10:34:00 Fairy Godchild
@The Rat King

I felt that in my soul
10:33:46 The Rat King
Yeah ;-; and it was about how the creatures came to be, too :')
10:33:42 practice 40 hours
@floof flood
if you ever have chocolate for breakfast, i'm hunting you down
Shadow Sages
10:33:11 SS, Sages
Dragon~ Ouch. ;-;
10:32:33 The Rat King
I can't believe I just deleted an entire paragraph of lore about my distopian world ;-;
Shadow Sages
10:32:32 SS, Sages
Life~ I don't usually have chocolate for breakfast anyway. I'm respecting my liver.
10:30:44 practice 40 hours
@floof flood
what do you mean "okay"?!? never even want to eat chocolate pudding for breakfast-- respect your L I V E R, man--
10:30:33 Kit/Alma/Bug
Pack of Blazing Fire,
How come?
10:29:11 Techno | Texhno
Hey chat
Pack of Blazing Fire
I'm so nervous
Shadow Sages
10:27:01 SS, Sages
Life~ Okay.
10:24:58 practice 40 hours
*good care
10:24:50 practice 40 hours
it's worse when they're on catnip-- my poor everything.

@floof flood
bro, n o-- take good of your h e a l t h y.
Shadow Sages
10:23:51 SS, Sages
Woops, double posted.
Shadow Sages
10:23:25 SS, Sages
Life~ I'd have preferred chocolate pudding lol
10:22:31 Never Gonna
Ah yes, no furniture is safe from the claws of a cat. Theyre like little crackheads lmao
Shadow Sages
10:21:37 SS, Sages
Life~ I'd have preferred chocolate pudding lol
10:19:54 practice 40 hours
ah, yes, the zoomies..... i remember when my cat would have those-- my poor curtains :')
Dagger Pack
10:19:32 Zuko/Legacy
Looking for RP partners! PM me if interested!
10:18:45 practice 40 hours
@floof flood
...i ate chocolate pudding >.>


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Werewolf and LunarOrbit Shifter rp January 9, 2022 12:04 AM

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Ranger listened to her and said "Maybe this year will be fruitful or maybe not. I am not sure. My sister will be very happy when the baby is born. Would you like to meet the baby when he or she is born? I am sure that the park ranger will be happy and maybe he will be an amazing dad. I am pretty sure that when you feel ready and we have a family of our own. You will be an amazing mother."

Werewolf and LunarOrbit Shifter rp January 14, 2022 04:26 PM

Queen Elsa
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" I really hope so. I have wanted to start a family but Im just worried that we may not get the chance" Serenity said higging him front behind. " But if we do have little ones... things will be hard. I would be delighted to see the little ones when they come."
Werewolf and LunarOrbit Shifter rp January 14, 2022 04:37 PM

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Ranger listened to her and nodded. He said "no matter what the future will bring us. I know that I will be by your side." He was telling the truth. He would always be by her side no matter what the future was going to bring. He said "maybe someday my sister can come over and bring her kids for you"

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