The Storm Pack
10:42:55 Storm
I'm surprised my mom hasn't kicked me out yet!

It seems like the type of thing she would want to do.

I'm just waiting for the day she says ''Get the hell out and stop shouting who wants Voda?!''
Welcome to Hell
10:41:58 Lucifer, Luci
Your wolves played: Sir Pentious licks Tom Trench on the cheek.

I-...meh I have seen more weird ships for Hazbin Hotel
The Storm Pack
10:41:18 Storm

10:40:34 ItzCyberWolfyPlayz
Oh gosh I done fell off the bed dying with laughter XD
The Storm Pack
10:40:10 Storm
I wonder if he finds humor in my stupidity, or wonders whether to end my life now, or before he gets hell ready.
10:40:05 Denki
-WP Click-
Just putting this here so more people see the message, someone guessed correctly and didn't tell me...
The Storm Pack
10:39:26 Storm
Now I understand why God made sleeping possible.
10:38:55 ItzCyberWolfyPlayz
The Storm Pack
10:38:35 Storm
Do you have to be a Virgin to live in Virginia???

Is that why my Grandparents moved???


I've figured out the holy secrets!!!!
10:37:13 ItzCyberWolfyPlayz
That or what I said XD
The Storm Pack
10:37:10 Storm
Or a murderer on the roof. But I hope it's just an airplane.
H e a r t B r e a k
10:36:49 Bon-Bon/Peppermint

His mom be like, “ Should I just back up and run or just let him continue slamming his head.’’ That’s how the mom be like
Rebel's rein
10:36:37 Bagel ghost thing
Finallly I'm working on my month late comms :')
10:35:02 ItzCyberWolfyPlayz
And the mom is like "Why you do this to my child he now a broken head slammin keyboard kid that shall be remembered for centuries" XD
The Storm Pack
10:34:59 Storm
Or an airplane
10:34:53 Horror
Bear Claw
10:34:32 Lychan/Rabid
-WP Click-

Could I sell my art for apples?
The Storm Pack
10:34:04 Storm
I hear da thunda
H e a r t B r e a k
10:33:56 Bon-Bon/Peppermint
hmm.. should I make a MHA squad or no...
The Storm Pack
10:33:19 Storm


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Forums > Socialize > Growl

inadequate.. May 23, 2020 12:13 AM

c r y s t a l
Posts: 247
aaand back at it again with the vents...
hhh, i feel so inadequate.
i'm not good enough, am i? no. apparently, i'm not.
so, my girlfriend has a friend. complicated story, and i'm not gonna go into the details, but she talks about that friend all the time. including right now.
she likes him, i can tell.
she swears and promises she loves me.
i don't always feel that.
i love her, but... it still feels so lonely....
and whenever she talks about him, it makes me feel like she'd rather be with him...
yes, i've talked to her about it. i'm not about to stop her from talking about something (or someone in this case), though...
i just want someone to love me and be here for me the way i try to be for everybody...
inadequate.. May 23, 2020 11:07 AM

Bella Luna
Posts: 1117
The right one will come along, just be patient. If she likes this other guy, than tell her that it is okay to leave you, that you're still friends.
inadequate.. May 23, 2020 11:09 AM

Game Moderator
Posts: 5818
I wouldn't assume the worst. Let her know that it makes you a bit uncomfortable talking about him so much, if you're open she will be too. Just say that, don't ask her straight up if she likes him because that will probably just make things awkward. Have you met her friend?

Edited at May 23, 2020 11:10 AM by Mavi
inadequate.. May 23, 2020 03:34 PM

c r y s t a l
Posts: 247
Mavi, I have told her once before I think, but we just kinda let it go that time. And no, I haven't met him. She has directly said that she still likes him, though, just in a different way than she likes me (as in she loves me, but she doesn't know how she feels about him)

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