11:54:49 [They/Them]
- Cloudz
That chimera coat on Csatatér... *chefs kiss*
Crescent Moon Pack
I swear my duds are so so so much prettier than actual good pups
-WP Click-
Crescent Moon Pack
-WP Click-
Damn nose D:
Crescent Moon Pack
The newest update regarding breeding did say that pups have a chance of inheriting grandparent's boost or defect, so yes
11:48:07 Cloudz, Pumpkin
Guys do you think a wolf has a better chance of producing a defect if one of the grandparents have it?
Pack of Fallen Ash
11:45:19 Star
I've tripped on the stairs on multiple occasions and given myself a heart attack, but fortunately I have never fallen before
Pack of Fallen Ash
11:44:38 Star
Good to know you're fine
Kit Kat
11:43:41 Chocolate crunch
yes I'm ok lol, I didn't know what was happening until I hit the ground though

my back is sore but I can walk
11:42:54 [They/Them]
Not proud to admit this but I know what it's like yeeting down stairs. Hope you're ok
11:42:45 Cloudz, Pumpkin
You. Are. Very. Adorable.
-WP Click-
Pack of Fallen Ash
11:41:13 Star
Kit Kat
Oof, are you ok?
Kit Kat
11:40:23 Chocolate crunch
I just tripped and fell down the stairs :/
Kit Kat
11:35:22 Chocolate crunch
If you'd like to RP, pm me! I would like to do a fantasy topic. please be literate and able to play any gender!
Phantom Stars
11:31:46 PhantomStarsX
I still cant believe i got a 1308 CS wolf last night for 10 mush
Pack King
11:31:24 Lauren | PK
-WP Click-
You are super cute *^*
11:30:53 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Ninjao rp pm me please im very bored
Like dragons? Like postapocalyptic settings? Ever roleplayed a dragon in a postapocalyptic setting? Now you can! Semi-Lit to Lit.
-WP Click-
11:29:35 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I just have been feeling under the weather lately.
Oh I’m sorry what’s wrong?
11:26:39 Cloudz, Pumpkin
Guys.I don't feel good and j don't think I'll be able to call in to work. I might have to go even tho I don't feel good


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