Teddy Bear
04:59:38 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Ooh, what about Aislinn instead? :)
It means Dream, Vision
Ghost Gryphon
04:51:44 Tempter | they/he
g'night y'all, i will see you folks later
Teddy Bear
04:46:59 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Okie doke :) Nefelibata it is :)

Thankyou :) She was designed by my good friend Lavender <3
04:45:10 Arik,Deso
5am gang!

Alright goodnight XD
Ghost Gryphon
04:44:09 Tempter | they/he

gah it's 5 am, I was trying all day to finish this and im finally done!
04:43:06 bre/crim (she/her)
nefelibata! i love that design :o
Teddy Bear
04:34:23 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Which should I name her?:
Reverie (A state of being plesently lost in ones thoughts, a daydream)
Eunoia (Beautiful thinking, A well mind)
Nefelibata ("Cloud Walker" One who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams or one who does not obey conventions of society, literature or art)

Ghost Gryphon
04:22:05 Tempter | they/he
pfft crim she left almost an hour ago
04:19:20 bre/crim (she/her)
alr gn!
03:37:59 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Well, im am gonna try and get some sleep, bye chat
03:30:27 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
lol, I just want some sleep, I am supposed to be up at 7am, ahh
03:29:29 bre/crim (she/her)
nah still got a lot of energy in me
Ghost Gryphon
03:29:16 Tempter | they/he
that sucks, what'd you do?
03:27:48 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
no she was crying for our mom.

Yup. Well at least you should be tired by now.
Ghost Gryphon
03:26:29 Tempter | they/he
^im in the same boat as crim
03:25:48 BegoneThoughts
Anyone want to RP?

also would love some likes on my OCs
03:25:36 bre/crim (she/her)
dang that sucks, ive just been up all night
Ghost Gryphon
03:25:28 Tempter | they/he
was she creepily standing over you when you woke up? o.0
03:23:08 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Yea.. Rip sleep my sister woke me up because I think she was having a nightmare, now I cant fall back asleep....
Ghost Gryphon
03:21:25 Tempter | they/he
no mods on? cool

rip sleep


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Wild or Leashed Open September 18, 2021 04:03 AM

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Samantha- Lead Protector- M: Luro Ind Men: Rest of pack

Samantha bared her canines and gave a low growl towards Luro sensing the irritability towards her and hearing his comments. Once everyone began to disperse she walked up to Luro. "If you wish to do something useful you can join me in my morning rounds. I do NOT normally sleep in late but with our lack of members I have been exhuasting myself with trying to make sure our pack is safe!" She didn't mean to sound as snarky as she did but she couldn't help herself. She had known there most likely wasn't anything Ajax would add but she always respected her alpha and the higher rankings. "A;so I'm not sure if you have ever been in a pack but we always respect our alpha, perhaps there had been something else he would want to add last minute I only gave him a chance to do so!" She turned her back to Luro thinking with a scowl 'Newcomers how dare they undermine the higher ranking'

She hated how she was thinking at the moment but along with undermining herself for sleeping late she had a newcomer undermining her as well. Even though one of the pack members defended her she still felt.... she wasn't quite sure how she would describe it other than irritated. 'How dare he, I work my butt off to make sure this camp and pack is protected espeically with so few members.' She shook her head a quick second to clear her thoughs before she started to head towards the outskirts of the camp not even waiting for Luro to be able to reply just follow if he did so choose.

She stopped only to add "For those who don't join me once I return we will take turns marking the edges of our camp and territory we have claimed but like the alpha had said do NOT go off on your own!." With that being said she chose one pack mate she trusted before venturing off towards the edges of the camp. "Ket will you please join me!"

Wild or Leashed Open September 21, 2021 11:35 PM

Sir Froggington
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Luro | M | 5 years | Canaan Dog/Belgian Malinois | Mentions: Nitz, Ferrin, Samantha, Ket

Luro gazed with little blinking at Ket his demeanor calm and unruffled unlike their valiant leader who appeared to want to rip someone apart. He wasn't sure if Ket was giving a friendly warning to not be stupid, or if he should feel harried from all corners. If someone was going to force an apology out of him, he supposed that calling her by a nickname was uncalled for. He could easily see how that would be offensive, since they were far from on familiar terms, from a fellow subordinate, and he realized that it was wrong to be unnecessarily provoking, since it seemed to have caused them to turn on each other. However, there were some things he thought needed to be addressed.

