01:26:02 Techno | The Blade

I will always call ya murber cause that is my favorite nickname for ya
01:16:48 Auby (I'm ghost lol

01:16:24 fire/pride
-WP Click-
three pups holy shit
01:15:23 Rook
Oh wow! So close, yet so far. Good luck :>
01:14:41 Auby (I'm ghost lol
-WP Click-
I so hope she has good pups ;-;
snake orb
01:11:46 chaos orb
excuse you, i'm a legless noodle now

cres's words
i think
01:08:42 Techno | The Blade
Hello hello murber
01:08:01 Rook
Thank you! I'm exploring as fast as possible 🤠
snake orb
01:07:24 chaos orb
01:07:02 Its Cres :D
Techno, side :P
01:06:55 Its Cres :D
Aight, im off now to learn and write about Bootstrap >.< Bird boi, i wont log off so get to exploring and steal the pot <.<
01:06:49 Techno | The Blade

I see you have a new name or this is a side?
01:05:41 Its Cres :D
Oh right, paying before announcing results. Completely forgot thats even an option lmao.

Techno <33
01:04:19 Techno | The Blade
hello hello
01:04:13 Rook
The way I'm imagining the betting is basically no risk. It's just toss your vote in the pot and if you guess right you get mushrooms. If you guess wrong, better luck next time lol
01:02:37 Its Cres :D
Bird boi, yeah, it would probably require either both packs dueling to mail you the victor, or just the victor to send the screenshot as proof. Pretty time consuming, but im not sure if theres another way to verify wins. Also, the betting system should probably be done on forums, with the rule of no editing posts <.<
12:59:44 Its Cres :D
Hoodie, lmao understandable. Im just on here so Bird boi can steal that chinese pottery and complete the quest XD

Oh no, thats awful! Has it been taken out yet? Or at least put under control? I can imagine what hell it was >.<
snake orb
12:58:28 chaos orb
yay (:
Your Fire Hazard
12:56:18 Crystalline Dye Lord

I was confused for a moment asking who the fuck you were. :')

The fires over here were pretty close to my town (maybe a dozen or so miles away). Not sure about damages just yet, but it was big enough to be put on the record for largest fire since the 1900's I think, it was horrible.
12:54:57 Rook
I'm not sure how I would organize it if I decide to do something like that.


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[ closed ] partner found February 6, 2021 04:28 PM

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〝 Don't Look Back ,,
Apocalypse, Horror, Adventure
Dogs or wolves or felines mixed

It's been done. The last human has fallen under the weight of it's species mistakes. Zombies now live at the top of the food chain turning it's greedy hunger to the animal kingdom. It seems the felines and canines have been surviving the best from the situation. A few had came together creating groups. Safety in numbers they always say. There was one particular group that made a nasty name for itself. It wasn't sunshine and rainbows. It was either kill or be eaten. Yes, they had snacked on some of their own species. The other groups fear them, giving their portion of food or tools to insure they didn't attack them.

What if someone extremely unlucky got caught by this deadly group? Fearing they would get eaten too, they try to escape but fails. There is one individual in this group wishes to leave, hating their way of things. Does this individual find pity on them, taking them with em as they escape? Who knows. They have more things to worry about such as the flesh eating zombies. Why live anymore?

( I won't expect us to play multiple characters each, at most there might be the occasional NPC )

. . .

I would prefer to play the member of the group, rather than the prisoner, since most of my existing characters fit that role. I try to avoid romance-centered roleplays because, honestly, they're boring; I'm okay with romance if it develops naturally as things go on, but I don't want love at first sight or something that feels forced.

Preferably a literate roleplay with replies of decent length (ideally 2-3+ paragraph average with detail, so that I have something to reply to. I'll admit, my reply times haven't been the best in the past or I've just forgotten, but things are slowing down quite a bit as spring break nears, so I expect to have a lot more time to keep this going. I'm not gonna hound you for activity, just please don't let this die two posts in!

I am only taking one partner this time around, to avoid stressing myself out. All I ask for is a roleplay example to let me see your style and see if I can work with it! If you have any questions feel free, I'll do my best to answer!

Here's the character I'd be using; I'm not really strict with realism, it just needs to be believable (he has partial albinism, that's why his eye is like that, it's not to be edgy lol)lines by Insomnie Vargho on DA and design by sadjadeoro on DA

my RP example; link

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