06:45:47 Nao

Awake, alert, confident, and eating some waffles. You ?
06:45:42 Z, Chai
actually no dark ^^' am scared of amusement parks actually
Dark Moonruler
06:45:39 King Boo
G'morning! How are you?
Dark Moonruler
06:45:14 King Boo
@Chai Z,
oh man I'm so sorry Y'know, I have always wanted to go to six flags, too! XD. Have you ever been to Quassy Amusement Park or no?
06:44:54 Z, Chai
morning willow ^^ how are you
06:44:14 Nao
@Chai, King Boo

Good Morning !!
06:40:01 Z, Chai
oh i was left hanging alright dark ^^' my friends and i were gonna go to six flags and a concert of mine but i waited half the night in the reality they never showed. so i went with my husband instead >///<
Dark Moonruler
06:39:51 King Boo
Please come vote! New improvement idea that can improve gaming! -WP Click-
Dark Moonruler
06:38:35 King Boo
@Chai z
Doing good! But I fell asleep before twelve last night which I can't believe, due to the less mount of coffee I had been drinking and fighting the urge to sleep, XD. But today I'm ready to practice. I saw your PMs today this morning and thanks! I'm glad I didn't leave you hanging, lol. I was worried when I woke up realizing I must have fallen asleep.
06:36:33 Aikō
If you need anymore help with boosts
Gathering>Forums>Guides>Boost Guide on the first page
Dark Moonruler
06:36:29 King Boo
@Gray Wolf Gang,
wow! That is cool!
@Honey Bee,
Lazy Kingdom
06:36:11 Midnight
Time for school <.< such fun
06:36:11 Z, Chai
how are ya dark?
Dark Moonruler
06:35:53 King Boo
Morning Chai Z!
Grey Wolf Gang
06:35:49 Call me Grey or Colo

Honey Bee had got a litter of pups, all with boosts.
06:35:23 Aikō
Silver tongue improves that wolf's social by 50
06:35:22 Z, Chai
morning everyone ^^
Dark Moonruler
06:34:56 King Boo
@Grey Wolf Gang
What's awesome?
06:34:46 Lilly
Whats up ya'll?
Grey Wolf Gang
06:34:27 Call me Grey or Colo
Wow, that's awesome


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Ok thanks

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