For now though, he remained quiet respectfully trying to learn from Ket's experience as it was related to him. "Is keeping this clearing safe and inhabited really that important? I would assume we can move around if needed. It seems that this clearing's usefulness is more of a meeting place to sleep or if we get separated rather than a place that some of us have to stay in fulltime." Again they would have to wait for their leader to clarify what she wanted to happen.

He stared at Nitz, trying to process what she had just said to everyone. He hadn't noticed her up and about, and she came in so suddenly with such energy it was hard to predict what to expect from her. She was quite short and low to the ground to be filled with that kind of attitude. Instead of taking the route of insulting her height, he decided to be more relevant. "You have a lot of nerve coming out here like that, when you were the one who slept in. Doesn't really show that you want to be quick and effecient."

He had to nod his head admiringly for her to stand up for the omega. It was a good point, and they shouldn't forget it. It also seemed wrong to treat the little dog like he had nothing important to contribute. While he might be with them for his survival, he would at the very least want to prove his usefulness, so they wouldn't get rid of him if times got tough. He didn't agree or disagree with the things that Nitz brought up. "Not being able to agree on what to do is all apart of having to listen to your leader for any independent thought that you have." He shook his head at her audacity to wish them all a good morning after she ripped through them all with all of her solemn rules.

He kept his voice level, as he addressed Nitz, "I'll go with you to get a drink. It'll probably be good if Ferrin accompanies us." Now that he had someone who had agreed to go, he didn't have to wait for permission. Although he could tell she wasn't trying to agree with him, for the most part she had. "I think next time we should all stick together and go hunting. It's really pointless for us to be here." He didn't think about it, but the dog pack probably had a camp, because they were domesticated breeds. There was something in them that made them want to come back to a home base, while wolves would move around their territory and sleep wherever the night found them.

Luro was tempted to bare his teeth back at Samantha, but he felt like not reacting would give him the higher moral ground. If their leaders didn't have self control was she really in a position that she could handle? Besides not wanting to cause things to escalate, he preferred to stare at her unflustered. Good leaders wouldn't waste time on excuses. Their alpha and Luna had also been working overtime. Luna was holding two positions, and she wasn't snoozing.

While making eye contact, which felt rather challenging, he said in a neutral tone, "I am new here, and I don't let dogs lead me unless they have proven that they are worthy of that kind of respect. Only Ajax has really done that for me, and I'm still not sure about him. While I will obey you, you should be careful how you speak to your subordinates. It is how you treat those under you that really demonstrates what kind of dog you are." Her insecurity was pitiable, and he hoped she would get a grip on herself. From the way she was acting, he doubted he would get anything from her for a while.

In his continued calm voice, he explained what he was planning. "You might have missed it but Ajax told us not to go alone. You'll have to choose at least one dog to accompany you on your rounds even if you are the mighty protector. You can't protect us from falling trees and earthquakes, so I'm not sure why you're so worked up. It's obvious you are tired. You'll have to learn how to share the load instead of assuming we're going to sit around in camp and do nothing. If you actually told dogs what to do, and gave them useful jobs to do perhaps you wouldn't have slept in so late."

It seemed that his options were to go on a patrol with the lead protector who possibly hated him or Nitz who would use her verbal skills to make him miserable. He smirked when she chose Ket the first time he let a different expression melt through. "Ready to go Ferrin and Nitz?" He was quite thirsty, and they would be nicely refreshed while Samantha forced Ket to march in pointless circles. "Ferrin, what are your normal duties?" he wanted more information and background on how a pack worked.

To Nitz he stared at her a moment trying to come up with a question that was slightly interesting. "Have you ever been in another pack before?" He dreaded letting her control the conversation as he expected that she would criticize him for everything he had done. The fact remained that leaders in this pack seemed extremely rare. Would Nitz decide to leave them and go with Ket and Sam? In reality, he doubted that Ferrin would normally be counted as another dog, so he had to stay with two other normal ranked dogs.

