Damn have y’all been up all night too
It’s 5:30 AM here and I haven’t slept a wink
Magnus Bane
05:15:42 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
Teddy Bear
04:59:38 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Ooh, what about Aislinn instead? :)
It means Dream, Vision
Ghost Gryphon
04:51:44 Tempter | they/he
g'night y'all, i will see you folks later
Teddy Bear
04:46:59 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Okie doke :) Nefelibata it is :)

Thankyou :) She was designed by my good friend Lavender <3
04:45:10 Arik,Deso
5am gang!

Alright goodnight XD
Ghost Gryphon
04:44:09 Tempter | they/he

gah it's 5 am, I was trying all day to finish this and im finally done!
04:43:06 bre/crim (she/her)
nefelibata! i love that design :o
Teddy Bear
04:34:23 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Which should I name her?:
Reverie (A state of being plesently lost in ones thoughts, a daydream)
Eunoia (Beautiful thinking, A well mind)
Nefelibata ("Cloud Walker" One who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams or one who does not obey conventions of society, literature or art)

Ghost Gryphon
04:22:05 Tempter | they/he
pfft crim she left almost an hour ago
04:19:20 bre/crim (she/her)
alr gn!
03:37:59 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Well, im am gonna try and get some sleep, bye chat
03:30:27 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
lol, I just want some sleep, I am supposed to be up at 7am, ahh
03:29:29 bre/crim (she/her)
nah still got a lot of energy in me
Ghost Gryphon
03:29:16 Tempter | they/he
that sucks, what'd you do?
03:27:48 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
no she was crying for our mom.

Yup. Well at least you should be tired by now.
Ghost Gryphon
03:26:29 Tempter | they/he
^im in the same boat as crim
03:25:48 BegoneThoughts
Anyone want to RP?

also would love some likes on my OCs
03:25:36 bre/crim (she/her)
dang that sucks, ive just been up all night
Ghost Gryphon
03:25:28 Tempter | they/he
was she creepily standing over you when you woke up? o.0


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Roleplay Partners [OPEN] November 17, 2021 09:50 AM

Posts: 3646
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Heya! I adore your writing style shown in the example -- not too crowded together, while still giving me the drive to read more of it, spot on! But to answer your questions:

1. "When it comes to romance in roleplays, how do you feel about polyam?" I'm completely fine with it, since I am also polyamorous! I just don't really mention it often ^^ But if it comes to my characters potentially being in a polyam relationship, it really depends on the dynamic.

2. "Same scenario, how do you feel about our own characters getting into relationships?" If you mean the characters you yourself play getting into relationships, then I don't mind at all! If it's with one of my characters, well, none of them are male presenting or identify as a guy, so it might be difficult to have romance between our characters :') If that was a goal, of course!

3. "How do you feel about slow burn soulmate roleplays with a larger plot than just that, too?" Hmm... This sounds like a great opportunity to have an angsty romance plotline where someone is resisting the whole soulmates idea while the other is wanting it to happen, causing some a n g s t - Not saying it would happen like that, but it's the first thing that popped to my mind.

4. "Can you make sure to tell me what subjects you're sensitive to so that I can be sure to tell you if any of them come up in my characters?" Of course! The first subject that comes to mind is, well, losing a child, baby, failing a pregnancy, etc. While I do have a character who has that in her story, to not know something like that is included in a character's backstory can be... well. It's a sensitive topic for me, and having some warning beforehand would give me time to prepare ^^; It's not off-limits! Just a topic that should be handled delicately.

I hope that helped answer your questions, and if you'd still be interested in writing with me, go on ahead and PM me~

Roleplay Partners [OPEN] November 30, 2021 05:25 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Give Award

Pack name:
(Dangerous Advantage)

Pack Number:

How active are you?:
Generally, I’m pretty active. However, I am somewhat busy at the moment, as I have a lot of things going on right now. I still spend plenty of time on here- I usually try to at least check once every day. As for roleplaying, I tend to write a whole bunch off the bat, and then will slow to maybe once or twice a week, if not longer. If I am really, genuinely interested, I will have a speedier pace, so it also depends on the roleplay/roleplay partner.

What topics do you like?:
I have quite a few different topics. Like you, I favor stories with fantasy elements, but I also really like sci-fi and steampunk. I have a lot of interest in writing stories with horror elements, but I find that’s a ‘me thing,’ so I generally don’t try to create stories with horror elements unless all parties are aware of that. That said, here’s a list of things I find fun to write about:
- Characters with superhuman abilites
- Magical/mystical (things like astronomy but more interesting, witches, tarot cards, farmiliars, shapeshifting, the like)
- Stories with dragons/other fantasy animals (not playing as them, but with them)
- Angst. Lots of angst

As for actual topics, I can do just about anything, though if I don’t like your premise, I will tell you. I think all of the topics you offered were very interesting, so it's honestly whatever you prefer. If you’re indecisive, of course, I can do that. I have a full list of topics in my blog, which I’ll link later in this response.

