04:34:42 Seppa the witch
oh nice! I don't know who that is
Aethelwood Grove
04:31:44 Æthel
Thanks! I got Eno to do the palette!
04:29:57 Seppa the witch
I like your profile by the way
04:27:25 Seppa the witch
Aah that makes sense, I thought i missed something oops. Actually 2 of my explore wolves come from you, both had these random names and i just couldnt understand why xD
Aethelwood Grove
04:25:45 Æthel

Oh! Random number I generated because I went through a phase of using real wolf Identification numbers ^^
04:24:20 Seppa the witch
oh yeah i got him from you! So i was wondering since ive been inactive for a bit, what does the 1285 stand for?
Aethelwood Grove
04:23:31 Æthel

I am just so glad Brocsige is doing you well!
04:22:58 Seppa the witch
Ah allrighty thanks! also, good game ;)
Aethelwood Grove
04:21:32 Æthel

He wants 5 hearts
04:20:45 Seppa the witch
Does anyone know how many hell hound hearts Gwyn ap Nudd wants?
Aethelwood Grove
04:07:17 Æthel
Hehe! 90 to go!
Aethelwood Grove
02:27:43 Æthel
And now I have to gain 99 more brains lol
Aethelwood Grove
02:12:17 Æthel
Hahahha! Suck shit Gwyn ap nudd! No match for Isaflaed!!
02:02:55 Grumpy ol Cries
ah apologies
01:17:05 Grumpy ol Cries
-WP Click-
Wanna become a Mercenary?
01:15:50 Venn/Venne
i feel you on the busy.
01:13:23 Seppa the witch
Been busy but allright in general
01:12:07 Venn/Venne
It has. how you been
01:11:32 Seppa the witch
How has it been? Been a while
01:11:11 Venn/Venne


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the last sight July 23, 2021 11:37 PM

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We're pulling Crowskull out of the depths of my past roleplays *blows the dust off of his form I wrote ages ago*

Name: Crowskull
named for the skull-like markings on his face. Usually referred to as just Crowskull out of respect, but Crow can also be used.

Age: 3.5 years old, but he likes to act older

Gender: Male/masculine

Defect: Club foot. His front left foot was severely twisted when he was little, leaving it misshapen. He can't put much weight on it and it causes him to limp.

Boost: Silver Tongue

Mate: N/A

Pups: Maybe one day...

Backstory: Crowskull was born into an average, small pack in the mountains. He was treated terribly for his twisted leg, making him clumsy, slow, and made things like hunting and fighting extremely difficult for him. His mother vowed to protect him as one of her own, begging the alpha to let him stay in the pack until he grew into an adolescent, to give him at least a tiny chance of survival. Then she could no longer protect him, and he was forced from the pack on the alpha's harsh orders. He wandered for many days, starving and lost, until he was found by the pack of defective wolves. They took him in and he has been in their debt ever since.

Place in the pack: Healer


Crowskull is a highly skilled healer despite his young age, having taken up the job after feeling it is the only way he can be of any use to the pack. Even after all this time he doesn't completely trust them to accept him as he is, nothing but a weak, slow creature. A liability.
Crowskull is a highly Spiritual, Empathetic and Perceptive wolf, as well as being very Socially adept (of course, due to his boost.) He is also very creative and enjoys making up songs and stories to entertain the pups. He can be insecure, hauthty/pretentious when grumpy, depressive, overly sensitive, and even jealous and vengeful at times. He is still young and quite immature, though he likes to act otherwise. But you will find that his empathy, intelligence and fascination with the mysteries and pholosophies of the world make him an excellent conversational partner and an attentive, compassionate companion.

Edited at July 23, 2021 11:38 PM by Finnick
the last sight July 24, 2021 02:48 AM

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both are bot are exepted and adding more slots for pups

Edited at July 24, 2021 03:55 PM by dreamersoul

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