"This pack seems rather complicated. I don't think we have enough dogs where we need a lead protector and a lead hunter. I really think we just need an alpha and a beta, and possibly their mates can be leaders, if they ever get one." He wasn't sure why he was stating a few of his ideas and observations outloud. Samantha hadn't learned how to lead without sounding bossy. It was grating on his nerves, if he continued to think about their conversation. He was sure he had alienated everyone who had stayed home.

(Wrote this while I was REALLY sleepy, so who knows if it makes sense.)

Wild or Leashed Open September 24, 2021 04:42 PM

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Ket || 4 || Male || Subordinate || Shepherd Ridgeback Mutt

M: Nitz, Ferrin, Luro, Sam

His eyes roamed back and forth between the dogs that had all suddenly apparated. His lungs expanded slowly and painfully as Nitz began her daily sassing routine, and he released the breath in a long, quiet exhale. Ket let her go off, fine to simply sit back and listen with half an ear.

Ferrin's small orange body materialized once again underneath Ket's own, causing another growl to escape him. The omega paid him no mind, zigzagging over to where the Corgi stood. The poofy dog fluffed himself up further and announced, "I'll come for a drink!"

Ket himself wasn't all that thirsty, and he chose to ignore the statement. He edged away as Sam snapped at Luro, shaking his head, and followed after her once she called for him. He sent a somewhat envious look to Luro and sighed, "Have fun, don't drown, be back later."

Of course, it wasn't like he actually expected any of the dogs to drown. Even Ferrin was a capable swimmer, though he did come out looking like drowned rat. Ket shook his head once again at the thought and moved off to where he caught up with Samantha.

"Hard night?" he questioned simply.

Wild or Leashed Open October 30, 2021 01:55 AM

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Samantha | Female | Shepherd | Lead Protector | M: Ket (Ind M:) Luro

Sam listened to what Luro said, and she knew he was right, she should give the others more things to do so she didn't have to burden herself with so much. Although that wasn't the whole reason she hadn't slept well the night before, and she was still learning to trust the newcomers in the pack. She did come off more snarky and bossy than she had intended. She gave a sigh staring at the ground in front of her a moment, her ears flickered as Ket asked if she had a hard night. She looked up from the ground to Ket. "Yea sorta.. I didn't mean to come off as bossy as I did with the others. I think I made a wrong impression on Luro.. and he was right, I should give the others more to do so I dont totally exhaust myself." She sighed looking ahead again. "Although my duties and worrying about the safety of the pack isn't the only reason, and I know this isn't the greatest excuse but today is the anniversary of the day the humans threw me out of my other family. I often find myself wondering how my mother is doing or if she is still alive.. I thought I had come to terms with this years ago but since the earthquake I have found myself thinking of them more.."

She sighed and focused on her task, her ears swiveling as she listened for any danger. Her nose twitched searching for any unfamiliar scents. Her eyes scanned the surroundings. After a moment she looked to Ket again. "Sorry for this morning, I want to apologize to Luro too, but not sure how I should approach it." She shook her head a moment shaking out her fur huffing, she wasn't herself today and she didn't like it. She straightened herself holding her head high again pushing aside her other thoughts. She needed to be alert to properly do her job, she could let the thoughts consume her again later.

Wild or Leashed Open October 30, 2021 09:54 PM

Posts: 4285
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Ket || 4 || Male || Subordinate || Shepherd Ridgeback Mutt

M: Samantha

He listened in silence as Sam responded, not offering his input. It was not needed here, especially seeing how the female was higher ranking than himself. If she wanted his thoughts, she'd tell him so, and until then, his brain would remain locked up. Ket grunted slightly at the mention of her previous human family having thrown her out -- a sort of sympathetic grunt.

"He is new at this," Ket stated, referring to Luro. "Tensions are high and no one's patience remains."

His eyes wandered across the scenery to each side of him, ears searching for some hidden threat that he could sink his teeth into. The male had been extremely bitter ever since the earthquake and the ensuing deaths that happened as a result. There had been too much taken from him, from the pack, from everyone. Ket was angry at nature, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Charging an intruder would be a release, if nothing else. However, the only "intruders" that had wandered through in the past few weeks had been other displaced creatures -- dogs, bears, everyone. Most of them were gone as quickly as they had come.

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