Why do you want to write with me?:
I’ve been looking for a more “fulfilling” roleplay partner as of late. I left the site a while back after losing interest. Before that, I was in one of the few roleplays that I was really invested in (and still kind of am, even if we don’t write in it anymore.) Most of my other roleplays make me lose interest very quickly. I find myself adding most of the ideas and pushing the plot forwards, much more than the other person. I also am very particular about writing; I feel it has to be very neat and organized and find it hard to write with partners who are semi-literate or lower, especially those who don’t format their posts.

I also was intrigued by your stance on romance. I do not particularly even like a lot of romance in my stories- not until much later on in the story, if the characters work, and the pairing seems intriguing. I am very much into slowburn-esque stories.

Anything I should know?:
There’s probably a lot, to be honest. Most of it is in my blog, but I will define a few aspects of my writing style right now just so you are aware. My blog has a much more comprehensive list of my roleplaying style, but here are a few things that you should know before you get your hopes up or whatever.

1. Most of the characters I play are LGBTQ+ Even if the roleplay does not start out intending to have romance, I write better characters when I am writing queer characters. I will usually not compromise on this front, because I find many cishet roleplays boring.
2. I am very… verbose. My style of writing is long and detailed, though I try not to focus on anything that’s not important. As you’ll see in my writing example, I tend to write a lot, especially if properly motivated. I tend to only write what I feel needs to be written (unless the response is short enough to not hold anything substantial, in which I will push myself to write more.)
3. I focus a lot on creating characters, and pushing for character growth. This means my roleplays usually move along very slowly. I don’t like rushing things or half-assing them, and I use a lot of symbolism and allusion and foreshadowing in my writing, and take my time to craft interesting characters and plots.
4. I try to be humble about this, but I will be completely honest- there are very few people who I have ever met on here that really meet my standards for writing. It usually isn’t a big issue, but I still expect an amount of literacy and organization that, while not exactly mirroring, does its job at keeping interesting and organized.
5. Finally, you mentioned sensitivity to certain topics. I always try to be very open about content and triggers when writing, as well as things I’m just generally not interested in, so I will make sure to tell you about anything that might trigger you. That being said- a lot of my writing and characters have more mature themes and backgrounds. If you are planning on writing with me, then it would be helpful for me to know a list of things you are sensitive to (if you are comfortable giving one to me.) I also have a few things that I am sensitive to in writing, which I can inform you of if you wish to pursue me as a partner.

Blog: [x]

Writing Example:
My best example of writing, and probably one of my favorite roleplays, comes from this one [x] I did with ASomeonePerson a little while back. (Just so you know, it deals with some heavier topics, but they’re mostly only hinted at in the responses.) This is also the roleplay that broke the forums and had to be remade twice (thank god I write all of my responses in Google Docs beforehand) so if you’re willing to put up with all of this, I’d love to have you as a partner. Contact me as needed through my DMs and I will reply shortly (or just do it on here if you’d like.)
(If you want more examples of my writing, here is my most recent roleplay that I have written in: [x])

(Note: Sorry this is so long. I have a lot to say.)

Roleplay Partners [OPEN] December 13, 2021 07:21 PM

Posts: 486
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Pack name: Ender
Pack number: 244722
How active are you?: I am online at least once a day, but my time zone is wierd so I'm probably not going to be online at the same time as you.
What topics do you like?: I love fantasy and scifi. My favourite thing to rp is lab roleplayes and like adventure meets monster sort of thing.
Why do you want to write with me?: I have recently returned to this website and basically all I want to do on here I roleplay. You and I have very similar interests and you also just seem very nice.
Anything I should know?: I have this one character (her name is Void, although may be switching her to nonbinary soon) and she's a member of an original species I made. I basically only play as her but I also really enjoy playing as dragons. I also very rarely play human characters as I use roleplay as an escapism method.
Writing Example: ok so as I said I have recently come back to this website and I was looking back on my old roleplays and cringing so I think I have developed a lot since then. Unfortunately that means I don't have any examples I'm happy with so your just going to have to put some faith in me.
Roleplay Partners [OPEN] December 16, 2021 08:20 AM

Different Times
Posts: 5258
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┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐
Use this lovely thing to give me basic info about you and your writing.
Pack name:
Different Times
Pack number:
How active are you?:
Semi active Monday-Friday. Weekends are very iffy, holidays I am inactive.
What topics do you like?:
Anything really
Why do you want to write with me?:
I have been looking for some literate roleplayers for awhile and I like the fact that you are very blunt about your opinions.
Also, *fantasy*
Anything I should know?:
I am just not active on weekends and holidays, but I am normally good with telling people Im having issues with a writing block.
Writing Example: (You can link a forum that has your writing, submit a legit writing, etc.)
(My writing ranges from 600-1000+ word replies)

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