Revenge Is Sweet
07:53:07 Livie ^^

Low-key wanted to say "Bon-bon, say HI to our friends!!" because your nickname seems like a FNAF Sister Location reference-

I'm wrong, aren't I? TwT
Falling Angel
07:53:01 Mali // Broken
It will not touch my ducking snek!
Rock Creek
07:52:11 Glock Rock >:)
Tired but also hyper. You?
H e a r t B r e a k
07:51:56 Bon-Bon/Peppermint
This snek will eat your noodles and danger noodles
Falling Angel
07:51:50 Mali // Broken
How are you?
Revenge Is Sweet
07:51:22 Livie ^^

Big-eye snek-
Brelsotr Pack
07:50:38 Dragons of Gluttony
Anyone at all?
Rock Creek
07:50:20 Glock Rock >:)
Well hi Dwayne
Falling Angel
07:50:13 Mali // Broken
Awww, it's so cute!
Pudding Cup
07:49:57 Road Work Ahead?
I'm beginning to think I ate too many of those fried Oreo's..
H e a r t B r e a k
07:49:42 Bon-Bon/Peppermint
This will haunt you in your sleep
Falling Angel
07:49:27 Mali // Broken
Oh hey, Johnson.
Rock Creek
07:48:52 Glock Rock >:)
Falling Angel
07:48:33 Mali // Broken
RIP chat.
Brelsotr Pack
07:47:59 Dragons of Gluttony
UwU Empire
07:43:26 UwU Overlord
oh ok thanks
Serial Dreamer
UwU Empire
07:42:49 UwU Overlord
What skill do I need to heal baby animals and stuff? ;w;
Revenge Is Sweet
07:41:52 Livie ^^
And In that, one of the descriptions, yes I'm probably biased-
Revenge Is Sweet
07:41:14 Livie ^^
-WP Click-

Vote please? Or don't ^^" Depends on what you want to do..


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