07:17:13 Midnight/Mela Master
I think my explore is broken. It shows the image of a badger and a fox but doesn’t give me the option to fight them
Devil's Gambit
07:16:59 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Ive done this for bigger amounts. 300 exactly?
Forgotten Memories
07:15:56 Forgotten|FM|They
No! Why must they torchure me! First my alpha male and forever love Bear, and now Raven, my alpha female is now dead too?! :(
Hurricane blizzards
07:15:47 Sage/winter
Okay, But I don’t wanna seem like I’m stealing ur mush
Pack King
07:15:45 Lauren | PK
-WP Click-
New mutant wolf/animal roleplay!

Sign ups open and lots of places still available please come have a look!
Devil's Gambit
07:15:18 Dev I Devil I Fridge
I feel like people in sales will be concerned once they click on the poll link..
Devil's Gambit
07:14:35 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Hurricane, I can give you the amount you need if you want.
Hurricane blizzards
07:13:58 Sage/winter
Great xd I just realized I didn’t have mush, and I bid on a OC for 300 mush, aren’t I stupid ;-; and it’s an OC I really want
Brelsotr Pack
07:13:13 Wolves of Gluttony
Anybody in chat like to rp as dragons or anthro animals? Pm me if you do please...
Devil's Gambit
07:11:53 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Hmm...bears would also be interesting...chupacabra
Hurricane blizzards
07:11:11 Sage/winter
Chat died wow how nice
Peaceful Vengeance
07:06:37 Sage || Lost
Peaceful Vengeance
07:06:24 Sage || Lost
Let wolfplay decide the fate of your art? Sure :0

I kind of went to see hamster snakes as well...
Devil's Gambit
07:06:06 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Devil's Gambit
07:05:42 Dev I Devil I Fridge
What if I put a poll up on what hamster hybrid to do? Haminos...Hamirrfes..
07:04:05 kayden/acid
Someone stole our old fridge when we put it out.. wasn't even 15 hours in-
07:03:36 Stormz

eh, alright.
Peaceful Vengeance
07:03:16 Sage || Lost
Hurricane blizzards
07:03:04 Sage/winter
Defective, keep them
Devil's Gambit
07:02:45 Dev I Devil I Fridge
It was the movers..


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breed time October 16, 2020 06:18 AM

Shocky (shockwave)
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i have three males, im looking for some easy mushrooms so i put three of my males so that you all can breed to them for a small price of 20 mushrooms, others put alot but i think 20 is low enough for all and high enough to make a difference in my mushrooms

Forums > Breeding Discussion

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