Could I get some art critics on my gallery?
-WP Click-
09:49:58 Kit/Alma/Bug
Madam Midnight,
Ah that is something I thought would never happen with finals
09:46:56 Char
So jealous, Lazy Kingdom!
09:46:43 Never Gonna
I'm probably adopting a cat today! :D
Lazy Kingdom
09:43:48 Crazy Cat Lady
Welp apparently the finals I have this week are open book. Ill take it lol
Hey Chat
09:40:15 Le Spoon
Take a break if you need too! Take a day or two and get outaide, but take notes of everyhting outside. You may feel a bit more inspired.
Rose Vine
09:40:15 Ash, Alpha
Hey Dragon!
09:38:52 Hazey
I have been though. I don't know if it's because I have a million other projects I want to start/need to get done or not too
Jack Frost
09:38:38 Kháos
Bye chat. ❄️
09:38:08 The Rat King
In fact, if any of you guys want to know about my distopian world give me a pm! I'd be happy to answer :)
09:37:55 Never Gonna
I have a physics exam tomorrow and i haven't started studying ;-;
09:37:08 The Rat King
I have way more stuff about them so pm me if you want to know more. I have to go
Jack Frost
09:36:05 Kháos
Hey chat.
09:36:00 Le Spoon
Give yourself something to work towards- a prize, a break, buying something you've been wanting to get.
Shadow Sages
09:35:23 SS, Sages
Dragon~ I like your dystopian verse. :)
09:35:08 Hazey
how the hell do I stay motivated to finish an animation meme ive had for 3 months now >>
Shadow Sages
09:34:28 SS, Sages
Life~ Eating a quick, very late lunch lol Nothing exciting.

And you?
09:34:24 No one important
I'm really bad at practicing-

Honestly, though, I'm not sure I could actually get one. Maybe rent? Hmm. Though, if we're talking instruments and practice... I did always like piano. My youth group has a piano.

Something can be done with that-
09:34:16 The Rat King
Wait really? But it seems generic to me ;;


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The Three Tribes~RP Thread~Open January 19, 2022 08:35 PM

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Amber Lily | Dog Pack | Healer | M: Sandstorm, Delta
Amber softened as the hurt female said, "Okay, let's go now." She guided her down the path as the male took most of the support. As they walked, she stayed silent realizing that she had just snapped at a wolf. She wasn't afraid of wolves but ever since they were driven out of their old territory, she had been paranoid. It seemed that no place wanted them. Even if they tried fighting for it, it never worked.
She honestly wished they could just all get along. However, her alpha was determined to take the territory. And the wolf alpha seemed determined to kill any dog they met.
Lily almost froze but kept moving. And she was going right to that camp... well, they wouldn't attack a healer. Eagle had said that was pack law. It was her pack law as well. So maybe she would be fine.
The Three Tribes~RP Thread~Open January 20, 2022 08:11 PM

Franks Wolf Pack
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Sandstorm-Wolf Pack-Male-Hunter/Warrior-M: Amber Lily, Delta
They started moving, none talking. Sandstomr carried a lot of Delta's weight while Amber Lily more steared them, which still seemed weird to him, a blind dog leading them. He also thought it was strange that she was going to their camp. No one would attack her but for a healer she was very brave and had a lot of courage. He didn't notice where they were going and bonked his head into a low hanging tree branch. He let out a yelp of surprised as he ducked it and kept going.
"Are you okay?" Delta wispered to him.
"Yeah, I'm fine." He answered, looking behind him at the offending tree branch. He looked ahead just in time to avoid another tree branch and ducked again. He kept his eyes on the path this time and noticed things that he normaly wouldn't. The dirt was damper, and more rich. He thought they must be close to the river right as the sound of water reached his ears.
"I think we're almost to the river." He said outloud, though wasn't surprised if Amber Lily already knew.
The Three Tribes~RP Thread~Open January 20, 2022 08:48 PM

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Amber Lily | Healer | Dog Pack | M: Sandstorm, Delta
Amber heard the yelp of surprise from the male before feeling leaves brush her own head. Good, they were close. The slight sound of rushing water filled her ears a moment before the male said, "I think we're almost to the river." She nodded before they came to a rocky part of the trail. She paused, long enough for the male to catch on before turning towards the sound. Walking forward, she stopped as she felt the light spray of water from the river.
Lily stepped away from the female for a moment, lowering her head to the water as if to drink. Instead she dipped her muzzle in slightly, feeling. Moving her head slightly, she found the current before lifting her head. "Downstream is that way," she murmured to herself before guiding them slowly in that direction. "Almost there you two," she said quietly, hiding her tiring tone.
It had been a long day. With everything that had happened, she wasn't sure if she could make it back to her pack before sundown. Or make it back there at all tonight. She sighed to herself, her ears flicking lazily to the sides. "Tell me when we reach the log," Lily said, knowing she wouldn't find it on her own. The last time she found it, she ran into it. Quite literally. She had spent a whole day trying to get splinters out of her fur.

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