male- Medic Assistant- Sky- M: Rock
Tiger flicked his ear back when he heard what Rock mumbled. HE nudged him lightly.
"Hey. Relax. It'll be over soon. Then if I've got nothing to do and your mom lets you... I'll play with you." He whispered. Tiger's tail curled tightly around his body... he hadn't played with anyone since you-know-who.
Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 05:34 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Blackburr / Female / Spy / Eclipse Pack / Mentions: Shadow, Corvus, Sisika.

She felt sick at the ideas the wolves were having. There were pups in the Sky pack camp, pups who could get hurt of there was a raid. She had learned to hide her kind personality a long time ago leaving her a shell to hide her feelings in. She stayed in a submissive position waiting for new orders or to be dismissed.

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Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 05:45 PM

Posts: 1590
Shadow | Male | Alpha | Eclipse | Mentions: Sisika, Corvus, Blackburr

He highly agreed with his mate. This was proof of just how weak they were. “I don’t think directly invading their camp is a good idea. However hunting around their territory or on the border would be good, we may be able to scare the prey away from those areas. We should let them starve a bit longer. That way when there is a time for an invasion they will be weak and helpless.” He said with a small chuckle. He loved it when a plan came together, especially one as great as this.

Moon | Female | Alpha | Sky | Mentions: Pack

She looked over to her pack. They were short on many members and very low on males. How would she ever choose? Their spy was out of the question because his job was so important. None of the medics were allowed to have mates so they weren’t on option either. The only other male was Rock, be is far to young to be alpha. Maybe one of the hunters? She was running out of options and didn’t know what to do. Maybe she should go looking for a stray? She new it wasn’t the best idea but she needed to come up with something fast. Her pack was depending on her.

“Well, as you know our pack is quite small and doesn’t have to many members, we are especially low on males. I may have to go out and seek more members to join the Sky Pack. I know this pounds pathetic but I don’t honestly know what to do.” She said with a sigh. This was really stressful for her. Was she a bad alpha?

Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 06:02 PM

Fate's Cruelty
Posts: 3986
Fate | F | Soon to be mother | Sky | M: Pack

She didn't say anything, only clenched her jaw. A pain exploded in her belly and she gasped softly. She clenched her teeth together to stop a whine from coming out. Her pups weren't due till next week, were they coming now? She looked at the ground, still listening to her alpha.
Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 06:15 PM

Posts: 122
Nightmare/ Female/ Beta/ Eclipse/ M: Open

An inky black wolf raced through the forest with a rabbit in her mouth. Nightmare tried to sneak onto the Sky Pack territory since they had better prey, but she failed. All she could find was one rabbit. Not enough to feed the pack, so she decided to keep it to her self. As she approached the camp where the Eclipse Pack called home base , Nightmare quickly scarfed down the rabbit and buried the remains so they would have any scavengers lurking around. She stalked into camp keeping her head low. Nightmare wasn't a very social wolf and preferred to keep to herself.

(Sorry that I am a little behind :D)
Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 08:10 PM

Posts: 7809
Roi|Male|Lead Hunter|Eclipse|Mentions: Zihna, Celeste

Roi watched as Celeste walked away. He turned back to Zihna. "Sorry. I've been.. absent minded for a few days." He said sitting. "I will help you. If you want me too." He said with a smile. All he could think about was Celeste.

Reine|Female|Beta|Sky|Mentions: Moon

Reine looked at moon. She walked up to the rock but didnt go up. "Alpha, may I speak to you for a moment?" She asked with a smile. She hadn't wanted to say anything but it was probably time.

Short, sorry)

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Wolf RP || OPEN February 14, 2019 08:43 PM

Posts: 301
Corvus - Male - Beta - Eclipse - Mentions: Shadow, Blackburr, Sisika

Smiling contently he can't wait for the rivalry between the packs to be over. Eyes still closed he says. "Well I'm off to search for a scent in the other territory. I shall return when I've found a lead for the hunters." Opening his eyes and looking at Blackburr. "We'll be over with this soon dear, so you can get rest soon enough." Giving her a hopeful smile and looking her in the eyes he heads outside of the packs grounds and starts towards the Sky Pack.

Sniffing the air as he crosses the 'border' between the packs he doesn't immediately smell anything and continues his search in their lands.

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