Teddy Bear
04:59:38 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Ooh, what about Aislinn instead? :)
It means Dream, Vision
Ghost Gryphon
04:51:44 Tempter | they/he
g'night y'all, i will see you folks later
Teddy Bear
04:46:59 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Okie doke :) Nefelibata it is :)

Thankyou :) She was designed by my good friend Lavender <3
04:45:10 Arik,Deso
5am gang!

Alright goodnight XD
Ghost Gryphon
04:44:09 Tempter | they/he

gah it's 5 am, I was trying all day to finish this and im finally done!
04:43:06 bre/crim (she/her)
nefelibata! i love that design :o
Teddy Bear
04:34:23 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Which should I name her?:
Reverie (A state of being plesently lost in ones thoughts, a daydream)
Eunoia (Beautiful thinking, A well mind)
Nefelibata ("Cloud Walker" One who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams or one who does not obey conventions of society, literature or art)

Ghost Gryphon
04:22:05 Tempter | they/he
pfft crim she left almost an hour ago
04:19:20 bre/crim (she/her)
alr gn!
03:37:59 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Well, im am gonna try and get some sleep, bye chat
03:30:27 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
lol, I just want some sleep, I am supposed to be up at 7am, ahh
03:29:29 bre/crim (she/her)
nah still got a lot of energy in me
Ghost Gryphon
03:29:16 Tempter | they/he
that sucks, what'd you do?
03:27:48 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
no she was crying for our mom.

Yup. Well at least you should be tired by now.
Ghost Gryphon
03:26:29 Tempter | they/he
^im in the same boat as crim
03:25:48 BegoneThoughts
Anyone want to RP?

also would love some likes on my OCs
03:25:36 bre/crim (she/her)
dang that sucks, ive just been up all night
Ghost Gryphon
03:25:28 Tempter | they/he
was she creepily standing over you when you woke up? o.0
03:23:08 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Yea.. Rip sleep my sister woke me up because I think she was having a nightmare, now I cant fall back asleep....
Ghost Gryphon
03:21:25 Tempter | they/he
no mods on? cool

rip sleep


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for 20 years there has been a war between two different types of humans, the gifted and the normal humans. the gifted are known to have different powers ranging from controlling materials like solids(metal, wood, glass, etc.), animals, fire, water, plants, wind, light, and darkness. Since they are gifted the Humans began to fear them and their powers. So they ran and started their own country with some humans that supported them and they became their survants, advisors, and spys. Well eventually both sides got tired of the war, and losses of men and women, so both sides of the war decided to meet together to work on an agreement. The agreement would be: (players work on it in the rp.)

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