Serial Dreamer
My Alpha pair finally had a DH pup, too. This one doesn't look great but he's heavy and has excellent affinity, so I'll keep him.
-WP Click-
Destinations End
05:23:58 Desti
Yeah, it really does. :)
Serial Dreamer
Desti, right? When I saw her in pup pose I though the red merle shoulder was going to look awkward, I usually prefer it on lighter wolves, but it actually looks fine in AF. ^^
Destinations End
05:21:25 Desti
Ooh. She really is pretty
Serial Dreamer
Considering buying her a Make Friends, Blackstar almost never gives me good pups. This one is really pretty too. :/
-WP Click-
05:14:47 Merry Sithmas
That's what I was thinking, because although the vitals aren't the greatest, or my DH program they are decent
Destinations End
05:14:15 Desti
Do not advertise in main chat
05:12:53 A Flow:er hath spoke
I’d be tempted to make him a female.
05:11:46 Hollow | Silver
Morning mates. How is chat?
Mistress Nyx
04:59:40 zelus
Hypatia: take it to sales chat
04:45:56 Merry Sithmas
-WP Click-

Should I make female or not? <.>
Broken Archangel
04:45:52 Samael ,Flawed
I thini i might hop off before i so any more damage night
Broken Archangel
04:45:08 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx sorry
Mistress Nyx
04:44:46 zelus
Also, it's subliminal advertising. Don't do that.
Broken Archangel
04:44:43 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx i regret that now :/
redneck christmas
04:44:37 bloodied jorts

i'm gonna say i feel a desperate need to buy that wolf and i know i shouldn't
Mistress Nyx
04:44:07 zelus
If you really don't want someone to buy it, don't advertise it the way you currently are. Someone's going to bid intentionally now.
04:37:50 Wilvy
@Samuel, oof, which wolf? :/
redneck christmas
04:33:45 bloodied jorts
why is kurtis the most desirable wolf in my pack like what?? lowkey everyone in my pack is goin' after her
04:30:59 *Twilight Noises*
FlIp mY BiO


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A lot of family issues happened for me so I couldn't be active but hopefully I'm back now!
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I should be replying sometime this week))
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I gotta work today but once I get back I should be able to reply

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