Epiphany Insight
12:12:18 Its Inter, fishes
Ah, I've been there. Many many times. I was a child who was writing extremely graphic gore- I was a messed up kid. I have some writing somewhere
Kyram Pack
12:11:26 Mando, Ky, Bear.
I heard non PG-13 and came at the speed of degenerate.
12:09:26 Techno | The Blade

No- I wouldn't be writing if it caused me pain. I'm saying that it is fun because it's not PG-13.
Kyram Pack
12:08:37 Mando, Ky, Bear.
I feel that. I'm forcing myself to stay up tho
12:07:40 Revy
Hey Hey Ky!. I'm doing alright, so damn tired though.
Epiphany Insight
12:06:46 Its Inter, fishes
You mean.. it's like animating? It's fun but stressful and pain-
12:05:10 Techno | The Blade

I'm just writing my stories like normal. I am having just a bit of 'fun' for lack of a better term.
Kyram Pack
12:04:44 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Oh, there you are lol. Not bad, how about yourself?
12:03:30 Revy
Hello chat. How is everyone tonight?
Epiphany Insight
12:03:25 Its Inter, fishes
I could make a whole block of text telling you that I like to ramble. I ramble on and on when talking to people in places other than chat. I just that feeling in going to clog chat. ;;
Sassy Otaku
12:02:47 Chuya Nakahara
I remember the dog event, I just didn't remember ever seeing this thing before in June :') I got confused
12:01:56 Techno | The Blade

Epiphany Insight
12:01:05 Its Inter, fishes
I like rambling.
12:00:35 Techno | The Blade
Mmmm I am having fun writing sappy romance stuff
11:59:29 Fangs, Flame
Yep, June has that starting point and when July comes, you will run into dogs which are smaller than wolves ^^
Sassy Otaku
11:56:12 Chuya Nakahara
Oh is that what it's for?? I knew the July event was soon, I just didn't realize that was connected
11:55:30 Fangs, Flame
Yep, July is almost here :D
11:53:51 Fei/Demon/Vixen
11:49:47 Lycan
Anyone up for a human or shiftier romance pm role play?


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Lf. literate RPs (Closed) May 7, 2021 11:30 AM

Posts: 484
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Just as the title says. I want to get more comfortable with RPs on this site so I don't keep ghosting people lmao

About me
- Been roleplaying for a little under a decade now.
- Post length sits anywhere between 400-900 words. Any lower and I'll get bored, any higher and I'll get overwhelmed (unless we're writing multiple characters). (':
- I do happen to have somewhat of a life outside of roleplay (I know, blasphemous honestly) so I typically respond around once a week.
- I do write character sheets because it's nice to know something about the other character.
- I strongly prefer MxM pairings (trans & non-binary characters are absolutely welcome; I've got quite a few myself).
- I can play up to 4 characters at a time, and while I highly prefer playing male or nb characters, I'd be happy to throw in a female character if we're using multiple.

- Posts ranging around 3-6+ paragraphs on average.
- 3rd person only.
- No godmodding. I don't really care about OP characters if they're well thought-out, but do not control my characters.
- Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling; if I cannot comprehend what you're writing, chances are I'm just going to give up lmao
- Someone who has an idea of what they're looking for and will actually contribute to the plotting. If all I get from you is "I don't know" or "That sounds interesting" I will lose it-
- Patience, I'm slow bro.

Plots / Topics n' stuff
Note: I prefer humans/humanoids, but I am somewhat open to wolves if the plot is well thought out. Also, all of these are just topics; they will need to be fleshed out into plots once we pick one.
- Always up for anything fantasy / supernatural, can be combined with anything below
- Medieval, Victorian, or modern time period
- Organized crime; mafia / gangs
- Quest / adventure, loosely based off DnD
- Pirates
- Royalty / kingdoms
- Apocalypse

If you've got any topics / plots you'd like to do that haven't been listed, I'd probably be down so don't be afraid to make suggestions.
PM me if you're interested, and please have a writing sample ready for me to look at. <3

Edited at May 25, 2021 05:04 PM by Lucius

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