07:56:18 Somber
now its stuck in my head help me lmao
07:55:24 Somber
lol ikr
Can't believe it
That was traumatic lmao
I'm crying
07:54:50 Somber
LOL you got one too
07:54:31 Somber
lol i just got a never gonna give you up valentine card?
07:54:30 Snek, Snake
-WP Click- still alive lol
Who ever just sent that... how dare you. I can't believe I fell for it lmao. Never click the links...
What if you put like 20 sands of times on a wolf? Would it be like 30? Or would it immediately die despite it not being momday?
07:49:23 Somber
food lol, good*
07:49:14 Somber
food enough how about you draco?
Willow Tribe
07:49:08 Willow
She lives another day!!
-WP Click-
The Draconians
07:48:31 Draco, Chat Killer
Morning people. How we all doing?
Thanks, I missed a quiz and get 2 extra hours to study so I think it worked out lmao. Oh my parents will be getting a notice that I was late so that'll be fun to explain but it's fine. They are out of the country so mayb they won't know
07:45:50 Somber
07:45:41 Somber
my story of why im late- im lazy
07:45:22 Kaos || Khaos
I hope you have a better morning.
My story of why I'm late was I spilled hot coffee on me.
07:43:57 Jinx, Powder, Bat
I haven’t seen this show in ages, and I’m able to watch it for free. Today is the best. :o


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[LF] Small Group Pirate Roleplay (Looking for 3 More People)October 25, 2021 11:16 PM

Ice Storm
Posts: 232
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Hi! You may recognize me, you may not but I'm throwing my name down anyways. Ice Storm is generally fine, though if you must I'll also respond to any nicknames like Storm or Icee

Much like the title says I'm looking to do a small group roleplay that, including me, consists of 4 people! The plot is somewhat brief, but leaves room open for a lot of opportunity (at least I hope-) so I hope this will be able to spark your interest

It's set in an era where pirates still ruled the seas. A group of kids, determined to make a name just as grand as their predecessors, set sail in order to achieve glory and riches, but most of all make a name for themselves. There will be perilous adventure, new exploration, and a lot of world building involved from the landscape, the creatures, how the towns and villages function and the rules set, weapons, ranks, and a lot more so if that's not your cup of tea then that's okay! If it is, and you're okay with the below requirements, then perhaps consider joining

-Able to play at least 1 main character and 1 supporting character during the roleplay
-Characters gender ratio doesn't have to be even! Going off of the above, your character also doesn't have to be human. As long as it isn't too out of place then it's fine! If you're unsure, then run it by me first and I'll see if I can give you the go ahead
-Be able to write 500-1k+ words, the only acception I'll make is if you're going through writer's block
-Try and reply at the very least once or twice per week, it'll help to keep it alive and know you're still interested. If you're going on hiatus or something comes up just let us vaguely know, I understand life happens
-Don't be a dick in general. I'll immediately block you. Your character being one is fine, just again when chatting outside of the roleplay respect everyone else
-Controlling another's character (unless permission has been given) is a huge no. That said, additionally when initiating a fight with someone else give them time to strike back or respond
-Be able to keep forwarding or contributing to the plot, if you have an idea that you think would be fun or interesting, act on it :)
-LGBTQ+ is more than welcome. If you're someone who can't respect it, don't join.
-Killing off someone else's character is fine WITH PERMISSION GIVEN
-Do your best to be flexible both in the discussion and with what happens inside of the roleplay
-Most importantly, keep up communication
[LF] Small Group Pirate Roleplay (Looking for 3 More People)October 25, 2021 11:17 PM

Ice Storm
Posts: 232
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Just post below with general stuff like how many characters you're fine playing, how often you think you can post, how many words you can type, and anything else! I'll shoot you a PM to let you know you're in
[LF] Small Group Pirate Roleplay (Looking for 3 More People)October 27, 2021 07:00 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
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I'd be interested in joining, I could play 1 main character, 1 support character and 1 character who doesn't appear too often. I could try and type 500-1k words and will most likely type 500 if I have writer's block or I haven't got much to work with for the typing. I prefer playing female characters, but I could play a male one or two if needed, but my main character would most likely be female. I might make one of the characters non-human, but to a reasonable extent.

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