Deadly Tricks
08:03:23 Loki, Archangel
Castiel its crowelys fault XD
Ninjago Realm
08:03:04 Waterfall,Zane
dammit Zane well off to kill over lord and find a Lloyd wolf
Ninjago Realm
08:02:31 Waterfall,Zane
whom died
Sour Demon
08:02:14 grrr liam
what saves parvo?
08:01:27 Waterfall,Zane
no wolves eided
08:01:24 Darky | Crowley
She's like nope no pups for you XD
08:00:46 Darky | Crowley
I'm excited to see what this one gives me :)
-WP Click-
07:58:22 *Bloody*
-WP Click- I'm so excited for the pups!
07:57:39 Celebrity Dad
-WP Click-

Deadly Tricks
07:57:11 Loki, Archangel
Shes on 90 hours and still no labor:/
-WP Click-
Blood Drips
07:56:49 Emmy Bear
i keep her for the looks
07:56:20 Darky | Crowley
She's pretty but has to low of a rarity for me. That's just my opinion though.
Blood Drips
07:56:16 Emmy Bear
thanks ^^
Gemstone Wolves
07:55:43 Gem Gazer
Just made a pool of what to get form the event. :) Feel free to give your input.
-WP Click-
Weeping Angel
07:54:44 Doc
She's gorgeous :)
Blood Drips
07:53:19 Emmy Bear
look what i got!
-WP Click-
07:50:38 Space/Espa/Ivy
-WP Click-
07:44:05 Wolf


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Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ September 28, 2019 06:19 PM

Posts: 18346
Skye-special wolf-m: Wicked Waters, Ash

"Yeah Wicked?" She asked as she was doing licking the blood off. Even though there was still blood on her leg.

Edited at September 28, 2019 06:20 PM by Musa
Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ September 29, 2019 05:12 PM

Posts: 65
Kima|Special Wolf

Kima eventually decided he needed to get up. He slowly pushes himself back up and yawned. His eyes wouldn't focus, even as he blinked multiple times. He took a few steps, only to meet a tree in his very,very short journey. He growled a bit. How could brambles do this? Unless.. it wasn't bramble. Oh no . He immediately shook his head and looked around. He had to hide.. but where? And how?

Geo|Special Wolf
He padded through the forest, trying to pick up on the smallest scent.. nothing. yet.
Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ October 1, 2019 04:12 AM

Posts: 158
Wicked Waters/Special wolf/M: Skye, Ashrunner

"Will we ever be able to get out of here?" Wicked said quietly so only the two she-wolves would hear her. "Because I really don't want to die in this place, but I am willing to die trying to get us out" she said, determination burning like a fire in her.
Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ October 1, 2019 07:29 AM

Posts: 18346

Skye-special wolf-m: Wicked Waters, Ash

"Me neither hmm there's gotta be a lose floor tile somewhere." She said quietly. As she started to look with her eyes. She didn't wanna move her head or the henchwolves will suspect something.

Edited at October 1, 2019 08:23 AM by Musa
Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ October 4, 2019 06:47 AM

Jade's Haven
Posts: 947
(is there any food, like kibble or something, so that the specials won't starve in their cages? and water?)
Onyx / Henchwolf / M: Special wolves, henchwolves, Anakin

Onyx had taken a piece of meat, volunteered to help Talon and Absynnia guard the special wolves, and had laid down gnawing on the tender flesh. Her ears were pricked, and she ignored the fight between the special wolves and one of her robotic superiors. She would have leapt in and dealt with the wolf herself, but she wasn't important enough to get the keys. A growl stayed in her throat as she ripped the rest of the bacon apart and swallowed.

What were they going to do with this batch of wolves? Onyx didn't know, but she trusted Anakin, and whatever he did had to be for the good of these wolves, right? It had to be. Her menace-filled eyes glared at all the special wolves, roving over them. ~I'll have to watch the crazy one and the hurt one,~ she decided swiftly. Those were the two trouble makers.

Edited at October 4, 2019 06:47 AM by Jade's Haven
Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ October 4, 2019 07:00 AM

Posts: 158
Wicked Waters/Special wolf/M: Skye, Ashrunner, henchwolves

Wicked slowly got up and stretched, before walking around her cage. She was doing as Skye and looked for any signs that a floor tile was lose or that there was a weak point in fence. Her gaze was drawn towards Ash every now and then, she hadn't heard her say a word for a log time now and it worried her.
Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ October 4, 2019 10:43 AM

Posts: 18346
Skye-special wolf-m: Wicked Waters, Ash

Skye continued to look until her paw gave in underneath a lose floor title. It scared her for a moment. She took her one paw off of it and turns around and finds one lose floor title. "We are finally getting out of this stupid place." She said in her mind.

(Yeah I think in the storage room that is unopened and why didn't Onyx went with Anakin?)
Robotic Wolf ~Rp thread~ October 13, 2019 02:54 PM

Posts: 65

Kima|Special Wolf|

He crawled into a small cave and whined. What was he gonna do? For now, he was going to make the stupid choice to sit here and wait.

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